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Instant Mold!!!

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There was a similar product on the market years ago, it might still be around, Friendly Plastic. Neat product, but it did not do as much as I imagined or hoped it would, or at least to the detail I wanted. Stayed kind of waxy feeling too. Maybe this stuff is better...?

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Doesn't look very precise to me, and all the results shown look a bit spotty and wavy. The video wasn't very convincing, but it would be good to hear results from this forum on their use of the product, and if there are tips about how it can be used to its best advantage..

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I love this stuff! Oyumaru +Lego= amazing molds and amazing detail. You can do quick and easy 2 part molds. Don't like hoe it turned out... heat up some water and try again.

I used to cast with rubber molds and it was messy and 1 bubble ruined everything and soo much waste


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This stuff can real usefull for replicating small(ish) parts. You won't cast a whole 1/24 scale bofy with it. One thing to remember, though, is not to cast anything with a material that causes a thermal reaction while curing. Heat will cause they mold material to soften and lose shape.

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