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  1. I like the color but the fleck looks too big..Looks like one of those dune buggy flecks in the paint..Paint is nice and smooth though..
  2. She may be a rust bucket but I bet that leaning tower of power still runs..Very nice work..
  3. I've got bleed through from a 1970 Challenger T/A darker red..Used grey primer and bleed through..Bought some Toyota silver Perfect Match then primed white for interior and no bleed through..silver should not be metallic effect..This looks solid color..
  4. I know Calgary is big but his work should be known around town..On a side note, how is your hockey team? I'am not from Toronto so I'am interested..Could care less about Toronto Maple Laughs..
  5. Welcome fellow Canadian..I used to build with a friend in the mid sixties, he lives in Calgary now and does customs..1:1 and is very good..Name is Harold Braun, he;ll be about 70 now..Built wicked models in his modeling days..
  6. You could try Duplicolor Acrylic Enamel (tall black label) It does smell like lacquer but I've used it over enamel and its okay..Polishes up nicely too..Auto parts stores usually carry Duplicolor..
  7. Very nice and I really like that subtle "Top Banana" color..looks tough..Only fault I can see are yellow wires..Your choice though..Very nice build and super clean..One of Monograms better models of yesteryear..
  8. Nice and by the body pictures you molded the front pan..Very nicely done..Most should mold the pan in for a better look..
  9. Two or three coats of Tamiya flat clear right over the chrome lens..I find it looks okay..Three heavy coats..
  10. At my age I hope I'am alive on June of 2022..Hope to be at NNL North in May next year if the border ever opens..
  11. I subscribed a week ago so I hope the next issue gets up north to Winnipeg Canada..I took a chance and am hoping all works out..If not, I'am not out too much..
  12. Didn't like it at first but with the complete car shown it looks good as do the rounded fins..
  13. Looks impressive but let see it work on Duplicolor Lacquer that is years old..Where do you get this stuff and how much..Is it going to be available in Canada? or elsewhere?
  14. Can't seem to buy magazine in Winnipeg Canada..The hobby shop who was going to sell it, the owner died suddenly and the family closed it up..Yesterday I subscribed for 2 years..Hope I'am not disappointed and comes regularly..Looking forward to seeing my first issue..
  15. Tough break on the hood.."Oh Oh better call Maaco...Let it dry and slowly work it out with wet till smooth then try polish..Won't be perfect but you can display car with hood underneath and show the engine or put hood on a stand..People won't notice unless you tell them..If they do, so what..You at least tried..
  16. Get a Duplicolor Perfect Match silver then spray your primer over the silver..Silver seems to block out the bleed through..I sprayed silver on interior of Red 70 Challenger then sprayed white primer for interior and NO bleed through..Give it a try..
  17. Actually never knew Charlie drove for Cotton Owens..I know Pete Hamilton drove #6 Plymouth for Cotton in 1971 but didn't know American Brake Bloc was still sponsor in 1972..Nice builds of both cars..Memories of sure..
  18. With not so much work and an interior/chassis and engine it looks like it could be made stock..W/base doesn't look altered from the stock version..going to be a nice kit..
  19. First thing I look at when someone shows a 70 Challenger or Cuda or 71 GTX/Roadrunner is if the front pan is correct..You molded yours in which is very good..Nice NOT to see the joint left..Very nice...
  20. Sad but true..You will NEVER see a Prius or some other Jelly Bean type of car on the collectors market..Ever..They do rust fast like the others do and most of the electronic gizmos under the hood corrode so you have to spend an arm/leg to replace the part that you cannot do yourself..
  21. That model is definately a work of art..Very well done and exquisit work..EXCELLENT job..Can't describe the workmanship..
  22. Sure miss the Cruise Ins or Roll Ins what ever you call them, since I sold my 64 Fury..
  23. Nice and clean and not overly done..Very subtle..
  24. Super clean and very well done..Looks like its just came out of showroom..
  25. When they get electrics to go 4-500 miles between charges and can fully charge as quick as filling a tank it isn't going to work..Don't care what the tree huggers say..Ain't going to happen..I couldn't even drive from Winnipeg Manitoba to Fargo ND on one charge..NOT for me and the price for some small piece of BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH, not going to happen..
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