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chevy in the snow

uncle potts

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Great Job! I always like Dioramas, especially when they are nicely done. This one belongs to that category, GREAT job! As I've seen alot snow here in Finland, I have to say that your snow looks maybe the best, I've seen in any Diorama.

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Very good! What did you use for the snow?

We can thank the train modelers for this one. The snow is from Woodland Scenics, they have an excellent video tutorial on thier website. Its a two part system using a product called Flex Paste for the base, and then the scenic snow is put on top. Any well stocked hobby shop that handles train supplies should have it. If you have a Hobby Town, or Hobby Lobby in your area I know they also carry this product. This was my first time using it and I was very pleased with the results.

Thanks for the kind words, building these are a lot of fun.

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That thing paints so many story's, I can hear the phone call "man you gota check this truck out, back off rd 18 behind the barn, it's...."

Or, the conversation going on in his head about how great it was to ride in the back when he was little and grandpa was chugging down the back road from the fishin pond.

Awesome job !!!! I love these

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Thanks guys, appreciate the kind remarks. I have the honor of showing this one off at the LHS. They wanted to display it when they saw the finished project, since they sold me most of the supplies I needed. It's great advertising, besides, I don't have any display space at home.

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