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  2. Updated list maybe?

    I just posted this yesterday in Truck News & Reviews – hope it helps… According to Rocketfin.com, there are a few kits coming up for release: http://www.rocketfin.com/heavy_truck_models.cfm Great Dane Extendable Flatbed Trailer - Due 2018 Wilson Livestock Van Trailer - Due 2018 Mack DM800 - Due 2018 Peerless Logging Trailer - Due 2018 Italeri Freightliner FLD120 - Due 2018 The Autocar A64B, Contruction Bulldozer and Coca-Cola trailer just hit the market a short while ago. Steve
  3. Frank Federici The Shark Corvette funny car

    I like the paint job
  4. Today
  5. Fantatsic Treasure found on Ebay

    The same way a Hasegawa Volkswagen Beetle kit is listed as a1/24 1/25 AMTJohanMongramRevellScatPackBoys. You cover all bases without hitting the ball out of the batter's box.
  6. hobby lobby

    Had to make a large lap around the metro yesterday but was able to visit 3 hobby lobby stores. One was cleaned out but left the other two with a couple of kits and lots off paint!
  7. Outage (again)

    Thanks. The maintenance went very smoothly. With the recent database problems, a table got very very big, and needed some surgery. You shouldn't experience any changes.
  8. I have finished up the rear coils and this was also my first attempt at scratch building a set of coils so here they are.
  9. The future of Motorsports ?

    Just watched another Battlebots and I've come to a conclusion. When I was racing 1:1 cats and motorcycles, I always wanted to build a machine that beat the heck out of all my opponents. Battlebots is literally that. Build a machine and beat the heck out of your opponent and his machine. It's that competitive thing. Don't care for all the spectacle, but the battles are pretty awesome. Plus, I see all ages in the audience as well as building the bots.
  10. 1/25 MPC 904 '57 Chevy Flip Nose

    Funny how different the two cars are when you start looking. That's Hollywood for you I guess. There is a great American Graffiti website with a whole list of bloopers. I don't recall hearing about this one before. Still my favourite movie of all time.
  11. A few kits to trade

    It's getting better. At least the constant throbbing stopped. Now as long as I'm on my back with my leg propped up the pain isn't so bad. If I make a trip to the "necessary room" it sets the pain off again. It'll get better. Thanks for the thought.
  12. Newer Version Challenger TA

    sweet job, looks awesome
  13. Fujimi Ford GT40 No.2 1966 Le Mans Winner

    NIIICE! that is some very smooth black paint, and we all know nothing looks better on a racing car than a nice black paint job and this is a nice un! Good Stuff.
  14. Chaparral 2C by ARII

    The Chaparral looks great. Now I want one
  15. Chaparral 2C by ARII

    Better photos along with the finished product. Too early this morning to be messing around taking photos (6:30)
  16. My son's first model

    cool, great job, looks nice
  17. 1967 Impala

    fabulous, love the color , great build
  18. Porsche 356 race car .

    What a great job with this kit. Beautiful finish.
  19. Always. Open. The Box.

    Just like all the red Camaros on the covers of Hot Rod Magazine.
  20. Another Firearm Fantasy Build

    Tamiya has released Sebastian Vettel’s 2017 Australian Grand Prix debut Ferrari SF70H Formula One car in 1/20 scale. Vettel won the race, with his teammate Kimi Raikkonen finishing fourth in his. That's my next one. By the way, this is Stoots from RF.
  21. 1/25 MPC 904 '57 Chevy Flip Nose

    I love watching Ebay prices drop like rocks........ although, some sellers will not come off high prices even for a current kit. Oh well....
  22. A few kits to trade

    Steve, I hope that your recovery goes well.
  23. (Ford) Pickup Truck Bed Length?

    Incredible! I'm speechless at this point.
  24. My son's first model

    Thanks for the reply Anthony and maybe(?) I'll start him a little earlier than 6 years old.
  25. Fantatsic Treasure found on Ebay

    The front is 1:24 scale, the back is 1:25 scale.
  26. Fantatsic Treasure found on Ebay

    1. How can it be both 1:24 and 1:25 scale. 2. Cord? I'm no expert on '30's luxury cars, but it looks like a Benz to me.
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