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  1. Came out great! Very good work there!
  2. Looks really good! The rolbar looks good! But that must be like a “4 tube 🙂
  3. No. 19 Been doing some cage work in the Silverado C5-R
  4. Made some progress on the truck. Have some real figment issues on the hood have to test the other one and se if it at least have the right length. have glued the fuel cells, and part of the frame in after some modifications to the fitment, not happy with them yet but I think I have an sulution for it when making the fuel cell larger. also glued the lower bed sides in and tried to fit the roll pan but it was to narrow.. so a custom one will have to be made. And that might be good any how since the decisor will need to be extended and exit in that space.
  5. Some baby steps.. new bed Habbe gotten its inside cut out, I did manage to damage the outer side of the fender while cutting from the backside, so some sanding and filling was needed. Stil need some grinding on the lower front edge to the cab to get the bed to align with the cab.
  6. I can agree on that 🙂 thanks for your input! 🙂 Thanks allot! It’s not a straight forward project that’s for sure, it’s allot of engineering and thinking 🙂 thanks for your two cents!
  7. Thanks! And thanks for you thoughts I appreciate it! Yes I think I will, need to sort out the glue damage on that one though.
  8. Thats looking great! I love your truck and the stance! And a real sleeper with those wheels! Those bars in the engine bay is looking sick! A stepside bed would push it even further in my opinion. I have one for you depending on where you are located 🙂 You got me there on awd... an unexpected engine and layout would be an monster turboed RB26 awd! Or skyline gearbox and front diff, nascar rear end with a LS twin turbo! That would be so gooood! Shapeways have a kit. https://www.shapeways.com/product/4DBBRS7SJ/brodix-1-25-bbc-nre-w-intercooler?optionId=63856680&li=shops
  9. Glad to se you back Dan! Looks good as always! Trying to get back to my project as well.
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