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  1. Looking superb! The 1/12 looks better than the 1/25 in my view.
  2. Beautifull build! My interest for nascars have been made greater of such builds as yours! They do look nice in the shelf! Btw have no relationship to nascar since borne and raised in Sweden.
  3. Cool Thanks! Se how he sorted my problem with the chassis.. he just replaces the dash instead of reusing the T-bird stuf.
  4. Beautifull! I am also buildning same body and chassis.. but totaly new to nascars and this type of modifications. do you have a link to the wip you where reffering to? I am building mine more like roadkil Nascarlo, A retired nascar made to run on the streets 😃
  5. Great looking builds! Can i beg for some chassis and engine pictures. I am thinking of robing such a chassis and slap a MPC '73 Chevelle body on top.
  6. Thanks! great tip! Will try it out at the next opportunity! I did miss that the side markers should have been body color! Well BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH happens. Thanks! Yes it’s actually nice. Will buy a second one so I can build it with engine which this fleebay kit did not.
  7. I have been doing some trying out on the body. Emptied the last from the tamiya can for the final coat, after the removal of some dust with a fine grit paper. Came out ok but far from great since it spluttered a bit. No clear since my paintbox is damaged at the moment. And then I won’t over with a marker to paint the chrome. Lesson learned. Mask for the chrome work my hand is not steady enough. put the front wheels on and made some modifications to the rear tires, replaced the old style with a set from a 1:25 corvette but they where made for a bigger tire so I used canopy glue and paint to make it look ok.
  8. Both are beautiful builds! Great work there!
  9. Great work! looks verry sharp!
  10. If i where to attend a 24h build, which I won’t since I have two small kids, I would go for any tamiya kit. So little prep before paint and the kit go together so well. Of yours I would go with GTO... just because... GTO 😂
  11. Looking realy good! I have been following along al the way but missed some where. was't it 3 you where building from the beginning?
  12. You are making good progress! That engine is looking realy good, the details in the casting is so much better than wat we se in the standard kits! Keep it going!
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