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  1. Any news on this one, it being a craftsman plus kit.
  2. Odd, that there's no quarterly new release list, wonder who fed the pics to hobby search.
  3. Funny, they forgot to add that panel line
  4. Likely we will never know why, but at the same time the Kats at Amt under the umbrella of Ertl, were in the process of tooling up a full detail kit of the shortbox sport pick-up, but the project halted shortly after the body buck was crafted.
  5. If you're doing it with a vinyl top, you can hide the seams of the C-pillar with plastic strip.
  6. The AM vettes were reworked at some point, by AM and probably got new box-art too. The Revell version is a bagged shot of the latter in a Revell wrapper.
  7. What I'm hinting to here is, that these day's there's not much room for one trick pony's....so it would not surprise me a second version was planned from the get go, for max ROI, at least that's what I would do.
  8. Chris (Hpiguys workshop) is building one at the moment, video will air???
  9. I remember Dave Metzner stating in a podcast (Episode 20 - Dave Metzner, Product Development Manager, Moebius Models — Model Car Podcast) that ragtops don't sell, so.....
  10. A pity they didn't include clear lenses in the retooling of the front grille, IMHO would've been that extra to make something great even better.But for the rest cool to have it back.Thanks for the review Tim!
  11. Which is for the better, otherwise one could end up with the same problems that manifested in the '65 GoAT back when Ertl tried to bring hat kit back to stock.
  12. If Round-2 wants to trow some funds towards a retool, I would prefer a stock '82-'87 version, IMHO the best looking Elky Ever! I have a Mpc '82 (red light bandit I think its marketed as) but sadly the chrome is lousy.
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