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  1. Snow? What snow? All the 60mph wind then rain shortly after made most of it disappear!
  2. Quite under-the-radar in the USA, but with a small following in Australia, Jay Wilson of Tame Impala does solo electronic music under the name 'Gum.' https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lVeNfjoI2eM
  3. Thanks, guys! This was a good way to use spare junk, and I'll definitely do more of these things.
  4. After seeing Daxman's Datsun 510 post-apocalyptic sedan-truck, I got an idea. I had a Datsun pickup body and interior on my stereo desk, and I just bought an RC tank at work for an apocalypse car mashup.... Only natural that this happened. This was only one night, so there are some thing that should need doing, like a couple more details to cover over goobers... but that'll happen in a few months, probably. Revell Escalade EXT engine... *ahem* "engine." Rocket from a Lindberg Cobra Helicopter. Someone tried to chain-lasso this thing, and lost an arm in the process, Mad Max Cundalini-style. (It's Casey Luna's arm, from the Monogram kit.) Double-lever steering, these were made from parts-box shocks. The seats are from a Revell Willys pickup. So, yes; there are quite a few rough spots. I could do better with some weathering powders, my set of which I have lost. However, it looks good on the shelf, and I like that.
  5. Old bicycle wheels at the dump. Spokes are usually the perfect size.
  6. Dad worked at a Ford dealer from '80 to early '90. After seeing so many Tempos get sold and come back days later for everything conceivable, they became known by the techs as the "Tempon."
  7. Signed and shared. They'd better think of the drastic effects on the American economy if they pass this into law.
  8. How would I go about ordering a case of kits from Revell?
  9. So, truck update. It'll be coming apart this week for the restoration. The V6 will stay in it until its first inspection, then maybe the 5.8 V8 from our old van will find its way in there...
  10. The AMT Ford C600 Pepsi truck has red and amber sprues.
  11. Drawing that sticker was the worst part! Good deals are to be had if you chance upon them! My coworker and I were discussing trucks, and I brought up our Ranger. He said he had one he used as a daily until a couple years ago and then parked it, but now he's getting it hauled off. "How much is the guy giving you for it?" says I. "Nothing," he says. And that's how I met your mother... I mean, my new Ranger. Here's our '88 XLT, just in case you haven't seen it. This has the 4-banger, and my father made a custom 3-inch full exhaust system, yes, three-inchers straight from the block, heat wrapped as well. It's had a frame-off resto - I sanded the frame myself with 100-grit paper and brush painted it with encapsulator and black paint. It's soon to have a Honda turbo!
  12. It's the Cologne V6, "four with overdrive" five-speed, electronic 4x4, just over 330k miles. It needs a bit of DIY, for $25, it's no problem. Needs one rear crossmember replace due to a crack, the frame has some flakes but no holes, the rear end locks on the right rear, the brakes are sticky, alternator is toasted, needs wheel arches all around. The good? Obviously, the stick shift and 4WD. The rocker panels were replaced before it was parked, and so was the rear bumper (backed into a tree and bent the right step). The cap is a bonus, and the interior is clean. Nice visor with lights, too. It needs work, as I said, but if a vehicle doesn't have rust, there must be something wrong with it.
  13. A little quicker of a project, a '90 Ranger, which I'm going to pick up tomorrow. $25.
  14. Welcome! If that junk box is still there, go grab what's left - you never know what you might need, or what you can trade.
  15. Well, I'll have to jump in on this with something.
  16. Great! Only thing is, it's not on his site. Is it a special-order item?
  17. I remember having constant laughter with the Pikes Peak Escudo in GT4 with the wheel. Manual transmission, dual engine, dual turbo. The force feedback was incredible, and I couldn't stop laughing for the life of me, jogging the wheel constantly back and forth around every corner.
  18. I know someone must make an NV4500 manual transmission in resin... Anyone have a link?
  19. The only problem I have is with the automatic transmissions. Some cars (my juiced Lotus Europa, for example) don't like to shift down from third gear.
  20. Well, looks like the Australian one is going to get it. Dunno if I'm going to participate, I'll see what others are cooking up when it starts.
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