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  1. Thanks, color turned better than I expected! Well, it has a little motor that spins rear wheels using the same power source that lights up the headlights. So it literally runs. Check WIP for detail. I see! Thank you!
  2. Very nice, love these cars.
  3. You know Jim, I have the old Tamiya kit, so maybe you'll get your wish - at some point
  4. Haha, funny you should say that. I just noticed that one of the wing mirrors in the pictures is "coming alive", i.e .coming out of the fender! When I was test fitting them, they were so snug, that I decided not to glue them at all, thinking that maybe I'll adjust them later. Totally forgot, and now I'm seeing the results of that! You mean the base? Its just a bottom of the display case it will be living in. Dust is a scale model cancer, and I usually seal them in individual boxes to stop that. Thanks all!
  5. Thanks - now to find time to finish that Z4 build I started even earlier!
  6. Paint checking like this is likely one of two things - paint applied too thick, or sprayed in a humid setting.
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