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  1. Impressive! looks realy awesome! Those lines are so cool! and siting so low with that deep dish makes it so agressive! Love this one!
  2. Looking realy good! Cool collor!
  3. Really cool build! Love your ideas with the Porsche theme! What does the baking soda do with the super glue?
  4. Thanks! I have some started in here al ready Cool, I like them. Nice! I where to Canada couple of years ago, but to Calgary and Revel stoke. Liked it there! The snow is different than ours. Haha! Not all but some! We have mines here and there are truck drivers like that.
  5. Great looking models! That woddy is looking really good! Sweet boat as well! Will be following!
  6. Interior is looking insane! Great idea!
  7. Thanks guys! Your comments helps me in keeping at this one. I am sick on body work right now. So I put some time in to it and took everything out that I could se. Have waited so long to do this, shoot it with primer. First time using an airbrush and Zeropaints. Idefinitly need to practice the brush.. I will shoot some chassis parts next time to get going. And its as i suspected. still need work on some areas. But i think i will start sorting the chassis first. Door gaps looks ok I think.
  8. Nice build! Those have a special place in my heart.. My dad had one when i was a kid. A diesel, we drowe it everywhere and even crached in to a heard of rainders at one point, the head lights broke and the grill was damaged but nothing else.
  9. Awesome Build dude! Al the details are minde bogeling and i cant imagine the time that have to be put in to them! I defenitly does not have OCD and proabobly too much ideas in my head to pull of any thing like that and there fore i apriciate it even more!
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