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  1. I've bought and sold a lot of kits on the auction site. For most domestic kits, I've found the Priority Mail Regional Box A is the perfect size for one kit. I wrap the kit in paper and or bubble wrap, slide them in the box and ship them that way.
  2. here's an old one I built probably 10 or more years ago. Sold to someone on the auction site.
  3. nice work! Clean build of one of my favorite cars.
  4. I always liked the old AMT '65 Chevelle wagon. I sold this one on the auction site a few years ago.
  5. I got this kit recently for a decent price. I needed the front clip to build a replica of the worst car I ever owned. The more I think about it, I should probably abandon that idea.
  6. I passed one of these on the highway about 10 years ago. Nearly caused a pile up with people gawking at it. Weird concept but I guess they sold at least one. 😆
  7. I like it! Nice clean build. Is the pattern on the shift knob a decal?
  8. Nice! I had an '05 Mazdaspeed in Black Mica. It was a fun little car. Surprises a lot of people
  9. sure didn't need it, but I picked up an old issue of the AMT 72 Nova. I always liked the "Old Pro" box art, and I found a decent deal on the auction site.
  10. That's entirely likely. My dad purchased it from a Dr. who really didn't know much about it. Dad shaved all the emblems and painted it Ford Wimbledon White, so factory-stock issues are out the window already. 🤣
  11. got a couple, for sure. One is a replica of the '69 Camaro my dad sold when I was about 5 years old. He still feels remorseful when I mention that it was my birthright. 🤣 I've got the kit and most of the necessary parts to build it as accurately as we can remember it. 350, 2 bbl, TH350, flat hood. I need to configure some header mufflers and straight pipes, and build the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH thing. Similarly, I've got everything I need to build a replica of my former '69 Corvette coupe. 350, TH400, small block hood. Now that I think of it, I've also got an '84 Cutlass, with a flat hood, earmarked to be a replica of my first car, and a Dobbertin J2000 to donate it's front clip towards a replica of my unfortunate second car.
  12. eager to see this one. Reminds me I need to finish my own tiger build
  13. very nice - the "Hemisfair" plates always strike a chord for me, because it was in San Antonio. A little before my time, but I still like the connection. I bought a bunch of texas plates for future builds from 67-72. I need to find a good '68 project so I can use that tag. Nice touch with the inspection sticker. But I'm not surprised you got that detail too!
  14. just going back and looking at the pics, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't notice the Texas plates before!
  15. just beautiful. fantastic work!
  16. yeah I found both of mine on ebay. The first one was expensive but less than I'd seen in a while. the second one was not too crazy of a price, and I was familiar with the seller. I'm going to sell the one I have that is sealed, and go ahead and build the opened one.
  17. my dad explained that this morning. "when one person sneezes, 100 people s**t!"
  18. I could swear I've posted in this thread but I couldn't find it. Regardless, I'd say the Jo-Han Pro Stock Maverick is my holy grail, but I have two of them now, and there's a couple of people with WIPs of the kit in the Drag Racing section. Guess it's not *that* rare.
  19. Picked up another of the JoHan Maverick. This one is open but complete. Probably going to build this one and sell the sealed one I have.
  20. right. I understood the question to be whether kits had been issued with the show/movie tie-in on the box. I wasn't aware of the CHiPs kit, but like the Rockford Firebird, you could use almost any 70s Firebird/Trans Am as the basis for either tv car since they varied so much over the course of the series.
  21. gonna need this one then. I have a 1:1 Westinghouse cooler in my backyard. I guess I could build a model of my friend's ranchero with the kit.
  22. I could be wrong (it's happened before) but I think it would be an inline-6. The 300 was 4.9 liters, and I believe the only other displacement for the truck 6 was 240, but that would be less than the 4.6L you mentioned, and I believe it was out of production by 1977 also. If the inline is correct, the 6 from the Moebius F-150s would be a good start.
  23. I agree. The manual gearbox issue is frustrating to me. It's hard to find a new car that even has it as an option. Even then, you usually have to order it as dealers won't stock them. Couple that with people that just aren't even interested in driving or even owning a car. As to mechanics/bodymen, it seems all the trades are suffering from a lack of new entrants. Plumbing, welding, etc. So much emphasis on college and tech for the younger crowd is stifling the fields where we have so much need for new blood.
  24. I know this is an old topic, but I found this on the auction site: it appears the builder used the Boss rocker covers but the SOHC front cover. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-AMT-Maverick-Pro-Stock-Outlaws-Model-Kit-Body-Engine-and-Chassis/164012154737?hash=item262fe2df71:g:FGoAAOSwK9heCnwr
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