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  1. So I made a set of new headers for the left side.. but I did not like the look since the pipes was not straight. So I scraped them and started over with styrene. But to determine exactly where they should go I made the engine fixation. Spare PÉ wing sides was cut down to fit and glued in place with the two new engine fixations. Will look good. and a chassi Raul mock-up
  2. Looks good! Would love some more pics of it!
  3. Yes its tight. I think I Will need to put the pipes on top of each other to clear the wheel.
  4. I am struggling on with my re engineering of a corvette… with the Silverado body.. feels like I am re engineering everything. Well I like it but it’s hard. Not much to show except for tarted new headers. Posable steering and such. Shorted the intake plenums so they suit the looks better and so some other parts will be seen and also aid in connecting the engine to the frame and routing the cage.
  5. Some small progress. Have started on the engine since the front frame need to work around it. I also decided that I want to make it done with paint and all so decisions had to be made about exhaust an placement. Decided to cut the intake boxes so it displays more of the engine, that also helps with cage routing. Remember these are prop parts and the actual ones will be made more accurate. tried to reuse two different types of headers but no way they will fit. So 1,5mm soldering led came out. Not done but getting some where. And no! No turbos! They will never fit! But around 600bhp would do it. Comments are welcome!
  6. Cool to hear that they are a rare sight. Here we still see them once and a whil!
  7. Beautiful build! I always get impressed when a snapper gets built right!
  8. I have not always known who he was and what he have done. My first experience with a Shelby product was the Series 1 that he made. I was a teen at the time and I liked the specs of it not just how it looked. Did PS of it with a viper roof, which a fellow member built in to a model way later probably without seeing the rendering. I did my take on the Shelby series 1 with a wide body, new front, custom hood, supercharged engine with side exhaust, other wheels brakes and tires, racing seats with my first PÉ belts. A fellow builder “Proosen” @ AF found it published in a Swedish mag, as the only car from that show in 2005. Quite a achievement considering the quality of the build that wasn’t the best. But many liked the look of it. I Have a plan to make a similar build in the future. Just some pictures of an altered Shelby..
  9. Have made some minor progress on the Silverado street race truck. The fixed steering have been made steerable.
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