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  1. I am also having hard times buying kits only for parts! It’s also kind of period correct to the kit since these are made when monogram made all engines bigger for the visual effect 🙂 which is also fun in its way:-) I just wanted to point it out to you since you got so much nice stuf for the engine. 🙂 and you are doing a absolutely beautiful job! Btw found this BNL beauty: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/b-n-l-resins-306-hemi-426-engine-kit--1116949
  2. Wow!! First thought great work on coverting a ship to that beautiful shape.. and then I realized you had engineered the chassis and all underneath it!! Dropped my jaw!
  3. Really cool! Sweet looking build as well! I wonder what if they had made it lower, would it have gone faster?
  4. Great looking build! I like the looks of it! That’s a C5R btw not a C6R 🙂 would love some more pictures of it!
  5. Many of us have the same things right now! Not much time for this sort of desk work!
  6. Sweet! Please post your WIP! And quote me, I would love to follow along!
  7. Great kits, love them, have no one built but i found a source so i will buy a Z06 to build. In 1:1 the wheels was the bigest changes for the C5 corvette in between the years. First years came with the so called wagon wheels, then you have the y2k wheels that came for 2000, they where available in alloy or magnesium alloy, and then you have the double spoke z06 wheel. The FRC, fixed roof coupe, and Z06 share the same roof, but the FRC being a low option car with a lower price than even a standard corvette and way cheeper than the top of the line Z06 if I remember correctly. With the fixed rear window it made the car stiffer than the regular vette and lighter which suited well for any sort of racing, strange that this was not adopted to the race cars but i guess they needed the better aero of the big "glass". Z06 giveaway was the side scoops. If i remember correctly the Revell kits also all have the same engine, which is a early 1997-1998 LS1, with perimiter bolt layout on the valve covers that only where used the first two years. LS6 found in the Z06 is vissualy the same engine except for red plastic covers, instead of black, over the coilpacks and valvecovers. My 1998 Camaro with LS1 and LS6 intake and covers
  8. Beautifull! as you said, decals must have been a challenge!
  9. Thanks for all the info and very good detailed pictures=) I might be a decent modeler but i give up on some cases when i dont have the solution, but now i do. 😃 Thanks!
  10. Those dragster wheel wheels are huge so will be needing some body mods I guess.
  11. Beautiful work on the nose and lights assembly! Rear end looks super as well! Did not read every line but these engines doesn’t have a water pump. Adding one in my opinion makes the engine to large. A later1/25 Revell hemi differs only marginally to a 1/24 engine. Se my thread here for some measurements.
  12. Okay, that makes sens to your locators 🙂 hard to see in the picture but here is my body from the rain-X
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