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  1. My plan if I'm able to get this kit, is to kitbash it with the BM Camaro, just like I always envisioned this kit back in the day...one day!
  2. Got one of these too, if Round2 is looking into re-releasing these then IMHO some sort of dirt-bike or Baja racing theme would be nice.
  3. I know, we have to go through this every time we order from the US
  4. Standard practice here, and comes with a hefty import tax.
  5. He's a good ambassador for the hobby, no stress just fun, what it should be all about, and manufacturers noticed and are sending him advance copies of new kits for him to review and build. Are these builds show stoppers, nope, but that's not the purpose or goal of his clips.
  6. This kit is a modified reissue, so despite the rework, the design of the tooling will leave some parts on the shot which aren't used for this version, you can discard them or put them in your parts box.
  7. the Edsel tanked in the real world and in the model world too, how much more true to the subject matter could Amt go?!
  8. Anyone here who built one, cuz I remember gluing the front suspension, and the assembly sat far to low vs the rest of the chassis.
  9. Indeed, the scanning of the body just gives you the skin of the car, so now the design works start to give it guts.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but can the wheels plus tires from the Round2 '86 Chevy El Camino SS be used,
  11. Just checked with our local Amazon, and it reads it's not yet available.
  12. Saw a build review by Hpiguy a couple days ago, the guys of Round2 did well with this re-releasing this one, it will not be a sales leader like a '60s Muscle car, but man the subject matter and box-art will grab the attention of those who love classic cars, and this design and the box-art is very pleasing to the eye, to say the least The motorcycle is a very nice bonus, and also could do well included with other kits, like a Van or pickup of a bike restoration shop, though hope that the aftermarket will offer photo-etched rims for it, to really make it shine! Anyway, this kit is on my shopping list, provided it ends up on our shores. Luc Ps: - I know some mock Chris for his fast builds, but he shows the viewer how the kit goes together and how easy it is to build a model kit. - his video's lower the threshold for newbies, and most here started like that, no? - He emphasizes the fun part of building model kits - The learning curve starts with this and when the seed has been planted the newbie himself will look for ways to improve the quality of his builds.
  13. Despite some minor issues it aged really well.
  14. About the speculation of a 1/25th scale '69 Super Bee, I seriously doubt it. if so they would releases a '68 first, then a '69 or '70 R/T. So misprint and a rushed PR (vinyl top?) photo by maybe the German office.
  15. I remember seeing that buck while visiting the Morton Grove plant, but that's two downsizes and one bankruptcy ago.
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