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  1. Hey fordboy If you mean the chassis and roll cage. Well since this is a 60's Era gasser it is going to be semi gloss black. The engine block is red with aluminum heads and the blower is black with aluminum covers. The carbs are Holley brass with aluminum bowls and the headers are flat white. I think I'm going to make the valve covers and oil pan gold. That's as far as I have got so far. Thanks RonG
  2. Hey all Just a little update for everyone. I still have to paint the chassis, but I did get the motor and all its parts painted. Boy... long day at the bench 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. I was a drilln' holes and a slopn' paint...lol. I was to tired to take any pictures. So maybe I can take some tomorrow. Short but sweet... good night...ZZZZZ......ZZZZZ.....ZZZZZ...LOL THANKS RONG
  3. Thanks Dave I'm busy working on the 57, washing parts before painting. Those pics sound assume, I'll get back to you when I have a chance. Thanks RonG
  4. Hey Sixx Try TDR.INOVATIONS and 3d specialties there both on shapeways. Both have lots of stuff, can be a bit pricey. Take a look at my 57 Chevy gasser build in the drag section it's mostly scratch built the 392 hemi and 9" Ford rear end are from tdr inovations . If you have any questions please let me know I'm glad to help. RonG
  5. Hey Paul That's pretty cool, I'm a long way from building the stang, still trying to get the 57 Chevy gasser done. Working on the motor as we speak. Get'n. it ready for painting, I'm drilling holes for fasteners right now and modifying a few parts to what I want. Chassis is pretty much done, I have to make all the interior sheet metal, actually aluminum. I need to figure out how I want to do the tilt front end and the steering and dashboard and gauges. So as you can see it will be a while before I get started on the mustang. Thanks RonG
  6. Hey Mr68gts I know TDR.INOVATIONS has the 427 FE motor and the SOHC Ford motor, that's one of the ones I had planned on using. The other block I was going to use is from 3d specialties (Ron Olsen) he has a Sonny Leonard type mountain motor with verious intake setups, was going with the twin 4" turbos setup, but every thing for the motor and turbos is $265.00!! So saving my pennies till I can afford them. Plus I also need about another $200.00 or so for wheels, frt. tires, radiator, fuel sell, battery etc...etc...etc. Plus I think I may use his promod chassis which is around $170.00 bucks!!! So lots of mullah or lots of scratch building...lol Thanks RonG
  7. Thanks Dave That's kinda what I was looking for. I went on Sonny Leonards site and saw his mountain motors, especially the Ford ones. Do you know what blocks he uses? I have a custom 460 block I started in 1/8 scale probably 20 some years ago. It has siamezed cylinder bores, don't remember what size I made them, big as I could. I also made a crank shaft, connecting rods and pistons. I made 1 SCJ head, I was going to resin cast the other one. I made a oil pan and timing cover to. The block has all the detail of a real block except the oil passages. I scaled em up from a real block and head. Now if I could just remember which packing crate it is stored in I will dig em out and take some pictures. I had planned on using them in a 32 Ford 3 window coupe with a blower and dual Holleys, but life changed and it never came about. If I can find another 32 kit I may restart the build, but they are scarce and expensive, plus I think the guy who made the 3 window coupe bodys is no longer around, and I haven't seen one on ebay in awhile. THANKS RONG
  8. Hey Dave Is that a big block Chevy or 429/460 Ford. It's pretty cool. Thanks RonG
  9. Hey guys Well I didn't get it painted yet, but here are a couple of shots anyway of the frame and roll cage. Oh that's me sittin in it lol....(maybe 20 years ago). But it gives the whole thing some perspective. He is a Tamiya motor racing team driver, that I modifed into a sitting driving postion and painted, it was a lot of work had to use a hot knife, putty and sweat equity, if you you get my meaning.This is kinda a overall shot, the sheet stock is only temporary. They are actually templates for the finale floor and firewall.Close up shot of me....he...he and some of the cage gussets.Side view of the seating position. I still need to 3d print out a set of racing seats for it. So look em over and let me know what you think. Please respond all input is appreciated. Thanks RonG
  10. Hey guys Well I didn't get it painted yet, here are a couple of shots of the frame and roll cage. Oh that's me sittin in it lol (maybe 20 years ago). But it gives the whole thing some perspective.This is kinda a overall shot, the sheet stock is only temporary. They are actually templates for the finale floor and firewall.Close up shot of me....he...he and some of the cage gussets.Side view of the seating position. So look em over and let me know what you think. Please respond all input is appreciated. Thanks RonG
  11. Good grief Dave those are Frick n awesome man!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had your talent. I'm a retired automotive engineer with 30 plus years with the big three and I can tell you that is some fantastic engineering. Prass be to Dave the guru of 1/8 scale. RonG
  12. Well gasser 59 I think I'm going to take your advice and change the floor from .02 stock to .03 stock the .02 is to flimsy, doesn't support the body very well. I had to start over on the roll cage it was out of wack. The new cage and frame are just about done. I'm on my way to the store for paint as we speak. Going to give it a first coat of primer so I can see if there's any place left to fix. I made a 1/12 scale driver for display purposes, and that led to the roll cage change, he was sitting outside of the cage, which we all know is a definite no no. I will post some pictures of the frame and driver. As soon as I get them painted. So keep watching to see all the progress. Thanks RonG
  13. Hey Dave Thanks that sounds pretty close to what I want to do. So yea all the pics you can send would be greatly appreciated. If you could could you hold a scale or tape measure up to the items to help with scaling it up. I still trying to get the 57 Chevy gasser done. I have the frame and roll cage just about done and ready for first primer coat, on my way to the store for paint right now. Thanks, and keep that Sonny Leonard mountain motor in that rail. That thing is outrageous!!! You do some amassing work, way above my caliber. Were did you get the slicks and front tires that you have on that 1/8 rail? Did you make them? I need a pair for my 65 stang. loL Thanks RonG
  14. Hey bamadon Most are based on big block chevys, but are extensively different, mostly bore spacing and deck height. There is a Ford version also. Check em out on the Internet. And yea I meant 1,000 cu. in. Thanks Brett. I have to order a bunch of stuff for this one. Probably going to be 2 to 3 hundred worth hopefully not more or I will be slipping in the dog house. lol Thanks RonG
  15. Hey all Well as you can see by the heading I'm going to be making a 1965 Mustang GT into a Street Outlaws type promod. As soon as I get the 57 Chevy gasser done, which probably will take some more time, I will be starting on this. I'm not sure what I want to use for a motor, it's either going to be a fuel injected Ford SOHC cammer or a 1,000 cu. in. mountain motor with twin 4" turbos. Well what do you think? I'm kinda leaning towards the mountain motor setup. I think It will probably come down to how much each setup costs. Well here's some pics to kinda get things rolling. So look em over and let me know what you think. Thanks RonG PS by the way I need the instructions for this kit it's Revells #H-1286 Thanks again RonG
  16. WOW! Dave sweet build. I love that Sonny Leonard hemi bbc. I was thinking of using one of those in my next build. It's going to be a '65 promod/street race mustang in 1/12 scale. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this.
  17. Hey gasser 59 The floor is supposed to be sheet aluminum, there for the reason why it's so thin. The firewall is sheet aluminum too. It needs to be incorporated with the "A" pillars and dash before it's complete. All of it still needs to be finished, these photos are just mock up shots so everyone can see the progress, I still have a long way to go. I really appreciate your comments, keep em coming they help me keep on my toes. Thanks RonG
  18. Hey all Well I now have a temporary work area setup. So I got a little more work done on the 57. So here are some pics for you to look at. For some reason site is not allowing me to add text after inserting a picture. So I will add text here. First pic shows the frame with the roll bar on it. I have about 50% of it done as you can see in the photo. Second picture shows the roll bar detached from the frame I did this so I could paint everything before assembly. I hope this works the way I have planned, we'll see as we go along. Third picture is a side view, the seat is just for scale purposes, it's not the one I'm going to use. The sheet plastic will be painted to simulate aluminum panels the frame I'm thinking of painting black along with the roll cage. I may change my mind once I decide what color to paint the body. So look em over and let me know what you think. All comments are appreciated. Thanks RonG This view shows the finished passenger side header and the scratch built blower belt. Another view showing the blower belt. I made it from masking tape and colored it with a black sharpie. It's not what I want but it will due for know until I can print one in rubber with teeth.View showing the scratch built Optima red top 34 (I colored it with sharpies).Another view of the battery.Another view of the battery.View of the drive shaft, it has working u-joints and aluminum shaft 3 1/2" diameter.Close up view of the u-joint. So look em over and let me know what you think. Thanks RonG
  19. Hey 97dustang Try 3Dspecialties Ron has some modern Weld racing wheels, like the ones on the crowmod and murder nova from Street Outlaws. He has alot of other stuff too. RONG
  20. Thanks Guys I'm working on my work bench, so I should be able to get started back on the 57 soon. Thanks RonG
  21. Thought I would post a few more pictures, these are extras that show some different angles.This view shows the body and the separate doors, deck lid and hood.Close up view showing the moulded in bumber.View showing front suspension, frame, blown 392 hemi and rear suspension.View showing front spindle, disc and caliper also shows one of the front springs.View showing bottom o header mounting flange.This view shows driver side header on left and passenger side header (unfinished) on right.This view shows the rear dsc and caliper and how they fit to the rear wheel This is a side view showing the stance. Just some pics to look over and keep everyone interested. I will post some more pics when I get some more work done on this beast. So look em over and let me know what you think. If you see something I need to do please let me know. Thanks RonG
  22. Sweet looking gasser, we're did you get the blower belt with the lettering on it? I sure could use one in 1/12 scale, actually I could use a bunch of em! lol RonG
  23. Thanks comp1839 Had to set everything aside, wife wanted the kitchen table back to get ready for Easter. I'm trying to get my hobby bench set up in the basement, need to rearrange some stuff. It may be a while before I get up and running. Hopefully it won't be to long. Thanks RonG
  24. Hey all Here's some more pics.This view shows the working front axle and front of frame.View showing the front suspension.This view shows the driveshaft safety loop and rear end track bar set-up.View showing the motor and motor mounts. You can see some of the driver's side header also.This view shows the front spring these are all scratch built with separate eye 6 leaves and mounting parts. They actually have a little spring to them. So enjoy em and let me know what you think. Thanks RonG
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