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Mpc 60 corvette


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Massive sigh..... this car has been on and off my bench far too many times for far too many years for various reasons ( mostly fitment issues ) but I’ve finally dragged it across the finish line. It was started as a quick and fun slump buster so I didn’t get carried away with detail, wiring etc. I really just had an idea/vision inspired by those old show car / drag car corvettes I used to see in old Popular Hotrodding and Hot Rod magazines as a kid. Ultimately I just wanted it to look cool sitting on my shelf. 







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7 hours ago, Snake45 said:

Fabulous! Another great build from you, old friend! I LOVE this retro stuff. I bought several copies of this recently and really should Snake-slap one together sometime soon. Well done and model on! B)

Thank you Snake! I’m eager to see what you will do with one of these kits. One major thing I’ve come to notice recently is the older I get the more ideas I have but the less time I have.... and that hand just isn’t as steady as it once was..... oh and the eye site 😂

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On 12/24/2023 at 7:47 AM, Zippi said:

Well I'd say youv'e got the kewl looking car for the shelf.  Looks mighty fine.


On 12/24/2023 at 7:50 AM, PappyD340 said:

Looks great!


On 12/24/2023 at 10:24 AM, Scott8950 said:

Nicely done 


On 12/24/2023 at 11:55 AM, M W Elky said:

These c-1 corvette kits can be built as so many different kinds of racers especially drag cars . The stance looks great and I really like the color and the grills cut out. It looks perfect 


On 12/24/2023 at 8:53 PM, Yeah Nah said:

Love this! Super-cool Vette.


8 hours ago, spencer1984 said:

I like the way this turned out, nicely done!

Thank you guys !

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