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  1. I like chili, but I like it hot, with lots of chilies. I was real happy to get a new flat slide carb for my little Vespa today. Been doing some tuning through the winter. The new carb should be really peppy as no more vacuum junk to hinder throttle response.
  2. Ray, there is a definite plan to what was painted and what was otherwise treated. All of the old ship models are offered as "historical ship" models, so mostly a general concept is followed. Like, ships with cannons, warships, both British and American had the inside of the wales, or the skirts above the deck as seen from the deck, were painted red. The heavy and massive wooden side boards, above the waterline yet running along the cannon ports were white. Hulls below the waterline not copper plated until late 1700's, British and American. Capital ships American side were copper plated, the lesser "Baltimore Clippers" of the Revolution Era were rarely plated as these were seldom war boats, but cheaper commercial units. British ships were of exceptional quality as they placed more value on endurance and a stable gun platform as opposed to speed and maneuverability as the French appreciated. American Frigates were outstanding. Hulls were blackened. Before copper plating, the hulls were whitish yellow. Even later on, after copper plating became increasingly popular, it was a matter of cost. Hence, smaller ships, American, had white hulls under water. The mix is available through a search. White lower masts were also a cost factor, and mostly for capital ships. These facts, and making a model look real is easy to do, because the model is wood.
  3. Ray, great to read about your interest in wooden ships. With your modeling skills you will succeed and probably won't look back. Correct too, starting off with an entry level kit as this is a whole new ball game. The directions may seem to be lacking at first, not to worry. Artesania Latina used to have decent instructions, don't know how they are nowadays, or even if the company still exists. The wood though isn't very nice, but that's true for most of the companies. Personally, I've stayed away from 3 masted ships for decades, now age has set in and I definitely do not want one on the bench. I still like the scale of around 1:50. This comes out to about 24" to 30" overall for a 2 masted ship, sometimes more. A great size for real hands on modeling, and big enough to add lots of detailing as you progress. Very helpful is acquiring a collection of historical books showing how to do a ship correctly. Planking correctly will be a great challenge but very rewarding when done well. Model Shipways has great models, I've heard the instructions are not easy. Artesania Latina have wood issues, plus I don't like the way the ships look, kind of funky in my opinion. I can tell an AL model from across the room. Occre is the same as AL, same folks, same issues. CalderCraft is a good company. Krick, a German fellow, has excellent kits. For beginning, stay away from Constructo, Amati, Sergal and other Italian named companies. Great contents but the directions are not suitable for entry levels. Here is my 1st wooden ship, from Krick. An excellent model in every way. Good directions as well; https://www.google.de/search?q=krick+models+karl+and+marie&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiF6tnM-YzaAhWDvhQKHdHgBLsQsAQINQ&biw=1536&bih=732&dpr=1.25 Another nice one, big enough and a real looker when finished; Krick's Revenue Cutter "Alert". The things cost money, but nothing like a wooden ship on a shelf or a window sill. Wooden ships are my favorite models.
  4. ....front wheels. I mean the 12 spoked wheels, they look exceptional.
  5. 426 pack, love it! What a great model. QUESTION: Could you please tell about the source for your front wheel choice, they look great. Michael
  6. Hi Matt, congrats on your 1st plastic model build. Man, a '64 GTO brings back memories. If you don't mind, what really distracts me is the closeup pics showing a shiny flake, like on the interior shots and along the dash and door frame. Granted, this is a small scale, but this can still be dealt with. Really good is the idea of a well done opening door, showing an interior just as I remember. The Pontiacs were a nice ride and had great quality interior enhancements....even better when they had a potent motor. They ran very well. Great model, well done. Michael
  7. The man; Later on he admitted to also have one fuel line to each cylinder, attached to the heads directly to the intakes, which meant these were unseen and running under the blower manifold and out of sight. Not illegal, just being tricky so the others didn't immediately catch on to his success.
  8. Hi John, I ran across the same questions not long ago. Lots of pics available when you do a search, like " Garlits' top fuel motor". Here is one I snatched, my old PC went south, so I can't say where the pics came from. Here a look at a 4 hole blower hat from the bottom, the black lines are fuel lines; Here a look from above; In other words, I can save you some time looking. Anything specific, I might just have a pic to clear any questions. Greetings, Michael
  9. John also, Garlits hid some of his fuel line secrets back in the day, being run under the blower manifold and such as he later told about. For a model, there are lots of closeups to be found on search sites. The fuel lines do get complicated and numerous. For example, if you don't mind, here an idea; You'll need super thin wire and patience. I truly believe, every scale fuel line you can build in, adds reality to your model. I hope you don't me posting my own pics, I'd just like to enhance perhaps some possibilities. Michael
  10. Excellent! Nice job Jason, great attention to details, and the paint looks fantastic.
  11. Why anyone would freely eat this stuff, and spend own cash for it, is beyond my comprehension.
  12. 10thumbs

    1940 Ford

    Love it, a '40 Ford in other clothes. Great job.
  13. Lots of really great builders here on our forum. Just simply amazing. Over the years though, cruz crafts one amazing model after the other. Can we say "CruzCraft"? Marcos, a real master and shows his deeds and perfection time after time. Just the way things should be, and what most of strive for, perfection. Always a thrill to see your models, many greetings, and many thanks for your efforts in presenting these goodies. Michael
  14. Great job Lee, love it that you went outside the norm and built another version of a hotrod. I also like the clean and well lit presentation, with just a touch of shine on the lug nuts....I like. Michael
  15. Hi Steve, thanks for the insight. Gold is one of my favorite paint schemes and you've done amazingly well. I love the quality paintjob you've shown us. Plus, if you don't mind, the pic quality is also very nice. Man...shadows from the car on the pavement...gotta love it! Greetings, Michael
  16. I can only agree, the best tin work on models is from real aluminum, easy to handle. These two are the best.
  17. Just wonderful. In the wee hours, letting the dogs from the leash (law here) to run and sniff freely through the woods behind my house and to enjoy myself, the freedom of having time to enjoy. Great.
  18. Wow, I'll just bet this model will have great decals.
  19. Chuck, if that's not a sled then I dare someone to offer different. That car just slides over roads. Love it.
  20. Hi Greg, welcome to the forum. You show here nice detailing, the front grill and under the hood look great, my opinion. Also, the rear view is in this scale a looker as well, the paint particles on the body are out of whack, but I can still imagine this model as a pleasant view on the shelf. Well done.
  21. Great craftsmanship and detailing. Lots of nice touches on the motor, compliments.
  22. 10thumbs

    30 A-Bone

    Great Andy! What a gorgeous model. I really like the attention to detail, like the window trim and the firewall. I agree though too with the air cleaner, it certainly looks good on this car, just I prefer 3 single plain caps on the the triple setup. What color/brand silver paint did you apply, it looks fantastic. Very well done. Michael
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