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  1. Revell Germany has it's tooling made in China but produces in Poland. So it will be interesting to see on how they will proceed with the '71 Mustang, as ( correct me if I'm wrong) this will be the first all new tool under the new management of which the product is primarly for the NA market.
  2. Revell is a global player, with a good distribution network in house and out. Round-2 lesser so, which can account for the higher price, but in time I think every automotive kit from whatever brand, domestic or foreign will be hovering around fifty bucks, this ain't no hobby for kids anymore.
  3. and more... Anyway, maybe just maybe events like these will make it easier to make the decision to bring back production to or near where the consumers are.
  4. I wonder if it would make sense to downscale the Mpc 1/20th scale '70 AMX kit, technically possible and ROI wise.
  5. Plus 1/24th scale, so not compatible with 99.99% of their productline/back-catalog.
  6. Wonder if the worldwide container shortage is caused by lack of unloading capacity in the US.
  7. Lindberg back in the day had some different lightbars tooled up for their '91ish Crown Vic and remember ten or so years ago, they did the same for their 1/24th scale Chargers. But since the aforementioned cruisers are not in the catalog anymore, it will probably be as you wrote, but adding the light bar of the CHP Monaco and maybe if the "Bluesmobile rumor" is true some newly tooled lightbars which fit that kit as well.
  8. Some 40 years ago, when I bought this kit, I truly wished Monogram put the bumpers on the chrome tree.
  9. Mixed feelings about this one, Personally I think, that some of the critiques I've seen in this tread, should/could vanish if the design of a model kit starts, from scanning the skin of the "to be tooled" subject, others by design. Maybe this tread can fuel a debate with the decision makers at Pegasus, to backup Dave by either invest new tech or hire a vendor to work with him on the 3D scan. Anyway, do thanks Tim and Dave for contributing to this great hobby and for making this preview possible. Cheers Luc
  10. I just checked the websites of the hobby shops I sometimes buy from, and neither has them in stock or annouced as comming soon, guess for once I was lucky
  11. My hobby shop had one, and the minute I saw it on their website it was mine!
  12. Just picked up the only copy my local (Antwerp, Belgium) hobby shop got in today.
  13. The mirrors of their Chevy Beretta were designed the same way.
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