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  1. It's red, just looks orange depending on lighting. If you look at enough photos on line you'll see. Tamiya Bright Red wouldn't be a bad choice.
  2. Wow, that's quite impressive Steffen.
  3. YOu are the man JC! Your builds are what this forum is all about!
  4. finish one of these things will ya?!!!!!! You do beautiful work, put it to use!
  5. JC you are the man! Modeler extraordinaire! If this hobby needs a host you are it! is that yellow? lol
  6. Now that looks like some nice work.
  7. cool, I like it. The red paint is awesome.
  8. Now that's a clean build overall. Very well done, keep up the good work!
  9. Great job, very nice, well thought out.
  10. Speedfreak


    Loves me some GT-40! One of my must builds that I have yet to do. Nice job, great detail, those blue lines on the tires look pad printed! Keep up the good work!
  11. Nice job Ray, some day I'll get my Cobra finished. Is this the 1/24th kit? 289, or , 427?
  12. JC, did you ever finish this?
  13. Cool. Question(s); What do you use to glue it down? And how does it hold in place (and it's shape) after it dries?
  14. Thanks you guys, similar ideas to what I've had, I will now proceed with project.
  15. Hi, I'm working on '70 1/2 AMT Camaro Z28 and have been thinking about what I'm going to do for the interior head- liner and inside of pillars/posts. Normally I just hand paint my interiors but seems there's got to be a way with proper masking to spray them. I'm using a medium dk. blue for the body with white interior and stripes (ya, right, I couldn't have chosen an easier color combo). Any tips/ideas for accomplishing this will be appreciated, thanks.
  16. Which small block is represented in the original Revell '51 Anglia Drag Coupe? Is it an Olds? Is it a Chevy? I'm trying to figure out which color I should paint the engine. The kit instructions say to paint it 'blue, but in the original photos I've seen of the original car it looks like red, or , black? I thought someone here would know the answer, thanks.
  17. I like it, " A houw, houw, houw, houw! " And the air is fine,.............
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