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  1. Great Traders List

    Same here terry hope we can trade again sometime! Vince
  2. World's Coolest Paper Airplane

    Cool but I'm new at military stuff and paper is not for me!!! Lol vince
  3. Meng VsKfz 617 mine sweeper

    That's for sure but how cool does thing look I just love the oddball kits! vince
  4. U.S. Trailers

    I have a couple of different trucks not sure what I'm using yet I just wanted a quick build and they were close so I've really not put much thought into what I'm going to tow them with yet! Thanks for your nice comments on my stuff! vince
  5. Happy birthday Doc Kerry!!

    Happy birthday buddy! vince
  6. Sd. Kfz. 184 Panzerjäger Elefant Italeri 1/35

    Very nice looking build!!! vince
  7. U.S. Trailers

    A buddy of mine got these for me for Christmas was a lot of fun to build! I added a resin cargo piece to the trailer I got off of eBay! vince
  8. German 88 big gun

    Finished this last weekend waiting to get the 8 ton half track to haul it! vince
  9. Meng VsKfz 617 mine sweeper

    First meng kit I've ever built and really pleased everything fit nice quite a few parts and great looking when finished! I did this over the weekend and w wll pleased! vince
  10. Special forces hurricane " MACV SOG"

    It's steel the picture kinda looks like it's white I might change it up a little yet but for now I have it waiting for a base! I plan on putting it in water and a patch of dirt with two dead and two surrendering Vietnam cong I have the figuires all painted just need to do it! Vince
  11. Broke Back

    Sorry to hear this buddy you take care of yourself and get better! vince
  12. Special forces hurricane " MACV SOG"

    Just finished this but still needs dull coated and a nice base to finish it off but man I like it! The airboat is cast by NAM Collections and is an awsome piece of resin worth the wait to get it from Portugal als the figuire are a master box set " Charlie on the left" is made for a jeep but fit the boat like it was made for it! Hope you enjoy looking as much as I had building it! vince
  13. More kits looking for good homes!

    I listed them awhile back most of the ones listed are still here just pm me with what your looking at nick! vince
  14. More kits looking for good homes!

    Yes it is buddy! vince
  15. More kits looking for good homes!

    Hey buddy the darts gone but still have the challengers Pm me! vince