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  1. anytime sam only wished i got it to you sooner but life got in the way! vince
  2. thank you guys its nice to see so many people who care! vince
  3. my wife of 38 years pased away this afternoon had been dealing with cancer since mid october. vince
  4. hey tom i needed the charger flat hood also and harts parts has one for the 72 charger that looks real nice and fits good im thinking it was like $5.oo! vince
  5. nice i like the undertaker panel! vince
  6. hey al did you sleep this year? man youve been busy! vince
  7. Picked up this one today kind of caught my eye! Looks real nice and huge amount of parts! vince
  8. wow another i forgot but just listened to both and man she could sing! vince
  9. same here buddy happy to help! vince
  10. I have a pile of these wheels if anybody's interested in any pm here! vince
  11. How about these two! vince
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