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  1. I know the tag axles on our freightliners lined up as you have it. In line between the tires our trailers either had a matched set on our tri or quad trailer axles. Could either be in line with inside tires, in line with outside tires, in line with the center of the tires. Or any combination above. Just depends on manufactured model that's been applied. Just an FYI since I have done many miles of 53' van & skateboard multi axle heavy haul.
  2. Typical Cornbinder engine work in progress lol. Looks Great Nice looking Chatterpillar you have don't forget to adjust those mechanical valves lol.
  3. So minor update on mini doubles. Did some painting last night and shot the first coat of hunter green on the rims and dolly spare so a little progress made enjoy. Last pic is without Flash as the flash washed it out pretty badly
  4. Could almost pass for a Burlington Northern supply truck. Looks real good
  5. Okay so after mini Diamond T and some time away from building due to my hand issue's. And now forced to lose a little extra weight so I can have both knee's replaced one at a time. I was painting tonight and came across a 1/87 HO scale build that hasn't seen the light of day in a long time. So thought I would add it to my 2020 BRBO builds . So here we go an athearn Freightliner FLA or is it B anyhow found some 50's Aqua so shot the trucks frame and cab with this color need to go in and putty a spot on the roof I missed oh well. Will get hooked to a pair of 28 foot doubles one exterior post and the other a smoothside both wedge trailers. Once I re-putty the roof and after the aqua has had a chance to cure. I'll be painting the cab stripes, rims, hunter green and trimming the cab stripes in white pinstripes. Unless I change my mind, considering giving the truck wobblies aka daytons. Have a lot of detail parts for this beast including fibre optic lighting. And the Diamond T will be posted in under glass soon no trailer can't work on n scale anymore. Onto the pics. Sheesh that Mustang just sneaks in everywhere lol. Toodles enjoy y'all. I
  6. Thanks for the measurements. Looks like it's coming along great Thanks for the measurements. Looks like it's coming along very nicely.
  7. Would like to build one in HO 1/87 scale. How wide is the hood at the cab and again at the radiator. If I may ask in scale measurements. As I have an ho scale ruler. Thanks and great looking build so far
  8. Beautiful, Exquisite and unreal craftsmanship.
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