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  1. Got these today beautiful casting i was real happy how nice it was and hang on cause there's another new one coming on Sunday sorry I can't post pics of it till Monday but it's super nice too!!! Vince
  2. what are you looking for to trade?


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    2. mariojr


      Tracking number 


      should be there Tuesday 

    3. vintagedragcrazy


      hey buddy i got the trucks yesterday everything was fine and im shipping your stuff afterwhile!

      thanks for a good trade i will post in good traders for you!


    4. vintagedragcrazy


      hey buddy its on its way tracking number is 9505 5163 1567 9288 1963 92 and you should have it thursday!


  3. I got the flat hood to build a replica of my old 1/1 74' charger se and some other parts to build a 71' superbee from harts parts ordered one week ago and got them today really pleased by how fast and how nice parts are! vince
  4. Got this nice nova resin from Chris Brame today! Thanks buddy vince
  5. hey mark i didnt know you were there i met up with phil (fordf150) and weve been dealing at shows for years and didnt know it! are you going to potbellys show in november if so maybe get to meet you guys! vince
  6. same here bill trade with you anytime!!!!!!!!! vince
  7. My haul from the show in pittsbergh pa. Vince
  8. just going to pm you i just got it 10 min. ago! thanks buddy vince
  9. thanks mike i found one thanks to my old buddy bigtruck! vince
  10. been good dealing with you to tom!!!!!!!!!!! vince
  11. great trade with tom billings!!!!!!anytime!!!!! vince
  12. Looking for this kit if anyone has one or parts I need interior, chassis, hood and suspension but be glad to get whole kit! It's the one shown in pic! thanks vince
  13. Ok here's my offer either kit or either set of wheels! vince
  14. ill take that duster and ill post something tomorrow! vince
  15. thanks ill check them out! vince
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