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  1. I used a PE set on this. You should see how the brake rotors assemble. I've included some WIP shots. WIP first: Finished model:
  2. Looks really cool. I used to see those cars all around when I was growing up on L.I.
  3. I once had a call that spoofed my own number in the caller ID. I didn't answer it. What were they trying to do, make it look like I was calling myself? Anyway, Social Security would never call you up. The would notify you in the mail.
  4. Thanks for that tip. I was thinking of using the wire wheels. I certainly check that out.
  5. Here is my photo booth which is also my paint booth. I got that nice 1200 lumen LED worklight for it a few months ago. I get better pictures with it too. Only when I take pictures I put in white plotter papaer for a background: And for painting:
  6. Hey that's cool. I saw the real one at a big car show when I was a kid.
  7. You sure did a great job there!
  8. Mike C

    '71 GTX

    Looks really nice. I built one of those once. I think I posted it here.
  9. That's cool We never really see models of the Canadian versions.
  10. Nicely done. I've never seen a weathered low rider.
  11. One of the worst cars ever made is coming along very nicely. It will probably be higher quality than the 1:1 car. Cool subject. looks like a nice kit too.
  12. It was my girlfriend that told me that joke. LOL.
  13. Well, I've had this kit since about '99. It was originally $25. So when I decided it was time to build it I researched the car on the net and came across the kit on Ebay for about $150. And I also came across a PE set for it. I sent away for the PE set and got it in four days. Amazing for a collector kit that's not in production any more. Thanks for looking. Here is the box art first: Here is a walk around the chassis with the engine and transaxle installed: Here's closer up on the engine. My ref photos had red plug wires with a white sleeve. I just dipped the wires in white paint:
  14. Years ago, like the mid 80's someone at work gave me these prints that I scanned in:
  15. Here's one: Q: What kind of bees give milk? A: Boobees
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