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  1. Can't wait to see how you do the tarp. Nice work!
  2. There's certainly a lot of quality even if you're a little disappointed in your output.
  3. It's tough to see. Hopefully it gives enough to compare.
  4. Is there anything cooler than that?!? Wicked, wicked, wicked. The rest of the build is pretty darn good too.
  5. The '57 Ford is a popular build here lately (including mine?). Yours looks great! Just curious what colors did you use on the coves of the two Vettes? I'm working on one and I'm going to use Snowcrest White.
  6. Another example of the great imagination around here. Very cool stuff!
  7. Thanks for the compliments guys! It encourages me to take it to higher levels of building. Never built a model before. However, I do have experience working in my family's auto body shop, so cars are not new to me. It's much different working with models though which gives me a lot respect for you guys producing such beautiful pieces. It's an art just like building (or rebuilding) 1:1 cars.
  8. Very interesting, thanks for filling me in. On the gasser version I just built the decal provided was black. I didn't care for it either and painted it purple in an effort to mimic the color of the stripes I used.
  9. Welcome Chris! Hope to see you jump in.
  10. I thought for sure it was a real cloth top. Excellent job!
  11. JerseyRed

    49' Merc

    Did you polish up that grille? It really pops! The rest looks decent too ?
  12. He was perfect for that role. It's funny the memories that can stick with you, but I can remember learning the word jocularity from him. Very funny in a somewhat serious role, which shows the genius of the writing on M*A*S*H.
  13. I may have only noticed because I just did one, but the Ford is actually a tri-tone. There's a swipe of yellow/beige between the moldings. A very nice touch! I'd point out the colors on the Delage also but that might take away from your other color selections. Very cool ? start to finish.
  14. Wow! What a wicked cool year! Couldn't pick a favorite if I had to at gun point ? But let's not have it come to that.
  15. Well since I only started modeling in late June I only have 6 months of work to show. For that I have five completed models. I have two more I could have rushed to completion but they would have had what I consider to be subpar paint jobs, so they'll wait until January.
  16. Seriously dude you gotta relax and give yourself a break. It's only been a week you need to give body tissue time repair itself. Your brain being foggy is from pain medication, it'll cause that and memory problems. You need this medication right now. If you're still on pain meds in six months then worry about addiction. Unless you've had major problems with addiction this shouldn't be worth worrying about. The panic attacks should subside soon, I wouldn't be too worried about them either. The foot and calf swelling is something to be concerned about. Do they have inflatable compression boots
  17. I really like your color scheme on the Trans Am! Very different from you normally see. I like the Vette too. What color is that?
  18. Looks great! Great paint and interior. Did you do a WIP on this? If not, I have three questions. One, how did you do the roof? Two, how did you do the interior? And three, what did you use for chrome?
  19. The color and roof design (and the fuzzy dice) really set it apart. Very sharp!
  20. I'd say that's right on the "money"! Very cool ?
  21. It's a good song! I really like the theme. When I go I want to be super high on mushrooms ?. This vid was filmed at Red Rocks Ampitheater. If you love live music you MUST see a show here. Most beautiful, best sounding venue I've ever experienced (and that's with about 350 live shows under my belt).
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