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  1. Thank you! Much appreciated. I really need to take some good pix of the collection.
  2. You bet - thank you! Thank you guys, much appreciated!
  3. I dig it! Very nice.
  4. Superb! Love the color scheme!
  5. I dig it, very nice.
  6. They made 2 version of the kit, curbside and full detail later. Thanks! Thank you guys!
  7. Ha, those are pretty funny looking cars! Yup, that 's for sure. I don't even know what happened there.... Thanks! Thank you!
  8. Thank you, agree - 2K is a very nice clear, and it makes laying down a good paintjob easier. The shine is like no other! You bet! Oh man, that F50 build seems like its been ages ago.... Time flies. Thanks!
  9. Haha, German-heavy....Its more like BMW collection than a collection - 99% are bimmers. I'm a big BMW fan, diecast and real life. Thank you! A lot of JDM cars are very cool. This one is more quirky than cool Thank you! Much appreciated.
  10. Thank you - those are Ikea cabinets. Billy, I believe. thanks! Thanks! Warhol car - if you ever decide to build one, I think decal Doc has the decals - but I would rather try to paint it freehand, like Andy did 🙂
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