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  1. Past hour
  2. 1967 Pontiac Bonneville

    Beautiful Steve!!!!
  3. New to the site, wasn't sure where to post these pics. So here they are. Everything scratch built on the modified except the sub frame. That came from a chevelle. My first entire scratch build, was a lot of fun. Took me about 4 months to build. Trailer is also scratch built.
  4. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Would love to see a TR4, 6 would be cool, Fiat...some might think it’s Dodge Dart anyhow...
  5. Same here. It's fun trying to get some variations on that drab and boring "Black Hole" look that a black interior can sometimes have. Here's one paint set I have that helps, the Lifecolor "Black Rubber Shades & Co." These range from a blue-grayish-black (Vulcanized Rubber) to a very dark flat black (Deep Cockpit). These are acrylics. Straight from the bottle they're thick, but they thin down well and work great with either brush-painting or airbrushing.
  6. 1958 edsel pacer custom

    Looking very nice. That continental kit should lean forward. The only time those leaned out was when you needed to access the trunk area. Love the low down stance.
  7. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    makin' you drunk
  8. I keep about 8 or 9 different variants of black paint on hand such as Humbrol, Testors, Model Master, and Tamiya and others in matt black, semi gloss, black chrome, rubber, etc. They are all slightly different, and by painting various parts of the interior in different shades of black, it avoids the 'everything from the same can' problem.
  9. East Coast 32 coupe

    Update: I finalized the rear shocks and completed the exhaust system. I still need to bend and tweak it a little, add exhaust tips, clean up the rear spring, etc. but I'm satisfied with it enough to move on to other issues. stay tuned.
  10. 63 Cobra from the Racing Team Kit

    Thanks - I look for them.
  11. folgers color

    thank you very much
  12. Scania LB 141

    Nice weathering!
  13. S E Ltd Speedboat & Trailer

    Neat little boat!
  14. Today
  15. Skoal Classic

    Another great build, always liked that car.
  16. folgers color

    Here is the link to the Hex and RGB numbers. Now how to match that to a model paint color I haven’t found yet but I’ll keep looking but at least this is a starting point. http://www.colourlovers.com/color/CC0247/Folgers_Coffee_Red
  17. Highway thru Hell

    GOing back a few posts... So that's Bruce's old truck in the blasting booth? Will be cool to see that one resurrected. I daresay the episode where they reveal that will become a Bruce tribute episode, and will be a fan favourite for sure. Rasta Mike. I knew the yard, had no idea that was his! I don't know if I'm impressed at the collection, or disappointed in the colossal waste of iron just sitting there, slowly rotting away. Either way, I want to go spend a day just poking around taking pics. For those looking, I'm pretty sure Netflix has the first six seasons of HTH.
  18. 1958 edsel pacer custom

    Very very nice.
  19. Monogram Little T

  20. Volvo EC360B 1/25 scale

    Is this a detailed and weathered die-cast?
  21. 48 ford custom

    Looks great!
  22. 69 Yenko Nova

    That is one bada## Nova. Great job.
  23. My 2017 Builds

    Simply superb builds!
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