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  1. Seller: jerome6970 on ebay. For AMT/Lindberg Dodges and Plymouths.
  2. Fantastic Jim! One of the best uses of Pegasus wheels I've seen.
  3. I'd get to drive such a street car once before my driver's license was seized.
  4. I have that BMW kit in my stash, box unsealed. I can take some pics of the wheels if that helps.
  5. Thank you for the help and the inspiration. I intend to do something similar to your project with a 38 Chevy.
  6. Brian, may I grab a few screen shots of your fantastic engine? I would like to build a small Detroit myself, in the future.
  7. I see a 67 Polara and a 72 Cutlass being attributed to AAM as well.
  8. As an FYI regarding Chevy truck grilles; Hoppersbazaar on the auction site sells unchromed resin copies of MPC grilles and bumpers. Is the good grille interchangeable with the not-so-good?
  9. Good advice in the heading. That auction site seems to be loaded with kits of all kinds sold from Japan. Said kits feature inflated selling prices along with exorbitant shipping costs. As noted above,there are reputable Japanese sellers with fair prices and shipping rates to conduct business with.
  10. On Facebook I had to snooze a close relative of mine. I can no longer tolerate his enraged, sometimes vile posts day after day. This man knew my late father before I was born. He also has a treasure trove of family photos/films that I have not seen. I'm irked that my link to those mementos is cut off out of necessity.
  11. Great work on an interesting subject! As an aside, where did you source the NP 540 transmission?
  12. I've acquired the kit below as a base for an American medium-duty truck. I'm thinking a Resin Model Ranch 38 Chevy could build into the green and black truck below. Note that the 1:1 truck is a '39 model. Any opinions on what this project entails are welcome.
  13. I bought some decals from Keith 6(?) months ago. He answered my inquiry the following day. I had my decals within two weeks. I can't complain at all about the experience.
  14. You've built two neat Chevelles sporting fine paint jobs. The blue car especially, is flat out spotless in my opinion.
  15. It's always great to see a well-built Howmet in scale!
  16. That is a sweet Alfa you have there! 15 bucks ? That's a heckuva deal for that kit!
  17. Here's an axle cover from 3D Model Specialties, painted and black washed. I think the slight graininess gives the part a cast aluminum appearance. I'm pleased with how the cover looks glued on.
  18. Looking good Randy. I'm working on this kit myself. I appreciate you documenting your progress. I ordered a Speedwaydecals decal sheet for the AMT 69 Chevelle to help with the interior bright work. I will see if the chrome seat piping is on it. Interested to see what you come up with for that.
  19. I came back here hoping to see things worked out for you. I'm happy to read that you found a solution that works for you. ?
  20. I like it! These promos have great potential.
  21. For the sake of comparison, here are the formulations of Duplicolor Hot Rod primer and Perfect Match Scratch Filler primer.
  22. What a fine rendition of a classic b-body Mopar!
  23. Nice detail work on the interior and in the engine bay.
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