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  2. Thanks David. I used Tamiya TS-54 Light Blue Metallic. Looks similar to B5
  3. ewetwo

    Whitewall tires

    I know if I take the ridge off the wheels. The whitewalls you sent me will fit fine Carl.
  4. Which may not be hard these days.... I went to a hobby shop in Aberdeen, NJ yesterday to get some Tamiya paints. They might have had two dozen kits total on their shelves. They carry all the paints for RC cars.
  5. I have the Daisy Duke 74 Road Runner kit . I have noticed that my kit doesn't come with the Bird decals? Nice build I hope mine comes out as good as yours
  6. Hey, Tom; Just a hint on those gaskets. Use a Magic Marker to do the black after you paint. You don't have to do the whole thing, just the inside edge and a bit of the flat area. The marker helps you hold a nice straight line around the perimeter. You might have to go over it more than once but the effect is worth it. I used one on the trim around the windshield on the IH Loadstar.
  7. Sharp looking Road Runner , I like your choice of color !
  8. Too many apologies . . . that's a sharp looking AAR 'cuda ! It looks good in white !
  9. Beautiful work!! One of my favorite mangas!
  10. Very nicely done , and I really like that color option ! The license plate is cool too .
  11. Thanks Craig ! Thanks much Nick ! Thanks very much ! The Impala trim option was only on El Caminos built in California , much like one piece bumpers on '57 Chevys .
  12. Beautiful car. I think it helps define the epitome of luxury. They just don't build cars like this anymore.
  13. Thanks Sam ! Thanks Lee ! Thanks very much Lou !
  14. Nice Datsun. I've always had a fondness for the early Z cars, well actually all of the Z cars.
  15. Nice build. I really like the blue color and overall nice detail.
  16. Definitely would pop more w shiny wheels
  17. Today
  18. To me it looks like only one "chrome" option, the Halibrand style wheels that were originally in the 30 Coupe. On the builtups the set on the black car appears to have its centers painted. Here's a closeup of the side of the box...
  19. slusher

    Whitewall tires

    They will go in there but it takes some work and luck.if you grind them down they will fit the tires I sent. Before you do any grinding put ther picture in model questions I think you can put them in water the tires and warm them up in the microwave. Try the model questions please first....
  20. Agreed, that thing is too cool!
  21. Nice job! I love the colors.
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