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  1. Here's an article about the building of the recreation which also includes some photos of it side by side with the original. https://www.drivingline.com/articles/the-mooneyes-dragster-cloning-our-heros-3-of-3/
  2. I modified the roof from the Monogram '58 Thunderbird to build this: Shown here earlier in progress:
  3. Wow, that does look good! I may just have to buy one and keep it in my original box.
  4. Is this the '39 Chevy part you're looking for?
  5. Wow, this is great! I've always liked this car - I bought a Monogram 1/32 built-up earlier this year. Wish someone did a 1/24 version.
  6. Also Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros: "… I took a tram into the fourth dimension 'Cos I had the blues, the blues of throwing it all away Just gimme a Tequila, I'll slam it the 4 D way And when I got there you know it had certain similarities Like no smoking anywhere And hiding in the khazi to avoid paying the fare"
  7. How did I miss this thread before? Yes, I have a few, especially if we're counting Rancheros. 1. Built from a glue bomb; the roof had so much paint on it that it melted and was toast, so I grafted a roof on from another source: It has a more modern chassis and drivetrain: 2. 1/32 scale stock Ranchero: 3. 1/32 scale Ranchero slot car: 4. A replica of the Shelby '63 sedan delivery parts getter/test mule: And finally, my 1/1:
  8. Many thanks for the kind words, everyone! I like to think that I build for my own satisfaction and for enjoyment of the process as much as the finished result, but it is gratifying to have my efforts recognized in the forum here among a group of my peers. The builds I'm working on currently are not quite as ambitious, but hopefully they'll be wrapped up sooner than this one was!
  9. That's a beehive oil filter - a style of remote oil filter used mostly on flatheads in the fifties.
  10. I began this back in 2013 and it became probably the longest and certainly one of the most challenging projects I've undertaken in my modelling life. Thanks for the support of those that followed along and encouraged me over the course of this build. I'm glad I stuck with it - while far from perfect, I feel it captures the look of the car pretty well and I ended up with a replica of a piece of automotive history that's unlikely to ever be available in kit form. Work in progress thread here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/78039-kurtis-sports-car-update-12717/ Some history of the actual car here: https://www.motortrend.com/reviews/1949-kurtis-sport-car-drive/ Thanks for looking - questions and comments welcome.
  11. Believe it or not, it's finished! I'm taking some photos and I'll put up an "Under Glass" post a little later today.
  12. More Racer's Wedge inspiration - this one's a little different.
  13. This very clean Corvette being photographed in front of a location some of you might recognize (only a mile or so from where I live).
  14. Nice job, Bill. Just yesterday I was donating some books to my local Little Free Library and I noticed a DVD copy of Driven in there. I didn't grab it! I've never seen it, but your model is far better than I understand the movie to be.
  15. I think the more one knows and cares about a subject, the more likely they are to scrutinize it. That was certainly the case for me with the Trumpeter Falcons and Rancheros. After seeing photos online, I felt the flaws were all too apparent and egregious, especially for the price the kits were going for, so I voted by not buying them. On the other hand, the Moebius Comet might not be quite perfect, but the discrepancies are easy enough to fix (or even ignore), making it a great kit at a fair price.
  16. Ahh, I see! I saw it at the March Meet, too. I've got a couple of photos, but they don't show anything extraordinary. I don't think I even realized at the time that it was a re-creation.
  17. Not to split hairs, but I think that's a 9". Also, as I posted on another thread about this car, there are differences between the original and the clone. I'm pretty sure the original used a quick change diff, which is what is in the model kit.
  18. Cool video - I hadn't seen that before. Notice the front tires are on the ground while the rears are smoking.
  19. Don't get me wrong - I'm very happy to have the kit back and I'm glad it will be out there again for folks to build! A few years back I went out of my way to gather parts from various sources (including a partial kit) to build a decent version: I've commented very positively about the return of this kit on other threads here, but I saw this thread as more of an opportunity to weigh in on the box art, which I still see as disappointing.
  20. Ha, I just found this online: https://www.monstersinmotion.com/cart/item-list-ko-c-13_193/mooneyes-dragster-125-scale-revell-reissue-model-kit-by-atlantis-p-28714.html Sure looks like they're using an image of my build in their ad.
  21. I'm not sure if you're going to find the perfect answer here, but I'd suggest studying photos via Google Images to see what stands out. I followed the CART series pretty closely in those days and one thing I seem to remember as being distinctive was the shape of the road course front wing: the Reynard had a drooped "mustache" kind of look, where the Lola's front wing was more straight across. Probably the most noticeable other difference would be in the shape of the side pods.
  22. Yes, correct - I should have mentioned that the early 289s had five bolt blocks. The transition to six bolt blocks began in August of 1964.
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