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  1. Thanks! There’s allot of classic American cars here in town! We have our own nostalgic tour every year. That Pontiac is actually on my street. Follow further up past the camaro and make the right hand turn. After that my house is the first on the right! Photo taken before I bought it though. thanks guys! thanks! Hehe well back in the days they Where what people, with some money, drove here in town so the interest stayed. snow driving is what you learn here. from my window right now. My dads K5 My old Malibu from when I was 18 and the camaro I had
  2. Hiroboy.com has the Tamiya RX-7 in stock. https://www.hiroboy.com/124_Mazda_Savanna_RX7_GT_Limited_cw_Engine_Reissue--product--4098.html
  3. Looks good! Was it big difference between fireballs fenders and the stock kit with fenders?
  4. Great progress! Your work is realy impressive! Have followed on AF before.
  5. Looks great! That collor is so nice on a Vette. I migth go for that collor on a '69 i have in the pipe.
  6. Looks sweet! Engine is looking really good! Text looks crisp.
  7. Great work! Looks good! Interior is looking sharp. I also figured I have to buy some more sorts of black. 🙂
  8. Thanks m8! Thanks for taking the time and looking trough the stash, pitty that they where not the same. Nice! I can imagine it’a a bit more expensive from over there but in an envelope I guess it will only be a buck or two. I can PayPal you the fee if you want to! cheers Anton
  9. 👍🏾😊 I have been looking for some kits that are not that widely available any longer And remembered seeing that one some where so I looked it up 🙂 I hope it turns out good for you 😊
  10. Found it on Hiroboy.com. In UK https://www.hiroboy.com/124_Porsche_935_K3_1979_Le_Mans_Winner--product--14873.html
  11. Have made some progress on this build. Panel lines are scribed and the Lou era are done. I customized the grill assy since i think the first version look better in the end. But I wanted the better looking bumper so a strip of styrene was axed to the bottom of the grill. I have also started on the interior. Thanks @Stitchdup for the dashboard! The Hilux will be LHD! It’s to wide but that will be sorted. What I noticed is that the shortbed version don’t come with door cards. So the longcab got to donate the floor pan and full interior! Need to sort the mounting points for the body next. Need to extend the side though Short cab door card Some better detail Modifying floor pans
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