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  1. Neat...Canadian..a Laurentian or Strato-Chef? Can't read the rear fender badging...looks like a lower trim level.
  2. My late brother and I also had a subscription to that magazine then and I remember that article. I’ve always been interested in the Cannonball Run, similar events, and the people and cars involved. I have an MPC ‘74 Challenger I want to build to resemble Brock Yates’ car.
  3. I really liked their ‘80s and ‘90s cars. Had a ‘96 E36 M3 for a while, the straight 6 was very smooth and fun to drive w/ the manual.
  4. I'm sure a few have issues, but I put 17 yrs and 170k miles on my '00 Grand Cherokee, no problems w/ the heated seats..they still worked fine when I traded it 5 years ago..
  5. IIRC, weren't those 4 headlights smaller than the usual rectangular glass sealed beam...I recall GM used a small rectangular sealed beam on some quad light setups in the late 80s-mid 90s.. I don't recall sure if anyone other than GM and Isuzu used them.
  6. I love the heated seats, heated steering wheel, and heated mirrors in the winter here in Ohio. My sister, on the other hand, doesn't have them in her car, doesn't like them, and won't use the heated seats in my Jeep when she rides w/ me. After having vehicles w/ heated seats for over 20 years, it's a feature I gotta have in cold climates...
  7. I’ve had that issue with Grubhub and DoorDash food delivery drivers leaving food orders right up against the door. I have room to the right of the right of the door to place items, and the roof overhangs the doorway so it’s usually sheltered. My Amazon/Whole Foods delivery drivers are usually good about placing the bags to the side, but occasionally I’ll find two 24 flats of bottled water against the door. Or strangely sometimes drivers leave a package against the garage door. Glad I have cameras with views of the front door from two angles and the driveway…
  8. Yeah, I read 120 for the '64-67... '68 got a 1 inch bump.... 0.04 inch in 1/25th..
  9. Ick...needs a cover over that mess.
  10. The AMT '68 El Camino or AMT '70 Monte Carlo might be good, as they have longer wheelbases and a separate frame. Anything would need the frame stretched a bit since the Vista Cruiser/Sport Wagon had a 121" wheelbase, while the '68-72 A-body coupes were 112"...and the '68-72 El Camino and '70-72 Monte Carlo were 116".
  11. I've had no issues w/ mail order with Model Roundup, Hobbylinc, Tower Hobbies, Megahobby, Burbank's House of Hobbies as far as US companies. From Asia, had good luck with Hobby Link Japan, Hobby Search, Hobby Easy. The most issues I've had with mashed or squished boxes are with Revell of Germany kits, likely because the boxes are so bad to begin with (soft one piece flat style boxes).
  12. Reminds me of my college Mustang...an '86 LX 2.3 w/ a 4cyl/4spd. 88 hp also IIRC. At least it had more than the '84 diesel Escort I learned to drive in and drove in high school before that w/ 52 hp. But the Escort was a 5spd and had great steering feel IIRC. I do miss driving my '87 Mustang GT, though...it was a lot of fun w/ the 5.0 and 5spd. Hope to get it back on the road eventually. None of those are anything I'd want as a daily, but fun to remember.
  13. I'd assume there is extensive torture tests of new vehicles, esp. something like the Bronco that is supposed to be as rugged and capable off road as the Wrangler. Speaking of Mercedes tests and durability, I love the old '80s-90s W126 S-class and '80s-90s W124 E-class...I had an '84 500SEL and my sister had a '91 300CE, they were built like tanks...even as old cars w/ 200k miles the S-class was tight and smooth..felt as solid as a bank vault.
  14. Those are really cool...I have some of their 1/64th trailers, will have to look into the 1/24th ones. They have Airstreams in 1/24th also, I think.
  15. I wouldn't be happy. That it's under warranty is a consolation, but I definitely would be upset and wary of the brand. I've always waited until a year or two into a new design before considering buying a particular model. I'm interested in the new 5th gen WL Grand Cherokee, but am in no rush to trade up from my '14 WK2 GC.. I'm looking forward to seeing the new straight 6 that is coming in a year or two..
  16. That’s unfortunate. I really like the new Bronco from what I’ve seen online and the few I’ve seen up close in person.
  17. I’m in a nice suburb with a garage, and I don’t drive old high mileage vehicles anymore. The times I’ve had power window failures in the past were on old vehicles with over 150k miles.
  18. That is why it's important to not own a modern vehicle out of warranty. I don't want to own anything with more than 100k miles and out of warranty again. Too many complex systems and failure points.
  19. Exactly..I have no desire to go back to the manual windows, vinyl seats, and AM radio of my first couple of cars (1984 Ford Escort diesel, 1986 Ford Mustang LX 2.3). I'm not a teenager in the 80s anymore, and I enjoy owning and driving loaded modern vehicles (SUVs and luxury sedans) with all the goodies...
  20. I've changed tires in the past, but for the last 20 years or so I call AAA. It's been a very, very rare occurrence (three times in the last 20 years), and I don't like the idea of hefting around a P265/50 R20 SUV tire and wheel...
  21. Yes, modern vehicles are generally way more reliable than old stuff...and need far less maintenance and at much less frequent intervals....I think I a lot of people look at old stuff w/ rose colored glasses.
  22. The dog dish hubcaps paired w/ trim rings is a neat look...don't think I've ever seen one like that in reality.
  23. I figure I can always get the '66 stock wheel covers from one of the '66 ht kits..I have a bunch of those...
  24. For me, my current vehicle is my choice. 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4. I’ve done a lot of road trips in it, incl Phoenix to Cleveland. It’s reliable, gets decent mileage (25+ hwy), has plenty of luxury/creature comforts and is very comfortable. Plenty of space.
  25. He's got a group buy going on right now..Facebook user 'Too Many Projects'. https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=too many projects
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