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  1. my daughters boyfriend ask me if he could marry my daughter last night thats what weve been waiting for!!!!!! vince
  2. Here's my Camaro with mad coil and distributor! vince
  3. hey steve kris morgan has the accel coils already yellow and tan with decals and kris's stuff is awsome and fair priced! vince
  4. We went to a friends last night for dinner and this is what she maid and it was awsome!! vince
  5. just wheels they fit most pro street and drag slicks! vince
  6. yes and i have more now! vince
  7. looks good buddy did you get my pm's? vince
  8. sorry for your loss buddy im sure you will miss her i its been three years and i still miss mine! vince
  9. hey jc what do you still have i have a complete amt nitro charger kit i might be interested in trading? vince
  10. hey buddy if you can could you send it im needing it for something im working on i can give you what it costs to ship when i see you? vince
  11. yes if you have it buddy what do you need or we can do something at swap meet next month? vince
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