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  1. Here's Chris build....sadly the headlamps were not retooled, a missed opportunity to make it stand out from prior releases.
  2. The agricultural items were not part of the purchase so was said here, as far as the International trucks are concerned, early on Round-2 re-released the Transtar 4300 Eagle under the Amt label, so I guess other trucks are within reach. About the garbage trucks, the tooling model survived, and was shown at a hobby show, but it's privately owned.
  3. Isn't the mixer from the DM800 the same as Ertl used on their International Paystar?
  4. Darn...and I thought I had it cracked...Ha! Didn't think they would sink in the necessary fund to restore the Nova, but a happy camper nevertheless, it's a cool neat little wagon, and we never can't have enough of those do we?!
  5. Ah okay...it was a vague memory from the Hobby Heaven days..
  6. I remember another option was to use the rear quarterpanels from the R-M Charger.
  7. the thing is, you try to get them into the hobby but it wont last, cuz it's not happening at a fast enough pace, IMHO stick with the average weekend builder, creating detailed yet easy to build kits, this is not a contradiction, good engineering goes a long way, JMHO These days are long gone...
  8. Non issue with me too, cuz will use the mixer body on a Autocar truck, which to me looks a more suitable rugged work truck.
  9. When entering a partnership with Italeri one could even co-design kits, like for instance, when designing a certain gen pickup/SUV for the N/A market, and 1/35th version could be co-designed thus spreading the development costs on two totally different product lines...
  10. I don't have an issue either with a re-issue of a rare valuable kit , only with mediocre product and I don't think the Mixer falls in that category
  11. About time too, to me it looked like their ship was at drift, (certainly with sub-standard releases such as the Yenko Camaro) so very happy with the heading they're taking. IMHO they should strengthen the ties with Italeri, making it a two way street, with this I mean, not only re-boxing select Italeri kits for the North American market, but also let Italeri handle the distribution of Round-2 kits in Europe (so they can have their shipments direct from the production site) The R-M thing is truly one sad story.
  12. Why? they're only original once Also, Evan Hermel on Spotlight said, that the rear suspension differs from the original edition.
  13. Hmm....looks like an opening hood, or is it just to facilitate other hood/facia options?
  14. Now THAT is interesting! Finally they broke the code of the vault
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