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Winged Express AA/FA


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Just finished this one up - Wild Willie Borsch in the iconic Marcellus & Borsch "Winged Express" fuel altered . Started with the MPC kit, but backdated it to more closely represent the earlier version of the car. Reference is bountiful on this car, but it went through many changes during its existence - in fact, no two photos show it exactly the same, so my model doesn't represent any specific iteration, but rather a conglomeration of how the car might have appeared, if you get my drift.

Driver figure, rear tires, and several engine parts came from Speed City Resin. Slixx decals. Lots of various items from the parts box and a few scratchbuilt pieces. Build thread here for more detail:





Comments & questions welcome - thanks for looking!

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Spectacular. You have really captured an outrageous era of drag racing. It must have been incredible to witness those fuel altereds race. I remember seeing photos of Willie with his hand on the body side hanging on for a wild ride. 

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That came out very nice! Great job backdating the car to match the earlier version of this iconic car, in fact I've had a plan to do the same thing myself so I have bookmarked your build thread for reference. Really nice build, the driver figure definitely finishes it off.

Too bad the real car can't be seen on race tracks anymore, luckily I was able to see Mike Boyd (RIP) behind the wheel of this beast at the California Hot Rod Reunion a few years ago.

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