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  1. I wonder if the 1/12 F1 Renault and the 1/24 300SL could be the Heller tooling..
  2. So how is it to own a car in your neck of the woods Gaute? Do they still tax displacement, and then tax horsepower as well? And then tax the gas so that it retails for about eight bucks a gallon?
  3. The Monogram Land Rover. That's right, I'm the kid who actually chose one of those at the store over the corvettes and rods surrounding it. Being eleven at the time I built it and it didn't really get to be old. Some fifteen years ago I came across an unbuilt kit, and it came home with me. It was a more than fair deal. Also; MPC Double Flip F-100 Nitto 1/12 Lancia Stratos Monogram '57 Vette
  4. Don't laugh, but I'll throw "Pinchcliffe Grand Prix" into the ring. It is a 1975 stop-motion animated full feature film revolving around building and racing this great racecar. YouTube only seem to have the first half of the short film version: However, the band Multicyde was permitted to use heavily from the race sequences for their "Not for the dough" music video. Enjoy! The full movie is highly recommended though.
  5. Woohoo! And it is molded in three colors, so there is no real need to paint it. Just like an old Matchbox kit ...and what about the tires?
  6. A good handful of those Tamiya DTM racecar kits... They were hyped up by the other guys in my modeling club, and I was young and impressionable.
  7. Always a treat Adam! Keep them coming.
  8. Don't worry too much. If an US R&D unit doesn't materialize, one can hope the German one will produce kits of subjects relevant to the american market. They did the VW bug, the Rabbit and various Ferraris. If you hold your breath for long enough you might even get a Buick Opel. Remember those?
  9. I agree with you there. So the difference is about 5/32" then.
  10. Say, am I the only one who think it looks like an updated Lancia Stratos more than anything else? https://goo.gl/images/KqHPtZ
  11. Respect guys! It is a much needed and often unpleasant job, but somebody has got to do it. Thank you.
  12. Positives to come from all of this? Good predictions are hard to make, and especially about the future - I'll stay out of that for now. If it were to happen that the new Revell (GmbH) does not serve the American marketplace well, and there are glaring fields of high demand left untended. Then that may give Moebius, Galaxie, Pegasus and whomever space to grow and prosper. Just a thought..
  13. Lots of good work there. Now a heads up about this kit; Make sure to test fit the front suspension before you glue it in place. It has a tendency to end up sitting low.
  14. I only done at a time. At one time I tried the assembly line approach to get more models finished for a local contest. The idea was to consolidate various steps like painting all of the chassis parts in one go and so on in order to save time. I did get more models done in less time that way, but the lesson learnt was that the quality suffered badly. It didn't allow for the creative juices to flow like they do when focusing all my attention on one build.
  15. The advice given me from a well-meaning club mate upon my buying one, was to pay attention to the vertical sides of the floor/chassis part. Apparently they are angled a little bit for mold release purposes. And if you just glue the sides onto there like the instructions say, and let it set - the it can get hard to get the roof to fit right. I never got to it myself, but that's what he told me. For what it is worth..
  16. I would buy a parts pack that had a slew of nice custom and aftermarket air filters. Another thing I have been wanting for the longest time is a skid steer or compact excavator on a small trailer. That would go very nicely behind the Lindberg 4X4 F-150. If that cannot happen, then maybe a quad to drop into the pickup bed. I bought the dirt bikes. I'd buy the quad too.
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