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  2. Window cranks?

    Ditto. I use mold putty instead of Silly Putty, but the result would be the same. With mold putty, you can save the mold for future use & use it over & over again. Most of my old annual interiors have had the original, (nearly non-existent) cranks replaced with ones that I have molded from Laser Bond & chromed with Molotow chrome. Steve
  3. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    I never understood that, and thought it was/is so dumb looking.
  4. Depends on how shiny you want the end result to be. A gloss base of some sort will give you something closer to chrome. A flat base will give you more of an aluminum look. I have settled on plain old primer as a base for aluminum Alclad. Steve
  5. 2018 Cannonball Run

    I'm excited by what I'm seeing so far, but have to apologize for not being able to build after all I said during decision period. I'm on a real modeling break just due to me and no time lately. I had even acquired a Triumph GT6 and considered turbo on the Triumph 6, a Porsche 968 turbo ... but I know I won't be able to join in. I will be right here following closely.
  6. Made a fair bit of progress over my summer holiday, got the front bumper all smoothed out & painted the whole thing. For the body colour I used Badgers Minitaire paints - Irridiated Yellow, plus I mixed in some Pearl powder, then custom decals & clearcoat. Last night got started on the interior, went for a Harley Davidson edition style interior, gloss blacks, matte silvers etc.
  7. 66 Mustang GT Funny Car

    Wow...! One of the nicest builds of this kit that I've seen in a while..! Outstanding job..!!!
  8. potvin supercharger

    The "T" has a Lanthem blower. The Potvin can be be found in the Double Dragster, AMT Hemi parts pack and the Revell Orange Crate to name a few.
  9. Yesterday
  10. AMT Surf Woody

    Scott, I initially thought the same thing-- by my count the MMTC kit features 18 new or different parts compared to the '27 Touring, so it didn't seem reasonable and entire secong half of the mold would be sacrificed. Looking at the same section of chrome parts from both the XR-6 and MMTC kits, you can see the runners are the same and the headlight buckets and front bumper remain in the same position, but there is a lot of empty space surrounding the parts for the MMTC kit, and maybe only 15 total parts. Compare that to the XR-6 chrome, and especially where the spoked cycle wheels were which Dave mentioned...it's gone. I guess one could argue the XR-6 parts were all separate inserts and maybe someday they'll turn up, but I think Dave is very much correct here.
  11. potvin supercharger

    Is that what's in the common AMT '25 T? I know it has some kind of non-6-71 blower....
  12. any suggestions as to what kits,if any,came with the potvin supercharger...thanks
  13. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    Of course, spend enough money, then it's a "replica" or a "tribute", and it's considered the height of good taste and sophistication. My vote for the dumbest piece of fakery has to be this: Fake headlights on the doors that hide the real headlights.
  14. What did you get today?

    Got it Saturday, paid less than $20 total for it thanks to Ebay Bucks.
  15. Your favourite Box art

    Why is that, as many people can shoot left handed as well as with either hand also???
  16. 66 Mustang GT Funny Car

    Pretty cool! Reminds me a little of Gas Ronda's. I like the color--what's the paint?
  17. Junior Johnson #27 '61 Pontiac

    Great looking build.
  18. 63 Corvette

    What are you complaining about? You did good with it and it looks FINE. Model on!
  19. Short Track Race Team

    That is sweet. I love all the homemade haulers for the short track warriors.
  20. Old style window net

    Drywall tape can work also.
  21. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Well, there is an app for that.. 'Find my iPhone' --can use the app from my iPad or MacBook to find my phone (similar apps exist I think for Android phones). The times I misplace my phone it's usually in the sofa between the cushions, in the car, in a bathroom. etc..
  22. Your favourite Box art

    This is the first time in my life I've ever seen any advantage to right-hand drive!
  23. Rex White's 60 Impala

    I finally got-er-done today. It's not perfect but it's Ok for me. I worked and worked on the chassis and interior to try and get the chassis to fit where it's supposed to but after installing everything , it still sticks out on the bottom. I just gave up of trying to fix that. Thanks fer lookin. Dan
  24. Stupid Is the New Smart

    May God help the poor souls that lose their iPhones, as they'll surely be LOST.
  25. Bob's paint is great stuff as I belong to two model car clubs with Bob and he sells a lot to other club members, and their paint jobs are just awesome. Try it and you WON'T be disappointed.
  26. Randy Ayers Nascar board

    Too bad some cannot just build models and post about the and leave all the other nonsense to Facebook and Twitter.
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