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  1. I was just bidding on one of these but got sniped while I was away from my computer, now I gotta keep looking for one that isn't crazy priced. great work on this.
  2. nice, I think I got an ICM kit to do a little street rod work on, never discount the military kits, great source for kitbashing.
  3. nice, I think I have a couple '70 Mach 1 in my stash awaiting some extra lovin.
  4. '34 Ford (yes, it's been posted here before)
  5. Track T (based on an old Pyro kit) Warning, there is a LOT of "imagineering" on this build. Early mockup, motor from a funny car snap kit, slot car wheels A little frame prep for the four-link torsion bar suspension. more frame prep setting the height a little more mock up and setting the bucket on the frame with a little firewall fab. tube front axle created torsion bar front suspension with integral ferro-fluid damping, some white primer to check the body work. side view, a little paint on the block. time for some engine work back yard paint booth a hinge for the turtle deck deck lid fitted, hinge fits well a few more mockups: front rear 3/4 rear
  6. '57 convertible restomod small block chevy from a Camaro kit converted to fuel injection, suspension upgrades. got some hinges to make...
  7. 71 Trans Am Vintage kit that is getting released again the kit motor requires a little rework to make it look like a pontiac engine Doors opened and hinged door openings need a little rework, wheels/tires are snowflakes from a '79 TA snap kit, the kit honeycomb wheels looked very undersized to me. hand sewn leather seats
  8. Post your builds that are smaller than 1/25 (I know there are some out there, I have pictures) (This will be a little "thread necro" of the old Make it Small thread.
  9. JW, I can appreciate your frustration for printing 1:32 parts, but... your parts open up areas for builders that like to branch out to the "non-standard" scales (me being one of them), I now have options for the modifications I can do to old Revell, Pyro, Testers, Monogram, AMT, etc kits which don't include engines or many wheel options.
  10. re:the 90deg block, you can get "1,2,3-blocks" relatively cheap for working parallel and perpendicular lines/angles. they are a basic machinist tool that is one inch by two inches by three inches; it's ferrous, so magnets can be used to secure parts.
  11. I will definitely be following this (when you get around to it), good luck on your move, hope to see you at the Desert Scale Classic when you get settled in.
  12. Here is a Flickr link to my photos:
  13. Great show/contest. Turnout was great. The talent was very evident. The judges had no easy task. Photos in a few days, very busy with non-model tasks.
  14. Amazon has wheel and tire sets, put this in your amazon search: RC Vehicle Wheels & Tire Sets they have checkboxes that let you specify which scale you want to look at.
  15. I really wish I could give you some feedback on this, I haven't set it up yet due to lack of safe space, I joined a 3d printing group on FB and am absorbing a lot of info and tips. I've seen some incredible prints come from the Mars3 but I've also seen some software complaints, hoping the software side gets resolved before I get to setting it up.
  16. watched the whole Amazon series, enjoyed it a lot.
  17. My condolences on your mother's passing and hope your father is doing well in this difficult time. I fear that I will be having to deal with this issue with my own mother in the near future, she doesn't have covid yet but she is slowly failing because she refuses to get proper care.
  18. as a follow-up to Ace, motors which have commutators and brushes to create the magnetic fields that make the armature to spin, require maintenance because the brushes eventually wear down and have to be replaced.
  19. Thanks for the interest, it's a phantom '78 Ranchero GT, some day it will get re-finished, (old)WIP thread here:
  20. dang, I was hoping the web page was up so I could sponsor an award...
  21. that is a beaut! 50's fords were my first love, hope to see this at the next Desert Scale Classic.
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