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  1. Thanks for looking Paul
  2. Again, It's been awhile since any update but I have got a few things done. Got the body primed and painted with Tamiya white surface primer and TS-85 bright mica red. I overlaid the emblems on the body with the kit decal's. Then it was onto the BMF. Always fun to do. Also got the chassis painted and mostly assembled. Painted the interior and completed the dash. Here's a few pics of where it sit's right now.................................
  3. These are some of my best......................
  4. Came out really nice. I like the color. Nice detail work under the hood.
  5. What a great looking woody! Very clean work.
  6. Nice work! I like this a lot.
  7. Been a while since I have worked on this project or any thing else for that matter. This has been sitting on my bench just waiting for me to come back to it. So here is what I got done today. The body got finished with the sanding and fine tuning. Then I taped it up on the outside and painted the inside Tamiya semi-gloss black. While that was drying I primed the chassis, interior tub and all the other parts. The tape was removed from body and then cleaned up and sanded again. After wards it was washed and is ready for some primer and paint. As usual I have no idea what color yet. I can now also start painting all the suspension and interior parts. Here are some pics of my progress.......................... Thanks for looking and more to come. Paul
  8. Hi Mike, The starter and filter was one of the first things I noticed about this engine. I was looking for a Pontiac engine. While the valve covers say Pontiac, the block looked like a chevy? If you look at the block you will see that the oil filter boss has already been removed as I was going to relocate it to the passenger side because I thought it should be over there being a Pontiac. Even looks like the bell housing is able to take the starter on ether side. But now the filter is going to stay on the drivers side like a chevy that it is.
  9. Here's how it sits...................... Also worked on the oil pan for the engine. Had a hard time finding a pan to fit this engine. What I ended up using is the pan from a amt '62 chevy 409 kit. Fits the block perfect but required some modification to work in the gto frame. So far I got it to fit the car. The oil filter is going away for a separate filter mounted to the block..................... That's it for now. More to come and thanks for looking! Paul
  10. First off, Thanks Joseph, Jeff and Tom for the info on the engine. I remember the big chief from back in the day but just didn't remember it. Just looked up cid for the car. Worked on the wheel backing plates. The tires are from some old monogram kits, so the backing plates used on the tires had to be adapted to the rear axle housing and the front spindles. The rear just took some drilling to make fit. For the front I had to replace the stubs the backing plate mounts to. The parts I used are from a monogram '37 ford kit. The stubs were cut off both the straight axle and the gto front suspension. Then the new stubs were installed to adjust the ride height. The rear was pretty easy as all I did was remove the top of the wheel housing enough for the tire to pass through. The springs and shocks will have to be shortened. All said and done, it turned out about the way I wanted it to sit for a street car........................
  11. Great progress so far. Looking forward to seeing more............ Paul
  12. Also choose the tires I want to use. Just not sure about the wheels. Will be working on the stance to get it close to where its sitting in the pics. Thanks for looking. Paul
  13. So after thinking about what I could do to modify the kit engine, I came up with a better idea. Just change the engine. But it had to be a Pontiac. Found that in my parts stash I didn't have a whole lot of choices. That is until I pulled out a Charles carpenter '55 top sportsman kit. After some research about the engine in the car, I found it was a Pontiac and not a big block chevy (like it looked to be) and had a displacement of 638 cid. And it has rocker covers that say's Pontiac. The block is a bit longer an dtaller than the 389 but I think I can make work in the gto. But I don't want to put a lenco 4 speed trans in the car. So the transmissions were cut off both engines and I mounted the trans off the 389 on to the 638. The oil pan will have to be worked over to fit the new engine...................
  14. Hi all, Pulled out this revell gto this last weekend to start a build with. The plan is to build this thing out of the box but with a few changes to the drivetrain and a wheel and tire change. Most likely will have to play with the stance a bit too. So over the weekend I cut all the parts off the trees and cleaned them up. Everything has been washed and is ready for paint. The body has had the doors and trunk lid scribed out and molding seems removed but still needs a good sanding before any paint work. No color picked out yet. I'm just going to start building and see where it takes this goat. Thanks for looking.................. Paul
  15. This is one of those forgotten started builds that seem to find there way to the bottom shelf in the back. And that's exactly where I found this half done nova while looking through my stuff. Figured I would finish this one as its already half done. I'm not going to do anything more than build it out of the box. Paul
  16. Thank you bob. I had did not know they were down. They were there in my photobucket album. Just reloaded them.
  17. Speedpro

    1967 GTX

    Nice looking GTX! Looks very clean. Paul
  18. very nice! Excellent choice of color and application. Really like the details, very well done. I like this! Just to help out, All 1967 chevelle Super sports had chrome trim around the wheel opening and on the rocker panel. Its the only way they came. If you were to order a Malibu in that year it did not have chrome trim around the wheel opening or on the rocker panel. It had a chrome strip low down the side of the car along the door line. Hope this helps. Paul
  19. Thank you all for the great comments! Just out of curiosity I went back and looked to see when I started this project......1-17-2009...........???......Are you kidding me!!. Man I'm slow. Harry, I did consider putting a small square hole in the filler panel to give the idea of a latch, but never did it. Just got lazy I guess! Thinking about it I should have done pins. Again, Thanks for the kind words! Paul
  20. It's under glass................
  21. Last couple pics................ Thanks for looking Paul
  22. And a few more..................
  23. Just finished this build in the W.I.P section. Started this build with the mpc 1969 charger 500 kit. My goal was to use as much of the kit as possible, Add big meats in the back and little's in the front, a few aftermarket parts for the engine and some scratch building. Nothing fancy under the car but I took a picture anyway....................
  24. Engines in the car, radiator is installed and the grill is ready to put on. One of the last things I did was make a filler panel to go between the rad support and grill to fill the void. I think it helped finish the engine bay.............. The grill was put on and i made a upper rad hose and put it in place........... Well, This is my last post on this build. I think it's finished!! Oh Snap, That darn rear bumper fell off as I was showing the car to my wife before I was going to take some pictures! I hate that! Have already put the bumper back on and will take pictures before the rest of it falls apart. Thanks to everyone who followed along during this build and appreciate all the great comments! Paul
  25. That is some excellent interior craftsmanship. Turned out beautiful! Great build so far! Paul
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