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AMC AMX/3 scratch build kit project

Jeremy Jon

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I've been very busy with life "stuff", and sorting out casting for other projects to satisfaction, but in the meantime had started this project (before the new year) on a very rare and interesting car, the AMC AMX/3.

Styled by Richard Teague, and chassis development by Giotto Bizzarrini, the AMX/3 was developed into a fully operational vehicle, with 5-6 cars built & remain intact today. The car was mid-engined design, with fully independent suspensions front + rear, a 390 V8 and 4 speed transaxle bespoke.

Reference photos, in particular of the under chassis, are not easly found, so I built some areas with less detail than others, rather than to try and "fill in" detail incorrectly, instead building only as what can be clearly seen.

Again, is being built in a manner condusive to casting & assembly ease, but also to make as accurately as I can do so.

Enjoy! :)






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Chassis detailing continues, with rear suspension lower control arms fabricated, and front bottom cover plate with bolt heads in place. Additional detailing will be added yet further.


Body sides in place, cut outs for rear fender arch extensions curved and fastened into place. Beginning of rear tail panel cut and compound curves being fashioned.



Further build up of the rear tail panel, before attaching to body. Hard to see in these photos, but every surface has had curvature added to best approximate the complex body styling of the actual car.




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I've been nuts about these cars since I first discovered them decades ago. Despite the fact that they never made it into production, they showed what AMC could do with limited funds and a lot of creativity.

I'll continue to hold out hope that someone like Moebius will take these on as full-detail kits (maybe they should consult with you) but in the meantime, your project will provide fascinating reading for fans of this car.

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Jeremy, you have my undivided attention, this is one of my favorite cars! I know you're going to do your normal stellar job on it, I'll just sit here and drool over it if you don't mind! :wub:

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