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  1. Looks Awesome! parts and details are so nicley painted and detailed. Good work, sad to se it get parked away for some time but hey thats how model building is
  2. Very interesting solution on the drive line in this one! Your work looks verry good as always!
  3. Looks realy good! Nice set of wheels as well for it!
  4. Looking terific! Keep attacking at it!
  5. Looks terrific! Nice conversion you did there.
  6. Looks good! What kit donates chassis, interior and so on?
  7. Looks good! A real tv favorite of mine!
  8. have made som progress and it start to look as it did but better. Primer next I think
  9. Thanks! I am glad that there wasn’t that manny built models yet. But my old modified Shelby series one was totaled! thanks again! thanks m8!
  10. Nice scratchbuilding, the new roof looks cool! Do you have anny plans on engine and wheels?
  11. Thanks Bud! Yes I am making progress on it once more. will go over it with some fine sanding paper and putting last of the putty on and then in the both it will go. 😃 Will use other primer and paint this time.
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