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  1. No. The parts Rob's looking for are quite hard to come by as the '65 was only issued in '65 then the body and bumpers were modified to '66 specs. None of us has the parts he's looking for or know where to find a set. Do you have any leads to where they could be found?
  2. Harry wrote this ,,, But of course, he's no longer with us. "One of the rules you all agreed to when you became members here is to post your real, full name (first and last) in your signature line. If your screen name is your real name, no problem. But if your screen name is not your real name, you need to put your real name in your signature" Ya know Snake, we're probably the ones going to take heat for bringing it up.
  3. Copied and pasted from the site guidelines page ,, "If you want to join up, then click on the "Registration" link in the upper right of the page and complete the online form. If you choose to use a "handle" or a user name that is not your proper name, then please put your full name in the signature box found in the Profile section when you register on this board, along with your location. We ask for this because here at the MCM forum, we are one big ohana (family in Hawaiian), and we like to know each other's name, where you're from, and treat you like you are part of our ohana. We don't hide behind fake or made up names here. We treat each other with respect, and we all expect the same in return." So when did that change?
  4. I really need to do up one of those '72 GTOs. 😈
  5. Lot of that going on lately. ,,, and obviously fake names from cartoon shows and the like. When this site was first set up is was one of the main rules and a big selling point when they were recruiting original members. It was supposed to keep people civil with each other. Keep the flame wars and trolling down to a minimum. Guess it just doesn't matter anymore. 😞
  6. Here's what my last batch looked like when I got it back.
  7. From an e-mail he sent me,, "We only accept personal or bank checks, money orders, or cash." He let me pay with Paypal because he had a problem cashing my bank cheque and Canadian money order last time, he usually won't take Paypal.
  8. I didn't use the forms when I sent mine. I just wrote down the pertinent info on a sheet of paper and put it in the zip-loc baggy with the parts tree.
  9. No, it shouldn't be too hard. Remember to also swap out the rear wheel openings, tail lights and the dash, seats etc. The last reissue of the AMT Lightning pickup would give you everything you'd need, I'd suspect.
  10. There doing stuff with prosthetic at U.N.B. here in Fredericton that will make the hand shown in that video look like a pirate's hook. https://www.unb.ca/difference/biomedical.html https://theasrj.com/articles/the-unb-hand
  11. I have a tree of parts out with Dale right now. Should be back in the next week or two.
  12. The faux IMSA package in that particular kit is actually pretty close to what GM offered on the Monza Mirage in '77. I'd LOVE to have one of these little beasties with the 305. BTW Adam ,, The "Spyder" name is an homage to the '60s turbocharged Corvair Monza Spyders
  13. Thanks Roger ,, but there's no Grand Prix in this group. You must mean the Bonneville?
  14. Actually finished a couple this year in spite of another flood last spring. , , and I'm really hoping to get the Thunderbird done before new years eve.
  15. I painted this summer before last ,, does this count?
  16. I'd also be interested to see how that works out. Even though the A pillars are so completely different, you must remember that it doesn't make any difference to the glass peice itself as it sits inside the body, wrapping back to the ends of the vent windows. Not actually in the windshield openings as the real thing does. As long as the curve of the glass at the base of the windshield and top are similar, the Ford glass just might fit in.
  17. Can-Con

    Actors and Models

    yea, they did a lot of TV show stuff. I understand that the Revell kit did actually have the GMC markings on the body. I don't know if it's true or if it might have just been on the decals, I never had that version of the kit.
  18. NJ, First, nice T/A. The decals look good. Second, I went and looked at that red one on your site ,, it definitly is still a Trans Am. My '85 was repainted when I got it and didn't have any of it's decals but that didn't mean it wasn't a "real Trans Am" The Trans Am package is more than just the decals. The flares and shaker hood are also a very big part of it and IIRC, you had the option to delete the decals when you bought the car. In fact, the big hood decal was always an added on option, at over $200! They even have unique serial numbers that separate them from base Firebirds and Formulas. You could get the engine and suspension under a Formula but the hood was different [except for a few '74/'75 SD455s] and they didn't have the wheel spats and vents on the front fenders. Here's a link to a site that will cover the basics. https://tran-zam.com/index.html
  19. Can-Con

    Actors and Models

    Kind of ,,, similar. the actual van used on the show ,,, The kit itself was just another generic Revell custom Chevy van with a different decal sheet.
  20. Looks just like the first one to me. Only difference is the angle the pic was taken on makes it look like a couple of the wires are in a straighter line. I'm pretty sure they're all in a loop like the middle two. As far as the coil wire goes ,, well, it looks like it almost doesn't go all the way. Looks like it's pulled so tight that engine vibration will pull off one end or the other eventually.
  21. First convertible I can remember ever riding in was my father's '63 LeSabre. white with red interior. I remember he had painted black around the fender vente, similar to the paice of trim on a Wildcat. That was before I started school so I must have been about 4 at the time.
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