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What's considered the 'Honus Wagner' (rarest) of model kits

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The one that startled me in those shots is the box packaged as "USED CAR" in this pic: http://toys-n-cars.c...mages/wall8.jpg What is that, a Fairlane? Anyone familiar with the kit?

The car pictured on the box is a '67 Galaxie, but that's not what is inside the box. The USED CARS kit was a giveaway item made to promote the movie. Inside the box was a bag of plastic parts from a late-Seventies MPC kit. Some of these contained Dodge pickup kit parts, most contained a Camaro kit. One I saw had the bag of parts from the Camaro but the plated tree from the Dodge pickup. The instruction sheet was a joke item with "tips" on prepping a used car. The kit wasn't meant to be assembled, and probably couldn't be assembled with what was in the box. I don't think all of these kits had plated trees, clear parts, or tires.

As an aside, in the mid-Eighties a pilot episode was filmed for a potential USED CARS series. Nobody picked it up, and I'm not sure it aired on network TV. The pilot is available if you know where to look for it (I've seen it; it's not worth bothering with). At the time, I had heard that if the series had aired, AMT had (or was going to get) licensing to produce a series of three or four USED CARS kits. Supposedly, one would have been the '66 Buick Wildcat (this was before that kit appeared in the AMT/Ertl Customizing series). No idea if any of this is true, but the series was never picked up anyway...

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i have seen one or two of those mixers....

id say the hardest to get without paying collector prices ....LITTLE WINDOW PETE 359!

Actually, all those truck and tractor kits you mentioned can be found on Ebay fairly often. If any of the old ERTL tractor kits was truly considered to be "rare" it would be the Massey Ferguson, Bicentennial version.

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That is a great one, Christian - thanks for posting these pictures. I like to browse HERE, your probably familiar with the site.


Yes, Go-Boy-Store. I did quite a few good deals with him before he jacked up his prices into neverland. Since then his inventory doesn't seem to change a lot.

It's too bad that Ebay is so unpopular in Japan. They predominantly use Yahoo auctions and there is some interesting stuff out there, lemme tellyas. Too bad that my Japanese is literally non existent and a few futile attempts to start communicating with sellers failed miserably.

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The one that startled me in those shots is the box packaged as "USED CAR" in this pic: http://toys-n-cars.c...mages/wall8.jpg

What is that, a Fairlane? Anyone familiar with the kit?

I had one of those until I sold it recently...


here's a link to pictures of the contents...http://public.fotki.com/ashevillemodeler/model_car_stuff/used_car/

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Surly desirability and rarity must go together to put a high value on things. I remember hunting toy fairs and eBay for Revells Lincoln Futura, simply because I loved the real car and the box art, but when it was released under the SSP program I bought it and an original issue as well.

But then the original question was what is the rarest kit. Personally I would not bother with the 1911 Chevrolet simply because I dont like it as a model. The only reason I would keep that is to be able to say I had it in my collection.

One mans meat, another mans poison I hear you saying.

I used to collect old kits really only for the box art, but now most will be for sale when I sort out my digi camera. New projects in my life now but still love to build occasionally.


Ps Got a Sport coupe as above, no box and partially assembled, hmmmm, can feel the need to break out the glue! :rolleyes:

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A friend of mine used to have an AMT gift set that contained a Garlts dragster, Willard Battery Special and Lotus indy cars, all in their original boxes, plus 3 or 4 cans of AMT spray paint in a box I estimate was maybe 24 inches by 16 inches. It was pretty spectacular and his was the only one I have ever seen anywhere! He sold it about 20 years ago. The individual kits are anything but rare but the gift set was very unique.

For a while many moons ago , Mike's Miniature Motors offered a resin copy of the 1911 Chevrolet. That and the ITC Mercury are rare but I have seen them over the years. Also rare is the Monogram 1/20 1956? Cadillac Convertible kit.

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Otaki Honda S800 Coupe 1/12 for me - if I could even find a photo I would post. Last one I saw for sale was eBay - guy brought it back from Vietnam.

There is one on Ebay right now:


Thought you might not want to miss it.

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Why would you do this to me?

Thanks for the heads up!

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I don't know if this has been asked--- What are some of the rarest kits outside of the obvious like the first model kit (which I have no clue what that was but it has to be rare). ???

I think I used to have some of them but like a dummie I've sold two big collections in the past and have regretted it.

I'm scouting around these days doing the Flea Market thing and would like to know for sure about what to snatch up should I happen to spot it. Thanks

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Here are a few to think about...when was the last time you saw...

SMP: 1911 Chevrolet

AMT: T-57 1957 Thunderbird (first issue Styline kit, in the small box)

AMT: Ohio George '33 Willys with plastic tires

AMT: 1969 Cobra (convertible with separate glue-on hardtop roof)

AMT: 1969 El Camino "Derby Champion" issue

AMT: 1967 Fairlane "Color Me Ford" issue

AMT: 1967 Corvette "Color Me Vette" issue

AMT: 1965 Fairlane "SSS" issue (only reissue with stock parts)

AMT: 1963 Nova "Crew Wagon" issue

AMT: 1965 Galaxie "Jolly Green Gasser" issue

AMT: 1965 Chevelle wagon "Surf Wagon" issue

AMT: any of the Elegance Series kits

AMT: second issue Meyers Manx (no display, and box art is different from the first issue)

Monogram: Deuce Sport Coupe

Jo-Han: 1969 Rebel

Revell: Tweedy Pie with Boss Fink

Actually at one point or another, I've had a number of these. Still have the body from the Nova Crew wagon. I really loved the blue windows in the Elegance Series.

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The Premier 60 Corvan is pretty rare. I saw an UNBUILT one go for over 300. A built one just sold on the bay for 133 bucks. I have NEVER seen this model BUILT OR in the box, only pictures of them. It LOOKS like a pretty neat kit, AND it's in 25th scale!

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Ideal Toy Corporation did a VERY nice, fully detailed kit (complete with opening doors!) of the 1956 Lincoln Continental Mk II back in the day. I've seen just one, in the collection of the late Bill Harrison out in Monte Vista CA back probably 20 years ago. (Bill Harrison, to those who knew him, was a veritable repository of all manner of rare and unusual model car kits (both built and still in the box), as well as many unusual promotional models.

As for the SMP 1911 Chevrolet, that was done by SMP (kissin' cousin to AMT) exclusively for Chevrolet in 1961, for the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Chevrolet. The kits and promo were available only from Chevrolet dealers, which meant that most of us alive at the time missed out on it. The kit and promo were one run only, after which the tooling was destroyed under the watchful eyes of GM auditors.

Perhaps the rarest and most unusual kit I have here is a model of the 1925 Hannomag "Kommisbrot Limousine", which was a small, rear-engined German car from teh 1920's, The name "Kommisbrot" referred to the base shape of the car, which from the side reminded Germans of the time of the shape of the loaves of bread baked in the field by the German Army during World War I. The basic car was a 2-seat roadster, the Limousine version being a coupe, with a very angular, upright roof shape.

What is even more interesting is that this Hannomag (Hannomag was a German industrial company well-known for their trucks and half-tracks during WW-II), kit was produced in the Soviet Union sometime in the late 1970's or early 1980's, in 1/24 scale.


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Monogram - Uncertain "T" - (My friend built that one as a kid, it was pretty uncertain that it was anything but a gluebomb!)

Monogram - Sizzler Dragster - (Don't remember that one on the shelves)

AMT - Ohio George '33 Willys Gasser - The one I built had the plastic wheels.

AMT - "Rat Packer" Nova & Mustang "AWB Street Freaks" - Those had the plastic wheels too.

AMT - Myer's Manx - Got the first issue with display for Christmas, bought the one with out with paper route money!

AMT - "Gasser Bug" (would have been an altered due to its shortened wheelbase).

MPC - Shalako "Ford "J" car look-a-like dune buggy

Still have the seats from the Rat Packer and Mustang AWB kits, I remember not liking how they were mounted

so I made mounts out of "bell" phone wire soldered together to make pretty convincing mounts. Pretty close to

what my older neighbor kid was running in his "Wicked Fast" '57 Chev. I've been hanging on to them for just the

right kit to put them in. Still have one of the traction bars from those kits too.

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