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  1. Above are some photos showing the real Bordinat Cobra and Cougar II together. Plus one of Gene Bordinat with the Bordinat Cobra. Gene Bordinat was head of Ford Styling when these cars were designed and built. And are both built on Shelby Cobra chassis. Hence forth the reason for calling the roaster version the Bordinat Cobra. Why they called the coupe version Cougar II I do not know? Scott
  2. Always liked the looks of this car. Thank for sharing pictures of your magnificent model Jurgen. A beautiful job. And thanks for history lesson too. The car is cool, but so is the story that goes with it. Scott
  3. Thank you Mr Boyd for your above comments. I bristle when I hear people accuse reviewers of being bias because an item has been sent to them to review for free. I have not written for any "regular" subscription paid magazines. But I wrote a regular column in the Minnesota Street Rod Association's (MSRA) magazine the LineChaser, for twenty years. During that time, I was given several books in particular to review for free. I was always honest in my assessments of what I reviewed. And that did not make every author or publisher pleased with me. But, I was never told to stop or change my reviews (or views) to please someone else. This is called integrity. Something I believe most reviewers have it. Whether they are paid or not (I was not paid). Or given an item for free. Or buy it with their own money (which I did from time to time also). I'm sure there are a few people out there without integrity. But, most I've dealt with seem to have it. And those who don't, you can sometimes tell. We have never met, Mr. Boyd. But, I do know people who know you. And I know others who have met you once. From what I've heard and read, I know you to be one of those reviewers with integrity. And just a nice guy besides. Scott
  4. Yes Greg, that is one I was thinking about. Thanks again. After looking at the link for the instructions for the Nomad, there is no question in my mind that Bob Hall is right. The two Revell kits did share parts. With a lot of work, even as a kid, I was able to build the Nomad. The Roth '57 may not be the best kit in the world. If it's like its Nomad brother, it can be built into a fairly nice model. Scott
  5. Very nice Alan. I like those old Jo-Han kits built stock like that. Scott
  6. Thanks Greg, these links were very helpful. See both sets of instructions the kit feels familiar. I think Bob Hall maybe right, and this kit shares a lot of parts with Revell's old Nomad. I hate to say it, but after looking at the instructions, I'm tempted to pick one up. It maybe a pain to build. But, it also looks interesting. This is the kit with the quarter windows that go down. I've always thought that feature was kind of cool! I am going to wait on buying one, until I've see one build. I'd still like to see how it looks finished before I commit to buying one. Scott P.S. More than ever, after seeing the instructions for this kit, I'd love to see Revell's old '57 Nomad reissued! P.P.S. Love the photo on of the real '57 Nomad on the original release of that kit back in 1968.
  7. The latest bunch of reviews are a lot more helpful. And I can now understand people's decisions for why they would buy and build this kit. Reminds me of Revell's old '57 Nomad kit released back in the late 60's. Everybody talks about how bad that kit was. And it was. But if Revell ever decides to reissue that kit again, I'll be in line to buy one. It's a very tough kit to build. I think I built at least two of them back in the day. And I remember them turning out OK. I would still love to see more photos. Both of the kit built and unbuilt. I'd like to see how out of proportion the car looks when it done. There is the reason why I'd buy Revell's old '57 Nomad over the Monogram '57 Nomad they keep on reissuing. The Monogram Nomad just looks wrong to me. The Revell one looked better from what I can remember. And AMT's '55 Nomad went together fairly well and looked right when it was done. The reason I built more AMT kits back in the day, rather than the others. Scott
  8. unclescott58

    '40 Ford

    Thanks Steve. I did not know that. I wasn't even awear Revell offered a '40 Ford coupe before this moment. I only knew of AMT's and Lindberg's. Scott
  9. From what little we can see, it looks nice. I'd like to see more. Scott
  10. unclescott58

    '40 Ford

    Marcos what '40 Ford kit is this model based on? I'm a little surprised to kit you built is a "Standard" model rather than a "Deluxe". I don't know much about the '40 Ford coupe kits out there. I do know AMT's '40 Ford sedan delivery sports the Deluxe front end. So I'm a bit surprise to see the Standard front end on a coupe. Please tell me more about this build. By the way, like the others, I'm very impressed with the work you've done on the kit. I'm just curious about the story of why its a Standard and not a Deluxe? Scott
  11. Mr. Bentley. Why do you welcome it back with open arms? When everybody else hates this kit. Is there something good there that others are missing? Since I've never built the kit, I can not say one way or another what is good and what is bad. I suspect from what I've read I will not be buying this kit anytime in the near or even far future. So again, why are you welcoming it back? Convince me this kit has some worth. Scott
  12. Tell us and show us more of the kit itself. How bad is it? People say that Revell's '56 Ford truck is bad too. I didn't find it too bad. Again, not as good as AMT's '53 Ford truck. But it was not so bad that couldn't build into a fairly decent looking truck. I understand how tough some of the old Revell kits could be to build. In general I avoided them back in the 1960's and 70's. I always found AMT, MPC, Jo-Han, and Monogram models cars easier to build, and much more satisfying when finished. But, I am a little better builder now than I was then. At the same time I still find some of Revells older kits, like their gassers, with their weak front axles and such not worth bothering with. Which is this? Is it more like Revell's gassers? Or more like Revell's '56 Ford truck and Hemi Hydro which I find both to be OK? In these reviews I'd like to see more of the kits themselves. And less on the opinions on whether a kit should have been reissued or not. There are several older kits that I may like that others do not for one reason or another. For example I still like AMT's '32 Fords kits. I like Revell's more modern tooled '32s better. But I still enjoy the old steel axle AMT kits. There things about AMT's '32 roadster I dislike. Like the firewall setup if your going to use the Hemi. I'd like to hear more about problems like that. More facts and less opinions. Note I say less opinions. Doesn't mean we need to stop giving our opinions. I just want to know more about the models themselves. Scott
  13. Nice to see. It looks good to me. I'd like to see more. Scott
  14. Never have owned this kit. Did this originally come with rear quarter windows that retract? Or is that another kit? Carl mentioned a glass fitting problem on AMT's '57 also. Which AMT '57 are you talking about Carl? I've build their old 60's tooled kit with no problems that I remember. In the past I've also successfully built Revell's '56 Ford Pickup. Though not as good as AMT's '53, I thought it was OK. How does the the Roth '57 Chev compare to the '56 Ford? How bad is the fit of the windows. Can we see some photos? Scott
  15. Back to Revell's '58 Corvette. Other than the problems with the instructions, what else is wrong with this kit? I have not purchased this kit in the past. But, from what I've seen I will be purchasing it the future. What am I missing? How is this kit really? Scott
  16. As noted by the others, very nicely done. Very sharp. Scott
  17. Sean, like every car you build, this one is beautiful. Scott
  18. Very nice. Reminds me of a '65 Impala SS a friend of mine had in the late 70's. Very close to same color. His real car had a 327 small block. Other than that yours looks close. Scott
  19. Very nicely done. The kit does not impress me. It's got it's problems. But, you did a very nice job on it. It looks great. Scott
  20. Stunning! Very nice. The colors are prefect for the car. Scott
  21. Never said I was brightest bulb in the bunch! Scott
  22. Thanks for photos Jim. Very nice job, as always. By the way, for Tom and others, Firebird does make the same decals for other soft drinks. And some not so soft drinks. So I hope this may inspire more people to build more Beer Wagons as something other than the Beer Wagon. It would be fun to see what others come up with. Scott
  23. Another great build Jarkko. I'm always impressed with your work. And your concepts. Erik Smith brought up the idea of the Baron cruising around with a surf board on the rack. But, wasn't sure were the Baron could surf? Wasn't he born and raised not far from the Batic Sea? I've never been there. Being that Finland is close by, I'm guessing you may have Jarkko. How are the waves on the Baltic? I think the Baron needs a surf board to go with his Beetle. By the way, I love swamp cooler in the passenger's window with the Germany sticker on the rear. A perfect 1950's accessory. Does anybody make these for model cars? Or does one have to scratch build one? Scott
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