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  1. great work! Ontario Orange is one of my favorite colors on those early sharks.
  2. Airfix has a line of sportbikes in 1/24. I had a Ducati kit for awhile but resold it before I had a chance to build it. Seems like it wouldn't be hard to modify them to appear street legal.
  3. well done. One of my favorite cars ever.
  4. honestly I didn't shop there much, other than for paints and supplies. I can't say I'm surprised, as online shopping is affecting all businesses, it makes sense that the hobby niche market is impacted on a larger scale. there's still a couple of locally owned hobby shops here, but they're both a good drive from me and cater more to railroaders and aircraft modelers. The shop I really liked closed years ago when the landlord pushed him out to get a larger tenant. I was able to stock up on a lot of supplies at a discount, but I really miss that shop.
  5. yet another Revell '69 Corvette coupe. Complete but not in a box. Looks like maybe a recovery from a collection that was flooded, as the instructions are pretty moldy.
  6. that's definitely the impression I got. another customer asked the cashier about the inventory and he told them "it's been slow but their orders should start being larger soon." Sounds like the kind of thing you tell employees when you don't want them to know it's almost over.
  7. I needed some Tamiya spray paint for a kit I'm trying to finish, and the only place in town that I know still carries it is the Hobbytown USA(I believe it's a franchise location). I decided to check the kit inventory while I was there, and it was terrible. They had maybe 20% as many kits as they have when I've visited in the past. I went to the paint section and it was similar. Out of stock on at least half of all brands, both rattle cans and bottles. I didn't look closely at the other areas of the store but it seemed to be the same all over. I bought a few things, but not much. Hope they are not going out of business.
  8. Little update. The engine is almost complete. I didn't have another can of the Tamiya blue in my inventory, so I went to the only hobby shop in town that carries Tamiya paints, and their inventory was really sparse. The only blue they had turns out not to be the same I had used previously, but oh well. I'll give it some time to dry and then polish it out before I put on the foil and decals, and then do the final assembly.
  9. 1/25 or 1/24. he has more photos on Instagram - @stevencromwellart. Also, he said he'll be on a podcast about scale modeling next week.
  10. This appeared on our local news website today. Looks like nice work. https://www.mysanantonio.com/entertainment/arts-culture/article/San-Antonio-artist-creates-miniature-models-of-14120518.php
  11. really neat. messes with my head every time I look at it, but nice work! love that front bumper treatment, too.
  12. honestly I am not much of a fan of Corvettes after 1972, and the pics I'd seen didn't do much for me. Overall I like the design, but I think the rearend needs work. Not sure they should have called it a Corvette, but hey, what do I know?
  13. went back today to see if they'd put the red tags on more kits. finally had the Polyglas Gasser, but I passed on it. Instead I bought an iwata compressor for about 1/2 price
  14. I don't know what it is about this kit but I've always liked it. I built that ugly yellow one, with a JoHan Eldorado powertrain where the back seat used to be, and a later issue like a '70s high schooler's ride. Definitely going to need the surf wagon issue.
  15. grabbed the Gear Hustler El Camino and the 3 n 1 boat. there were a couple others I wanted but they weren't clearance tagged (the Datsun Pickup and the Scout) at my store.
  16. Nice build! I haven't started but I'm going to build a similar mode,. My first car was also an ,84 brougham, with a navy interior and vinyl top, but mine was painted an off-white/cream. Hiwd yiu tackle the vinyl top? It looks great.
  17. very nice. The "sugar scoop" rear window treatment is one of my favorite elements of the shark-era Corvette.
  18. lol fair enough. I didn't read that closely. although the mid '90s and later reissues have some differences from the 1979 kit. I'll revise my answer to the Jo-Han pro stock Ford Maverick.
  19. I know it's not the best kit if this car but I've built it probably a dozen times over the years and I have a couple in the stash right now - the MPC Dukes Charger.
  20. this is an old one I did. AMT issue of the DOH kit, with MRC cragars and mickey Thompson tires.
  21. eh. i'm sure it's going to be a fantastic performance car, but it just doesn't seem like a corvette anymore.
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