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  1. This is how I received my kit today, ordered off Amazon. Just a shipping label on the model box. Deleted my pic since it had my address on it. Not damaged but come on, really?
  2. Thank you very much JT! I would like to build another just as a dump truck w/o the plow.
  3. Thank you Jim! Thanks Chris Much appreciated Gareth and thanks again!
  4. Here’s my build of the 36’ version of the AMT kit. Nice kit but much caution needs to be taken assembling the side panels. I would like to thank Gareth on the heads up tips for proper assembly. I ended up completely taping everything together and marking the side panels before final assembly. All in all not a bad kit. I don’t see why AMT couldn’t have included one extra tire for the spare carrier. Hopefully soon it will find a permanent home behind my White-Freightliner that’s in my stash.
  5. Looks great Bill! When your done with it I would gladly put it in my display case!
  6. I haven't had any issue with them and their reward program is great.
  7. I too would like to start building some tanks and planes but am really running out of display space.
  8. Thanks Andy! I’m not sure of how it used to mount but the bumper mounted very easily to the grille.
  9. I did use Tamiya panel line accent color. I scribed panel lines deeper then applied the accent after priming before spraying the orange. You may find the Sharpie much easier than painting the trim. I usually do it freehand except long straight side moldings which I will mask off. Sometimes the ink can bleed under the tape but can be cleaned up with some alcohol on the tip of a toothpick.
  10. Thank you Larry! Thanks Bill! Would love to see the Galaxie and Tbolt combo. Thanks guys! Tom, I use the fine point Sharpie, would love to have a big chisel tip one, never have seen one. The silver in my pics looks darker than it really is. I really like using the Sharpie, I think I have Foilfobia! I would love to pickup a few more Thunderbolts but I’m not really able to buy anymore kits right now, working thru my small stash.
  11. All my trim is done with a Silver Sharpie. Thanks Ray!
  12. Thank you Mike! Very much appreciated Tom.
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