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First post here! A few of my models.

Shelby 427 1965

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Hi everyone!

Just signed up to the site, figured it'd be handy to. :)

I'm Tomo, I have a passion for cars and modelling. I'm not long turned 15, I'm from Armagh in Northern Ireland and I've been modelling for around a year, give or take a few months. I've learned a lot, but there's still so much for me to learn, so I'm hoping this site will help me get better with the help of you guys! I love muscle cars, Japanese cars, European cars, well, all cars really. I build whatever I see and takes my fancy. I

These are a few of my models, I'll post some now so you guys have an idea of what to expect.. it's really not much. I'll be asking for your opinions and help a lot so I can learn! Anyway. On to the models. I'll give a brief sentence about each one.

"Immy 2 & 3" - 1998/9 Subaru Impreza WRC/ This is the last model I finished in 2012 (the '99) beside her sister, which I finished earlier in the year. First time attempting snow weathering.


1988 Sauber Mercedes C9 - This was my first attempt at making seatbelts, doing wiring on an engine and bare metal foil. I didn't like the AEG livery this kit came with, I fancied the silver one but couldn't get my hands on one, so I did my own thing.


Toyota GT86 - I had decided that, since I'll never own one of these, and I'm quite fond of them, I'll do a model. I wasn't going to due to the price of the thing, but I bit the bullet and I'm glad I did. This is Tamiya's.


Fiat 500 "Ferrari Fan" - Decided to weather this slightly. The kit annoyed me, but it's not a bad kit.


'70 Plymouth Superbird - This was my first muscle car kit. I've always loved Superbirds, and I was really proud of this one.


These are just a few of my models, I look forward to being on here and seeing what you guys have to say and seeing all your lovely works!


- Tomo

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Well Tomo you should be extremely proud of yourself! Some very good builds mate, especially after only 12mnths in the hobby?! I'm officially impressed :-) Of course you do know once you've got the bug NO amount of bug spray will kill it! ;-)

Lol! I'm a Mopar lover so I'm mightly fond of that Superbird & would love to see you build it's sister, the Daytona Charger ;-) Now lets see more :-)

Oh yeh... Welcome to the forum mate :-)

Cheers Cliffo

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Welcome to the forum, glad to see so more teens on here (We have quite a few,including myself).And I can also see you a Pink Floyd fan,I'm currently listening to "Welcome to the Machine".They are hands down my favorite band. You also build some really nice models,I really like your GT86.

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Wow! Excellent work, both models and photography. And all at just 15!

You definitely have a bright future in this hobby and we're lucky to have you here as a member. Welcome!

And as mentioned... a Pink Floyd fan. That alone makes you ok in my book! ;)

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