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  1. Mercedes 500SEC

    Still, remember when they first came out, a guy (think his name was Francois, but everyone called him Ludo) built one and showed at a monthly meeting at Verlindens Model World shop, it was beautiful, Lost contact with him, but know that he later started building automotive display models for Tamiya Europe, remember seeing them at the Tamiya stand in N├╝rnberg. I too built on back in the day, but it's landfill now...maybe just maybe there's still a polaroid pic of it somewhere... Anyway...beautiful build Jonathan!
  2. '72 Nova, "Old Pro" boxing

    Wonder if the C-Pillar area left to right is symmetrical now, cuz the kit I have shows a serious misalignment of the side cavities to the roof cavity. I can't make it out on the video, only see big parting lines.
  3. Terrible Box Art

    It was the box-art that sold me their Plymouth NYPD kit, But soon regretted that I didn't open the box in the hobby store before buying it, the Mpc kit is much better. IMHO Round2 can milk the Monaco tool a bit more, by looking at what Yodel marketed, some new wheels, hubcaps, light bars and decals of prominent worldwide know agencies.
  4. Pic seems from the mid to late '90s..
  5. 1/25 MPC '78 Dodge D-100 Pickup

    Hmm the skeleton view shows there's much work to get the suspension accurate. maybe a job for Fireball models?!
  6. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Alternative closed trailer, I'd suggest the ones Galaxie LTD released....available as pull-along and goose-neck.
  7. 1/25 MPC '78 Dodge D-100 Pickup

    Too bad, IMHO besides great box-art, it's always good to show how the finished product can look like when built (by a professional ) Anyway.. again thanks for the heads-up Mike!
  8. 1/25 MPC '78 Dodge D-100 Pickup

    Just took this photo of the ones in my collection, but realized after I shelved them all again, I forgot to add the Thunderstruck kit, DOH! Anyway, I'm glad I was able to find them all before the collector prices went way up there, now I couldn't spend the money. So the kit will be a long box sweptside, can't wait what the boyz did in the form of decal artwork....
  9. 1/25 MPC '78 Dodge D-100 Pickup

    As Rob hinted at above, I wonder if it's the leaf springs and axle parts which were lost when the Ram Tuff version was created. Casey: IIRC the molded-in on the chassis bed floor isn't as wide as on the earlier sweptside models, most likely changed due to the uteline beds, starting with the Warlock. Mike: good to hear, hopefuly the powers at Round2, soon will give premission for you to show your (box-art) build (asuming you did one)
  10. 1/25 MPC '78 Dodge D-100 Pickup

  11. 1/25 MPC '78 Dodge D-100 Pickup

    But the big difference was (is) inside the box, cuz the actual model is a '79! Wonder where those inserts are (hood, grille, and cowlpnl) It's the only one still missing in my collection of mpc Dodge trucks, but can't push myself buying one
  12. 1/25 MPC '78 Dodge D-100 Pickup

    That's what I'm hoping for too.
  13. 1/25 MPC '78 Dodge D-100 Pickup

    Most likely because the side trim is gone, and would be hard to re-engrave cuz then the utelines can't be released again. Also there's "talk" that the bed "could" be a short bed, instead of the standard bed, could be the reason too that the box-art is labeled as "preliminary" by Casey. Anyway just thinking out loud, we won't know for sure, till the kit hits the marketplace or a online preview is released by the folks at Round2
  14. 1/25 MPC '78 Dodge D-100 Pickup

    Like the box-art very much, it was kinda like an instant flashback, me as a 10-year-old again going thru new automotive brochures..... Darn that nostalgia sales pitch really works