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  1. I love it. Looks a lot better than how mine came out.
  2. Looks WAY better than how mine came out. That kit is a dumpster fire. Excellent job.
  3. Looks great. I want another so i can do one in gold.
  4. Came out nice. I just pulled my yellow Z/28 out of storage the other day.
  5. I've been wanting one. The kit looks great. Good job.
  6. Thought about getting one of these awhile back, but didn't know how it would look. Yours came out nice. I may have to get one in the future.
  7. Looks amazing. these are nice kits, but I never liked the hood fit on them.
  8. That came out looking way better than mine. I wanted to build one of my 72 as seen in my profile pic. The kit didn't come with any decals for the stripes (even with the stripes shown on the box) and the kit was one of the worse kits I ever put together. Yours came out great.
  9. Thanks everyone
  10. Picked this up a few weeks ago. I had done one awhile back, but the paint job got ruined over the years. It's one of my favorite cars and I wanted to do a new one with a nice paint job. SAM_1347 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1348 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1349 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1350 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1351 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  11. Looks amazing. Mine was one of my favorite models.
  12. Looks good. Great color choice.
  13. Looks a lot better than mine. I had a lot of trouble with the bed. The fit was just awful.
  14. You have a point; I thought something looked off about the car. Like, it had the look, but not quite.
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