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  1. #1 1987 BMW 635 CSI made some progress today. Have decided to make a nice NA engine so I started on a new exhaust and I have also drilled the holes for the plug wires both in the distributor and the head. Thinking how I can make the angled plug wire connectors, suggestions? I am also thorn about the intake, “stock” GR.A intake, webbers or separate valve body’s and fuelinjection…
  2. Beautiful! Real dedication when you decide to do full decals for a model! Great stuf! I enjoy watching this!
  3. Nice builds lads! I ad some from the round up since I got back to the hobby, here gathered at the Japanese Tsukuba circuit.
  4. Sweet! Have a great look to it! O and welcome back! Same paint job I am planing on my build for the P2P!
  5. Nice build! Looks really good! I guess it’s a sort of build I would enjoy allot but due to price and size it will take a while until I get around ordering such a incredible kit!
  6. Beautiful build! Nice touch with the working lights and they seems to be done just right so it looks like a 1:1! Great job there!
  7. Beautiful build and an huge improvement in my opinion over the normal stance of those, that seems more practical an realistic, and quicker down the track than the LB stance.
  8. All are beautiful builds!
  9. Thanks David! Considering the big build That spanned most of the year I am glad I managed to Finnish those two 🙂
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