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  1. OK, I'm reading a lot about "licensing rights" , , BUT, , Does Okey actually have any licensing rights to the likeness and names of the cars from the car companies or does he just have licensing rights to the "JoHan" name? Anyone know that for sure?
  2. Also there would be unending complaining about the quality and detail [read lack there of] of the kit. "This is supposed to be a new kit, [ why did they put out a kit with no detail in this day and age?] [ why doesn't it have clear headlights?] [ why doesn't it have a proper engine, this engine is just a blob!] [ place any other complaint you've heard about a reissue here] " You've all seen it before. If a new kit isn't 100% up to "modern standards" it will be torn apart on social media.
  3. Pat, I've thought about doing that interior on one of my AMC builds. What I'd suggest is painting the whole thing in the lighter blue first. Masking off the denim sections and lightly dry-spraying the darker blue alternating with a lighter shade of blue then the first one. Just very light, dry mist coats building up the effect. I'd do this a couple times ending with the dark blue. I haven't tried it yet but I think it could be quite convincing looking.
  4. Well, I got the suspension where I want it. Almost ready to start painting the frame. I'm going with a 409 in this one. Added motor mounts to it so it fits up right where the original small block was. Had to relieve the floor and firewall a bit to clear the 4 speed tranny. Cleaned up the body some. straitened out the creases on the front fenders. They're quite bad as molded.
  5. A couple pics with the paint polished out and mocked up with wheels and tires. The Buick wheels are from a '68 Riviera kit. They're some of the most accurate representations of this wheel. The red lines were just to see how they'd look with the color. I only have the two right now but I think I have a few more. Just a matter of finding them. LOL The interior parts were sprayed black when I got the car but doubt they'll stay black.
  6. Well, you obviously like the show a lot more than I do. 😉 Just asking as you've built all those other "phantom" versions and the Z is mentioned in the history of making the show.
  7. Looks great. You did that old kit justice. They've started showing the reruns on Vision TV here in Canada, been watching them. And, yea, I don't think he would have driven that car with the top on very much. LOL😉
  8. Being the owner of a 3rd gen Trans Am, the show makes me cringe, even though I loved it when it was originally on TV. Great job on this "what if" version. That I like. BTW, are you going to do a Datsun Z-car version? That was what the producers originally wanted to use as KITT but ended up with the Trans Ams.
  9. Even though I was the guy who sent that idea in to "tips and tricks" in the old Scale Auto Magazine I don't do it anymore. But here's one of my first spoon tests though, March 29, 2005. I am amazed how it caught on since then.
  10. Definitely sprayed, David. Looks like Tamiya smoke. If so, it's acrylic. Rubbing alcohol [isopropyl] will take it off.
  11. Huey Lewis and the News in the Casino in Moncton. IIRC, row 8. The whole band sounded great. It's a crying shame hell probably never be able to perform again. 😞 Second best was ZZ Top, same place row 11.
  12. No, just regular Testors bottle paint. Had to let it dry and go over it a second time though as it streaked some.
  13. I've done some wheels but there's a serious problem. If you get anything on the spray, it's toast. If you rub it too much, it's toast. I understand that you can use the Spazstic clear spray they make for their chrome over it with minimal loss of reflectivity but I don't have any of the stuff to try it out. I did my wheels by very carefully painting the necessary areas with a find detail brush, carefully not getting any on the places that need to stay chrome. I think you could do that with your grille.
  14. Actually, the most accurate under the hood of the 1/25 3rd gen E-bodies is the old Revell kits, aside from the awful engine. I could have easily made an accurate replica of my '82 S/E by just filling in the T-tops and fender vents and swapping in a better 4bbl small block Chevy but like I said, could never find one.
  15. Just checked mine. There's a "satin" finish on mine but not what I'd consider rough. It's about what I'd expect after going over the body with 3600 grit or so sandpaper.
  16. There's also a set of those in the MPC Dodge Dart Sport kits.
  17. Back about 25 years ago I actually had an '82 S/E Firebird tried to find one of those kits with no luck. Later I was very disappointed to find out it was just the Trans Am kit with a standard hood.
  18. I'd give it more then a couple days. At least a week.
  19. Same one you got. Just swapped out the valve covers for the ones from the Revell pro street Thunderbird.
  20. I seen that. Asked which spaztix spray he used, there are 2 possible ones.
  21. Where are you at, Mike? I think you've said before on the Spotlight board but I don't really remember.
  22. The roof on the Charger had a sever chop, looked like George Bareass got at it. The Mustang, while most of us see it, it's not something most casual builder would care about hence not worth the 70 to 100 thousand dollars to cut a new body and glass mold to fix for them.
  23. Just checked Gregg, sorry, all I could find was one good one, one with the spokes painted and one with the lip of the rim sanded off. The AMT wheels do look more like the ones in your first pic then the Boyds in the large pic. Another kit with similar wheels is the Monogram '55 Ford pickup. A bit larger diameter though.
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