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  1. You could give them to me. I was a kid when they were available and could not afford them. But I loved seeing them on builds in Car Modeler magazine.
  2. This what what I try to do, but every few builds I forget. Then, I have to suffer the consequences of a tight hood fitment.
  3. Very cool, Bryan. I bought one of these after you posted your first progress pics. Looks like I'm not the only one that likes MV Lenses.
  4. All you need is an MPC 1979-81 Camaro kit and a Modelhaus hood for an MPC 1970-73 Camaro. You'll have to file and fill the fender scoops but otherwise you'll be good to go. The grill will have the Z28 emblems molded in however.
  5. Found some quality bench time this weekend with the Gremlin. Painted the door window frames and rear tail panel with Tamiya TS-6 Matt Black, polished the paint and applied BMF. Also detailed and installed the taillights. I still need to apply a black wash to the door handles and the Gremlin logo on the rear gas cap(?). Enjoy the pics!
  6. What kind of hood for the Revell '68 Firebird? PSF has a cowl hood and Reliable Resin offers a flat hood and a shaker hood.
  7. Little Motor Kar has no problems plating resin parts. They must use a slightly different process because they ask you to rack resin parts separate from styrene. I''m sending them some parts soon.
  8. This afternoon, I began to make some progress on the 401 that will reside under the Gremlin's hood. Block is painted with Tamiya Light Blue Metallic, heads and tranny with Tamiya AS-12 Bare Metal Silver. Headers sprayed with Testors Stainless Steel buffing metallizer. Chrome intake from the AMT Matador NASCAR painted with Testors Flat Clear Acryl. Distributor is from Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland and the Holley carb from Bandit Resins. Chrome rocker covers are from a Johan SC/Rambler. A chromed Moroso air breather will fit atop the Holley. Enjoy!!!
  9. Len, You indicated that you need one for a Corvette project. Is is a replica stock build and if so, what year?
  10. I can remember back in 2003 that I thought I had all the models I ever wanted. Seven years and probably 500 models later...
  11. I'm not sure when it left their catalog, but I'm guessing it was discontinued when AMT came out with the '68 El Camino.
  12. You are pretty much correct on the differences. However, there is one huge difference in scales. The newer AMT 1968 El Camino is closer to 1:24 scale than the AMT 1969 Chevelle from the 1960's. IMHO, one would be better off starting with a Jimmy Flintstone 1970 or 1972 El Camino and grafting the 1969 Chevelle front clip to the resin body. Modelhaus used to cast the 1969 El Camino that was a repop of the original kit. I am fortunate to have one in my collection that will get built someday. Good luck with your project.
  13. Do both and hopefully the 1:25 scale set will fit the MPC kits.
  14. Thanks for the comments. I've back-burnered this one while I work on the Gremlin but will resume construction in the near future. It deserves to be completed.
  15. I've been impressed with your work for a long time. How about a tutorial on how you do this? I would love to know.
  16. Don't know how I missed this one. It's a beaut!
  17. Welcome!!! 'Bout time you show your face around here. Can't wait to see pics of your stuff.
  18. This one gets the MPC Motorsports seal of approval.
  19. Tonight, I finished detailing the front grille and headlight area. I masked and painted the grille and headlight buckets with Tamiya TS-6 matt black, then I highlighted the openings of both with a silver Sharpie. Covered the turn signals with BMF and painted Tamiya clear orange. Headlights are MV Lenses. Enjoy the pics!
  20. As cool as the other side of the pillow.
  21. WOW!!! Wickedly beautiful, Ed, with a killer paint job.
  22. Chrome bumpers would work here, but I didn't want to do Alclad and I'm not ready to send a batch to Little Motor Kar for plating. I also wanted to mimic the look of the 1969 Big Bad Javelin and AMX with the painted bumpers.
  23. The Gremlin has been painted since my last update. Three coats of Testors Big Bad Blue lacquer topped with a liberal amount of Tamiya TS-13 Clear Gloss. Like Bob Downie and others have posted, this paint did not shoot well from the can. It went on kinda thick and the occasional blob of paint flew from the nozzle to the body. Since Big Bad Blue is a non-metallic color, I resolved the issues with a color sanding session using 3600 Micro Mesh. The result was a slick base for the Tamiya clear which won't need much polishing. My plan is to black out the taillight panel, front grille and door frames. Now, if I could just figure out that Levi's upholstery in 1:25 scale! Enjoy the pics.
  24. My bench is similar to AZ Tom's except I used pre-made kitchen cabinets as my base. This top is a six footer. I've had this setup for almost 10 years and it has served me well. The next pic is the same bench with upgrated lighting. Later on, I purchased an eight footer for the other side of the room with two more cabinet bases. This bench holds my Pace Peacekeeper Deluxe paint booth, food dehydrator and paint supplies. I also strip paint on this bench. I bought the 8' top and cabinets cheap as the top had two chipped corners and the bases were floor samples that were clearanced at the store. I have a rollaway storage cabinet underneath that holds my rattle can paints and Black Gold/HOK bottled paints.
  25. Actually, it was MPC that used the Duster as the master for the Demon. Bandit's and any other resin Demons are merely repops of the original.
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