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  1. It is. Been working weekends and 12 hour days for the past 3 months to close out the year. Just no time to do anything else!
  2. Looks good. You can cut excess CF decals with a brand new exacto blade right after application and peel these off - will look cleaner that way. Its pretty easy, especially if you have a panel line there.
  3. Its like A-B-C, really Mazda is known for this. They did a similar thing with their RX-7.
  4. Looking good! I need to build a 959. Had this kit on the shelf for 20 years.
  5. Looking good, you are making good progress too!
  6. If you scribe the panel lines deeper before paint, the results will be even better. And try using paint that is slightly darker than the main body color for those - like brown for the panel lines on a yellow car, or grey on silver or white, etc - it just makes it more natural.
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