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Chopped, Blown Rod *1 day build

03 April 2015 - 01:16 AM

Getting a few models shined up for a local contest this weekend, and seen that the Theme for one of the Classes is "Work Place/ Weathered" so I figured for fun I might aswell toss together a quick theme build.


I started at 1:00pm today, and I just finished it at 4am.  Blown Hemi w/ six deuces, all greasy/ rusty and weathered, I threw a Fat Kidd re-wired distributer on it, and weathered everything out. Jimmy Flintstone chopped resin body and my first time using Dr. Krankys salt technique....... didn't come out half bad! Windshield fell inside after I put it all together, but Hey! its a hot rod so it doesn't need a windshield. To cover myself for the workplace theme part, I tossed a Rod Shop decal on the back :) so workplace and weathered are covered.








PS its NOT a rat rod...... its just and Ugly hot rod, lol



Revell LaFerrari VS. Tamiya LaFerrari - Content comparison

06 January 2015 - 11:37 PM

Ive had a few people ask me to post a review/ comparison of the LaFerrari kit, so I figured I would post both for everyone to see the contents of each kit. I apologize for some of the photos, I am still learning to use this camera (Canon t3i)






First up, the Revell kit


The body is mostly 1 large piece, molded in white. and the doors do NOT open.






the decals look good, the chrome is very shiney, included in the packaging is some mesh for vents


The wheels to me are just "Meh" chrome is bright and shiney


tires are decent, they have sidewall detail