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Good evening, all!

This project completes the trifecta of kits that have languished on my bench. As with the previous two (56 Delrey, and 57 Chev Convertible), I opted to simply complete this as a box-stock build. Beyond paint, glue and foil, only what came with the kit. I enjoyed the build, but did find myself scratching my head at times regarding some of the decisions made by the kit manufacturer, the most curious thing being the 4-wheel disc brake option, but only offering the factory single reservoir master cylinder, with no power brake booster. All in all, it was an enjoyable build with few issues.

Paint Tamiya gold metallic base with Tamiya Transparent red as color coat, followed by Tamiya clear.







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Beautiful looking paint work and color. The chrome trim is all done nice and neat. Revell added the big brake and wheel option on this issue but forgot some of the hardware that would have been required for that option. At least the main parts are there. Great looking chassis details. 

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1 hour ago, Noah H. said:

That's a really sharp looking build, very nice paint job. Do you have any engine photos?

Thanks for the kind words, Noah. My phone is a bit of hit-or-miss when shooting images close up, but here's one that should give you a sense of what's under the hood. 


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