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  1. Nice clean build. I have the kit and have built a couple of resin AWB kits. You did an excellent job on the kit.
  2. Liked the car and the way you displayed it. Nice work.
  3. What a nice build, your under carriage is exceptionally well done, you incorporated the changes they did to the front suspension and the subtle shift of the rear suspension. A job well done. I like the '65 A/FX Factory Mustangs and have one that I have worked on, off and on, mostly off, maybe your model will get me to finish it. Your model is probably the nicest example of a '65 Factory car that I have seen. Great Model !
  4. I like the early super stock cars too, your model came out well, I like the stance and the Fireball carbs compliment your engine.
  5. Nice ! I really liker the N.E. modifides.
  6. Modified Production was a great class as is your model. Very nice build.
  7. Nice weathering, interesting subject, great looking build.
  8. As others have said, a beautiful model truck all the way around, presentation, workmanship and photography, all top notch. A stunning model.
  9. I'm not familiar with this particular kit but your model is very well done, nice attention to detail and very clean workmanship. It's a very real looking model truck.
  10. It's a nice change of pace to see a non drag Willys pick up. It's a beautifully done model. You should be proud of it.
  11. Love it, especially the name, coming to a neighborhood near you ! Nicely done.
  12. You see the flaws we don't, I see nice details, panels fit well, engine looks good, paint and decals are also nice. You persevered through a difficult build, something a lot of us don't do and the important thing in my book, you finished ! Congratulations.
  13. I'm not a Charger or GL expert, but this is just a nice build, great stance, excellent workmanship all around, a stunning piece.
  14. Your model came out well. I think we are all critical of our own work and the flaws seem magnified to the builder and someone viewing the completed model doesn't see those flaws, just a nice completed model.
  15. Nice details and subtle weathering. Excellent build of a classic drag kit. These old AMT AWB kits have a lot of possibilities. Your out of the box build came out well !
  16. It's a great looking model, a lot of nice features, the open hood with the slant six and superb paint stand out to me. I have good memories of the family station wagon and our own, thanks for posting.
  17. Definitely thinking outside the box, looks like you went to the Tom Daniel School of Design. It came out well, nice work.
  18. Impressive front end work, represents a lot of work, you've made a nice looking model.
  19. Nice SC T-Bird, loved the plate, spent a lot of time in old Dade County Fla.
  20. Liked your weathering, adds a lot to the model, also it's not overdone.
  21. Very nice build, if you meant it to look real, you succeed ! Nice added features too.
  22. Boring looking or not, I really like the early A/FX cars and you did a real nice job on your model. The early 60's A/FX and S/S classes produced some of the best racing, it's nice to see the cars reproduced by yourself and others on this site. Keep up the good work.
  23. The short lived R & C Models magazine from the 60's was very inspirational and influential on my model making, so much so that I subscribed, great articles and tips. I have the pictured issue and remember reading the sprint car article, it was way beyond my abilities. The model of your Dad's sprint car was great! .
  24. Nice clean workmanship and a beautiful model. It's a difficult kit with the separate fenders. You overcame that issue in good shape. Is it me or does this kits body look better than the newer Nova kit ?
  25. I like the LSR cars and your model came out well, a good representation of the genre.
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