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  2. 70s bug

    Make a rally car out of it or a Baja Beetle !
  3. Check your Hobby Lobby!

    No clearance models at my HL I think i will take the lead from some of the other folks here and try to befriend one of the HL employs and mine for pricing info I did score the coffee table book Muscle cars American icons by auto editors of consumer guide at Sams and the Revell 64 SS Chevy at Mejeirs on clearance.
  4. 1961 Mercury Comet Fender Ornament.

    Very well then, but I do like the color. It makes it look like an old used car in the 70s. Definitely worth restoring, hopefully you can do something with it. Did you see my Falcon in the Glue Bombs thread? It was worse!
  5. Check your Hobby Lobby!

    Thanks Snake!
  6. 1961 Mercury Comet Fender Ornament.

    Ha, right - not the worst glue bomb for sure, although some of the paint looks like it was applied with a hose and sanded with gravel.
  7. Super Comp Dragster...Completed!!!!!

    The dragster came out great Wayne, its inspired me to build one too.
  8. 70s bug

    Gotta love garage sales found this for $5 Not sure what I will do with it yet
  9. Chase Elliott's Hooter's Chevy SS

    Another Awesome one.
  10. Dale Earnhardt's 1990 Lumina

    Looks perfect. Awesome build.
  11. 1966 Buick Riviera

    Great model!
  12. Danica Patrick's 2017 Mobil 1 Fusion

    Excellent in every way.
  13. Divided by a common tongue

    Someone who's familiar with the German language will certainly correct me here : in German (or Germanic languages) , the "c" is pronounced like a "c" and / or "s" . A "hard-c" in German is actually a "k" ( think : "Kompressor" vs. "Compressor") . The "hard-c" is Latin-based , if I remember correctly ; that's how the Celts pronounce the non-existent-in-Celtic-languages "k" . Then there's the Français character "Ç" , which has an "s/c" sound to it ; like a "soft-c" with an "s" combined-in . So , basically , I've always heard "mer-say-dees" , including from those whose native language is German . Don't get me going on the pronunciation of 'Celtic' , and how it's incorrectly pronounced by practically everybody ...
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  15. PM sent on 63 Bonneville, 64 GTO.
  16. 2018 Le Mans 24 hours build (Porsche 962C)

    This looks awesome, I love the weathering, especially around the exhaust openings. Very realistic.
  17. Just got these in the mail this morning... not particularly happy with the way the badger was shipped... but now to find a compressor.
  18. No Barrett again this year

    Thank u,Yea,but it's not the same..I've been tapping it though.
  19. Stop resurrecting once great nameplates

    That Blazer is actually not a bad looking vehicle considering the type of vehicle it is. While I'd not rush out and buy one, I think it looks rather aggressive and probably more so in public. I truly hated when they brought back the Impala name in 2000 and stuck it something that was really milquetoast at best! A once proud name stuck on a rather bland and anonymous car. At least they could have put six taillights on the car.............it had only four. Wouldn't that make it a Bel Air or Biscayne??
  20. Check your Hobby Lobby!

    I've never built it but the Academy 1/72 WWII airplanes have a pretty good reputation. I have their P-51D and have gripes about its accuracy in a couple areas (I"m a Mustang nut and purist) but I don't recall any particular fit or assembly problems. For 1/72 -1 Corsairs I like the Hasegawa; I have several 1/72 -1 Corsairs and IMHO it's the best (I've never owned the Tamiya, though). I don't think you'll have any trouble with it. If the 3-color Corsair camo scares you, don't forget you can just paint the thing overall Glossy Sea Blue (a very dark blue with a very slight greeny tint) and call it a late-war -1D model. Great thing about that scheme is the GSB is EVERYWHERE--wheel wells, landing gear, even the wheels themselves in some cases later on. I specialize in 1945-1956 Navy airplanes for this reason--paint jobs just don't get any simpler!
  21. Oh yeah...........I see the speculators on eBay are out in full force! Some prices they're asking for on certain kits are just flat out crazy! I'll never part with the '76 Cadillac Coupe DeVille kit I got as my last purchase, it's holding too much sentimental value for me now even if I never build it. All the other parts I got from them over the years and still waiting to be used? They'll sit right here in my house where I can see 'em! The moment I let 'em go, I'll regret doing so and want it back! At a MUCH higher price of course! I wonder if Don and Carol FINALLY did cast that last order? I thought I saw someone comment here on the board that they were literally the last one to get their order in, and they the said it was shipped out. If they did, GOOD on them! A VERY well deserved retirement!
  22. I don't doubt you. I had a '79 302 auto (Pace Car) and it was pathetically anemic. And its vaunted Michelin TRX tires were great on a sunny day but made rain feel like snow and snow completely undrivable. When it got wrecked, I replaced it with a used '76 Buick Skyhawk with V6/5-speed and that little mutt had a LOT more pep than the '79 302 Mustang.
  23. I'll be paying off the $700+ on my credit card for my Modelhaus Final Order for two or three months, but I can't say I regret a dime of it. I just hope I live long enough to use ALL of the stuff up! (NO, I didn't buy anything for eBay speculating.)
  24. AMT '65 GTO

    Modelhaus might have reproed the rear bumper and taillights, but I didn't know they were so badly needed so I didn't order any. I did get at least one of their repro promo front bumper/headlights. I'm contemplating using that on this build, at least temporarily until I get around to building a good one. As our President often says, "We'll see what happens."
  25. 1948 Cadilac

    I doubt the rear end sits that high on the stock kit, but I like a little rake, and yes it is Testors Inca Gold lacquer. Thank you all for your comments.
  26. Check your Hobby Lobby!

    Yep Snake that is the plane I got too... sounds like you are familiar with it... is it a good plane for a first timer? I forgot to mention mine had several Testors/Model Master spray enamels. I don't like enamel so I only got the lacquer except for a purple can of enamel for a Trojan Horse funny car I have to build. The enamel spray cans were $1.25.
  27. AMT '65 GTO

    FABULOUS post, thanks so much, and especially for the GREAT pic of the real rear end. Saves me having to google one up. The black strip surrounding the lenses themselves is something I'd forgotten. Agree with you completely that AMT would have been better off in this case to just mold the taillights right into the bumper. I'm probably going to leave my whole lenses red, like a Tempest/LeMans, and not worry about the chrome trim on them. This build will be as a '70s street bomber, not a factory stock original, so it's not unreasonable that the lenses could have been replaced with more common items from a junkyard. Or maybe the whole car was "converted" from a Tempest and that was just one little detail they overlooked. Thanks again for the post and pics!
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