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  1. This is the only one I've built (as an adult):
  2. I'm weird in modeling, in that I really enjoy doing decals. No one else I know enjoys it, so I know it's a personal oddity. That said, I never lose decals when I soak them. Ever. I use a small, shallow deep dark blue bowl, and freshen the water every few decals as the water cools.
  3. Now that the old P-bucket is working again: 1963 Mercury. The food truck to the right is La Parrillada - a favorite of mine and my wife's.
  4. Ugh, I lived in Alton for four years. Just long enough to get caught in the Flood of '93, and long enough to make the mistake of marrying a girl from Grafton. Ugh.
  5. There is an excellent book called Albion's Seed, which traces most basic American accents to the region of England the primary colonists came from. And it is widely accepted nowadays that the much maligned modern Southern accent is much closer to the British accent dominant at the time of the Revolution. It was about 100 years later that the "fancy" British accent, dropped Rs and all, developed. Likewise, the modern American Standard Midwest accent is very modern.
  6. AC/DC was quintessential Aussie. Until they announced today that Axel Rose is going to finish their tour for them as lead singer.
  7. Accents have everything to do with where the original inhabitants came from. New Orleans has Southern, Cajun and Boston accents. Lots of people moved there from Boston. American regional dialects can easily be traced to the parts of England the colonists came from, and when. Many northern accents are affected by later European immigrants.
  8. I finally got this reply: "Hello there! I am very sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused you. This is a known issue affecting several users and our engineering team is troubleshooting the problem. We will get this resolved as soon as we can! Thank you for your patience and again, I am terribly sorry for this inconvenience! Lindsay@Photobucket Support"
  9. I noted above that the Enz and House are not Australian. But they do live there. I don't count them as Aussie though, since New Zealand does not have a lot of famous acts to crow about.
  10. Gardening. I also have a long history with photography. And history. Up until recently, I still played D&D.
  11. For straight up Aussie, I prefer:
  12. If we are counting the Split Enz as Australian, then my favorite is Crowded House:
  13. 1978 Dodge Monaco. (Dukes of Hazzard) Just noticed that you said "built or unbuilt". The latest year overall, built or unbuilt, is the 1987 GNX. I am not much interested in anything but 60s or 70s, some late 50s.
  14. I was gifted a banjo today. Can I play a banjo? Nope. But the uncle it used to belong to learned to play it when he was about my age, so who knows.
  15. Coyotes first turning up in Memphis in the late 80s, in Overton Park. I lived close to the park then, and you could hear them at night. Folks blamed them for lost cats. Back then, they were considered an urban legend, although they really were here. Now, everyone accepts that they are around. And we have plenty of other wildlife that ventures into and often lives in the city. There has been a report of a big cat that gets treated now like the coyote reports were in the 80s. I have tended all my life to skepticism in all matters, but I have seen pics of this critter, and I cannot think of what else it could be. If there is a big cat, it's in my current part of town. Funny aside - I told my friends in the 80s that I'd seen a silver pig in central Germantown in the middle of the night, and had no idea what I'd really seen. Their only explanation was that I'd seen an armadillo - which weren't even east of the Mississippi back then. And I got mocked for it. Now armadillos are rare around here, but no one would accuse you of being drunk or insane anymore. Their carcasses turn up all the time.
  16. I haven't followed RC in some time. About 15 years ago, I broke away from plastic for a while and made strictly balsa airplanes, rubber powered. That got really frustrating, because every time I let one fly, it would either crash or find bodies of water I didn't know existed. I started calling them my dowsing rods.
  17. That is very cool. I find it hard to believe it's a jet though. I hit Google to try and discover if it's a jet or ducted fan, but nothing came up. I suspect it is the latter.
  18. Off topic - I have traveled and lived a fair bit in central NC, but I could not place Pinebluff. Google shows your population as "1337". My younger internet friends ten years ago would have loved that.
  19. Lots of recording artists added their names to songs. Off the top of my head, Marvin Gaye did it frequently, and is a good example. Gaye was a great songwriter on his own, but typically added his name as he felt his interpretation of a song was something that forever changed that song. He also felt that if the original songwriter didn't want to have Gaye add his name, he was free to let someone else record, and sell fewer records.
  20. I rarely use enamel. I have some Floquil Old Silver that brushes beautifully, so it's about the only one I have touched in ages. I use Tamiya acrylics, acrylic lacquers, Duplicolor lacquers, and on occasion, some true acrylics by Vallejo or Model Master.
  21. This is a nice basic primer, although it leaves out a bunch of stuff: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Led_Zeppelin_songs_written_or_inspired_by_others
  22. Everyone knew AT THE TIME that Led Zeppelin ripped off Spirit. It is really obvious if you compare the songs, and know that Robert Plant was front row at a number of Spirit shows. They pretty much admitted it 40 years ago. Why they waited 40 years to sue? Money. And it is BS at this point. Spirit didn't sue at the time because they profited in other ways from their relationship with Zep. Randy California NEVER would have sued, btw. It is a well-accepted practice in music to "borrow". The Greek philosophers wrote books about the practice. It is how art works! Nothing is truly original. But what bugs me the most is Led Zeppelin, period. They didn't just "borrow" sometimes, they took whole damned songs and musical themes and put their twist on them, and never gave credit. And not just blues singers. There is one song that sounds just like Big Star, and every time it comes on the radio it makes me cringe a little.
  23. I visited my local B&N yesterday, and they had no car modeling magazines at all. Plenty of Airfix and airplane modeling mags, but not cars.
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