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In Topic: AMT '49 Mercury 2 Door Club Coupe

Today, 01:59 PM

Unrelated to the AMT kit, from the days when MPC and AMT were separate companies. Never owned the MPC but have always heard it has the best body proportions of all the styrene 49 Mercs on the market.

In Topic: New Revell 1/25 2013 Camaro ZL-1 (pre-painted)

Today, 12:49 PM

Well, this went off the rails. Anybody has anything relevant to add, pm me. I'm locking it before it gets out of hand.

In Topic: New Revell 1/25 2013 Camaro ZL-1 (pre-painted)

Today, 05:20 AM

Teenage me (heck, adult me for that matter) would have been ecstatic with the finish on my ZL1. Except for the mold lines it's flawless. I've seen far worse on contest tables. That runny Challenger needs to be returned to Revell (and it's in the shop I work for part time, I'll see that it is returned when the boss gets back from vacation) but the other 7 prepaints on that same shelf looked good (same shelf my ZL1 came off of) I give props to Revell for trying something new - a prepainted kit that doesn't come with a premium price. I hope they're successful. I'm sure there will be a bit of a learning curve with QC at first, these have only been on the market a week.

In Topic: straight line modeler

Yesterday, 10:53 AM


In Topic: round 2 amt mustang gt funny car awb new amt 888/12 new photots attached

Yesterday, 09:04 AM


Round 2 has the hanger shot ( discussed elsewhere on this forum ) of the Cutlass annual but with what appears to be the funny car body, so anythings possible.

And the note attached to it says "Very Poor, Rust"  or something to that effect.   I know Model King wanted to do it when they did the other AWB's so it might not be in good enough shape.