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  1. I have 2 types, Tamiya and another brand that is not made anymore. Both work great, the Ole Man LoneWolf uses pipe fittings which is like your bottle idea only heavier and less prone to tipping.
  2. Great lookin build, I don't know what time frame this car is meant to be but chassis stiffeners are available now they were not in 1962. No Dana's until 1966 with the street hemi. All had 8 3/4. But your build is awesome.
  3. Loved his sense of humor, never met but I think we would of got along great in real life. A truly wise and very talented man. Your missed.
  4. Those cars had frames, so the body would be built and painted in a different area than the frame. To the best of my knowledge the frame was painted chassis black, a semi gloss. The underneath of the body would be primer. But its been along time so I might be wrong.
  5. They have different hours, closed Mondays and 1/2 days til sat I think. Don't open until noon or later but I'm an old man with bad memory.
  6. Well if you are really cheap auto parts stores sell a thing called Pre-Vail, not sure of spelling but you might want to check it out. No air brush, no compressor.
  7. I agree with the above two, also it smooths as it dries. If you get a booger in normal primer like dupli-color or whatever brand you have a booger when its dried. With Tamiya don't panic let it dry and when you come back booger gone, amazing, the only primer I know will do this. Pricey yes but no foul ups and worth the money.
  8. Yes there was a modeling book one about the 50's and another about the 60's very well done and money well spent to purchase.I can't remember the author maybe Bill Coulter (spelling ?). The 60's book did just what you want to do.
  9. In my HO I think rasps will be to coarse, try some diamond files, I have 2 sets ,one from micro mark and a smaller set from amazon like them both anything coarser will need alot of bondo.
  10. I have only seen water used in a waterfall in the sides or end of spray booth, sorry.
  11. Dodge and comparable plymouth models had different wheelbases. Drove Landy crazy why his 63 plymouth was faster than the 64 dodge. figured the shorter wheelbase was hookin better. thus the first funny car 1964 awb dodge. in 1964 one could get a11.5 to 1cr 426 at 415hp, any full size body all steel full interior any color no hood scoop. the engine to race was the 09 code 425hp max wedge available any full size body all steel full factory interior no hood scoop. the lightweight package code y9 was only available with engine code o9 and had aluminum fenders,fender wells hood and scoop lower valance radiator support bumper and brackets, some parts acid dipped,no carpet insulation sound deadener heater radio battery moved to trunk 1964 interior color red only, hemi code A864, 1965 code changed to A990 with interior color champaign only tho Mopar did not call it that .1964 was the last year for aluminum, they then started acid dipping alot more in 1965. I hope I was of some help
  12. I think one of the 1966 442's had wire wheel covers, it would be pretty hard to make out the center cap.
  13. The Revell nova, ss 350 I forgot the 1968-1970 kit. try that
  14. I'm sorry, going by your numbers here it was scheduled for 4th qtr 2010 and released july 2016. So I should of said 6 years and Not 7 or 9. If them Vega's come out before 2020 i'll be surprised.
  15. I won't hold my breath, the 1964 Plymouth they kept showing at shows took 7 or maybe 9 years to get made. We have been hearing and seeing this on their website since 2016 so I figure sometime after 2020.
  16. I'm sure I read somewhere that the AAR and TA only was available in 5 different colors only, and no black. Anybody else ?
  17. Thanks again guy's. there was a difference with color on models, 202, 404 or the fancy one and if they were cloth and vinyl or all vinyl. Blue beige and black was available on anything, the 404 all vinyl you could get red and palomino also.This thing does not have to be a museum piece, probably just go with black unless I find something certain. Again Thank You, Bubba
  18. Does anybody know the interior colors of the 1964 ugly duckling wagon and the 1964 comet caliente ? Help.
  19. I think its just the Moebius kit issued by the Model King. Have not heard about Revell doing it.
  20. If I remember correctly there was a 1/24 die cast of this subject. The people were at all the shows years back, I think there was a jenkins car and sox and martin and maybe the motown missle. They were pretty nice.
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