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In Topic: amt Corvair drag car

Today, 04:06 PM

And what do Ralph Nader and swing axles have to do with the AMT Corvair Funny Car?

In Topic: amt Corvair drag car

Today, 04:30 AM

I don't have one, but here's the instruction sheet - http://public.fotki....vair-funny-car/


Very simple, similar in its execution to the AMT altered wheelbase kits from around that same time.  


One built up box stock here about halfway down the page: http://speedcityresi... Gallery Page 2

In Topic: Your opinion or review of the new Revell Foose Camaro?

Yesterday, 08:08 AM

I haven't built it, but Dave Thibodeau did a full build review in the other magazine.  He mentioned some flash, and there is a goof in the instructions regarding the parts used if using the Foose wheels.  Do not use parts 87 or 91 and use part 24 on the rear axle.  This may have been corrected in later printings of the instruction sheet.  


The body parts are now molded in white where older versions were orange. Rest of the kit is black.  Kit photos in this thread, starting on page 8 



In Topic: Which lens for model car photos (Canon EOS 400D)

Yesterday, 07:25 AM

I have to agree with Hakan.  I use the 18-55mm lens on my Nikon D40 (not the one that came with it, but a replacement that has IS) and it's plenty sharp for me (although one major factor that lead me to choose Nikon over Canon was that pretty much every review said the Nikon 18-55mm was better than Canon's).  I do have to remind myself to get further away from the subject, usually 18-24".  I usually shoot in the midrange on the lens (I've learned that it doesn't like being at it's extreme focal lengths, I'm usually around 35mm) and will often have to crop out the edges of my light box.  


The 18-55 is the only lens I have, it can do tack sharp closeups.  This shot was made on my desk using available light, handheld.     




This was shot in my old homemade light box. It doesn't have the EXIF data anymore, so I don't remember the exact settings.  Been trying to find something I shot in my new lightbox besides product shots for work.  



In Topic: Best selling cars (and truck) of all time

Yesterday, 05:50 AM

VW brochure from 1970, earliest one I've found that uses "Beetle", though a few earlier made mention of "bug" or "Bug".






By 71 with the introduction of the Super Beetle it was pretty much in all English VW literature. But I'm sure in Germany they were always officially "Type 1" or whatever...