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  2. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    tax for building
  3. Best Way to Store Molotow Pens?

    Point up, point down, or flat? I haven't had very good luck with the type of tip used on the Molotow pens. They're good for a use or two but put them away for a couple months and they've gone bad. Don't want this to happen to my new $12 Molotow. (I just started a 2mm one, if the tip size makes any difference.) My beloved Silver Sharpies, on the other hand, work fine after months and months if stored point down. Even if not stored point down, I can usually get one working again with a "thermometer shake" or two if there's anything at all left in it. BTW, I noticed yesterday that they're now packaging the metallic Sharpies point down on the display card.
  4. From the Class of '57

    Nice lineup! I have visions of a mini dealership dio!
  5. 70's tires called Formula 1's?

    Are you trying to find the tires that were used in Formula 1 racing or the street tires that had a brand name of Formula ? Copies of the racing tire may be found in some older F1 type kits, but as for the street tire I just don't remember ever seeing any in a kit, but maybe some one in the after market may have something close.
  6. 3 D parts

    Instead of buying a 3-D printer you could go Shapeways, at least to start.
  7. I'll watch a "buy it now" item if I'm bidding on another listing of the same thing. Obviously, trying to get a lower price than the "buy it now". If my bid fails, I can go back to the "buy iy now" item and buy it.
  8. Peterbilt 353 Off-Road Dumper

    X2! Were so used to seeing all that chrome on typical highway Petes, we almost forgot that they were other simple no nonsense workhorse versions!
  9. Still slicing and dicing

  10. Still slicing and dicing

    Haha, I've noticed that!
  11. Still slicing and dicing

    My razorsaw has no conscious, everything is fair game!
  12. Still slicing and dicing

    Lot's of sweet custom stuff in this thread!! Sheesh!
  13. Mo' debinitely my kind of hot-rod

    I have to agree on this type of car. In addition to having all the go power it can stop and turn with the best. A some what similar car was offered in the late '50's and early '60's called the BoCar. I remember reading about it in Popular Mechanics Magazine. It was also Chevrolet powered but was intended more for racing.
  14. Chrome paint?

    Molotow is so good I'll never use Alclad or Spaz Stix chromes ever again; Alclad black chrome is excellent though. Molotow airbrushed in wet coats, allowed to dry for a day or two, coated by Spaz Stix ultimate clear coat is pretty awesome. It's not as "perfect" as plated chrome, but still a huge improvement over the old standards. And plated chrome often looks too shiny. See for yourself; Molotow sprayed w/o clear, and Molotow sprayed w/a protective coat of Spaz Stix Ultimate Clear:
  15. Still slicing and dicing

    How about a 50 Chevy P.U. crossed with a 58 T-Bird? This one stalled after I kept breaking the A pillars while trying to hinge the doors. I made the mistake of using to thin of brass rod to make the hinges. I so wanted to throw it against the wall, but I love the look of it and managed to restrain myself and put it in the box.
  16. Still slicing and dicing

    That's just not right, but it does look cool.
  17. AC Ace Bristol

    Thanks Dann. I'll check out those parts Shay-thanks. When raced a radiator shroud was often installed to reduce lift caused by air entering the enormous grille opening. There were many different designs for the shroud and the stock grille may or may not have been removed.
  18. Car shows on the tube

    We're on the same page Mike, except I like IR because of the detail they go into their builds, the hows & whys. GC I can't watch though. Just can't.
  19. Hot Rod Galahads

    '56 and '57 Lincoln Junior High Santa Monica Ca. Yes it was a very different world then.
  20. A family Suburban for a young growing family that needs more that a regular Station Wagon. Added features: Custom exterior trim and a Tailgate, Chrome Wheels, Lowered suspension, Dual Exhaust for the make believe high output 327 engine. Notice the aluminum high-rise intake and air cleaner. Plug wires are there if you can find them.
  21. Mo' debinitely my kind of hot-rod

    Definitely on my list of wants! Sweet!
  22. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    doesn't work either
  23. M2 69 Camarao

    I picked this up from Walmart yesterday. Injector stacks could be a little thicker. Nice diecast.
  24. 2018 Car-Toons Contest

    It's almost here . . . the 2018 Car-Toons Contest starts on April 1st and runs thru June 30th ! It's free to enter and we have a ton of prizes to give away this year ! Here's some of the prize you can win : Deal's Wheels Baja Humbugs , Go-Mads , and Glitter Bugs , all donated by Revell Tom Daniel Street Cleaners , Super Taxis , Roarin' Rail , and Hemi Semi MPC Zingers Polar Lights Snap Draggins Misc Deal's Wheels and other Toon kits We also have 8 ½" x 11" Box Art prints autographed by Tom Daniel (Snappers) , Dennis Johnson (Zingers) , and Jim Johnson (Snap Draggins) . These signed prints will be given away as a bonus to the winners of their respective kits ! Prizes for 1st , 2nd , and 3rd place in two categories . Each winner has their choice of one of the Deal's Wheels donated by Revell plus their pick of one other kit ! That's TWO kits ! Check it out now at this link and join in the fun ! http://car-toons.proboards.com/
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