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  1. '65 Fury. Back on the Bench.

    Sport Fury in 65 and 66 came with skirts..
  2. Read It and Weep...

    I used to buy Hemmings Motor Journal in the late 70-80s..About a year ago I looked in one and thought just for chance I'd phone an ad I had circled for a 62 Cadillac..Number worked and the guy still had it..Small world, it wasn't for sale now, he gave it to his grand son who restored it..
  3. 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS 409

    Without looking at the poster, I thought that I recognize those models..And sure enough after I read who posted the pictures I knew I was right..
  4. 1970 GTX

    Very nicely done and super clean,clean,clean..
  5. 1974 Plymouth Satellite "Sundance Special"

    My mother had one of those..Her color was more gold like..Sure was a nice car..You captured the look just looks like the 1:1..Brings back good memories..
  6. Interior color help needed

    That Black Ford..."Winner,winner,winner, chicken dinner"
  7. 1962 Bel Air final assembly

    I built a 62 Bel Air 20 years ago and had no trouble at all fitting the interior/chassis to body..Your problem might be the side glass that is glued in..The interior sides don't line up with the body because of the side glass..Just a guess but it could be..Nice job on the model..Hope things work out..I find in building the most frustrating part is the mating of chassis/interior/glass and body..
  8. 69 Camaro SS Daytona Yellow

    Really liking this build, color and everything looks just right..On thing though and its not your fault at all, are the w/shield wipers..Wish they would mold them in like they used to..Easier foiling and look more realistic and NOT toy like..Very clean and well done model...They only do wipers to make the parts content go up..They are hard to install without glue marks and if molded in, if you didn't want them you could sand them off..
  9. 1967 Ford Galaxie XL, 427 R Code.

    Watching for it at this years NNL North..
  10. Can I put a painted/foiled model that is warped in the cooker (dehydrator) for a few days to warm it up and unwarp it..Maybe put a weight on the rood to hold it down..Let me know by email or on this site..Thanks in advance..
  11. Warped body:

    Can always re-foil it...If it all gets screwed up I have another body I could use but don't really want to..What could I use to put on the roof to hold it down level while in the cooker?
  12. 47 Chevy Flight-master Jet Car

    Not something I would think of but the workmanship is unreal..Super well done..Spectacular..
  13. Revell "Eldorado" model

    For those who polish and use T-shirts..Notice NO swirls/scratches in Dennis' polishing..He uses flannel..Taught me that trick years ago..He is a master at scratch building and fine modeling skills..From the Custom Shop of Ezmerlain..
  14. DUST in clear coat. Help!

    When you polish your clear coat after 2000 and up wet sanding, use only soft flannel..T-shirts are made with different material with corseness in it so it will leave scratches..Flannel for sure, nice and soft to prevent scratching..
  15. 1970 dodge charger r/t

    Very nice and clean, well done but turn you torsion bars maybe half inch or so..Love it..
  16. Dick Brooks 1973 Talladega 500 winner

    Awsome work and some good history..That must have been the Cotton Owens #6 that Pete Hamilton drove in 1971..It was sponsored by American Brake Bloc..Was dark blue with yellow numbers..
  17. 64 belvedere

    I've got one that I changed the roof with the 64 Dodge 330 stock sedan..Painted it three times too. Came out okay but think I could have done better body work on the conversion..Thing I didn't like about the kit, is the toy like w/wipers..Here are a few of mine..Hope you don't think I'am hi-jacking your thread..Like your car and the color looks really cool.
  18. 1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible

    When I built mine many years ago,I also found the w/shield frame to be very flimsey..Window helped some but I foiled before installing w/shield..Hope yours turns out good...
  19. Dust!

    If you use an old coat hanger to hold your model when you paint, hang it upside down to dry on a cloths line etc..Dust falls and doesn't go up hill..
  20. Revell 68 Chevelle

    I like your wheel choice but RWL tires didn't come out until late 1969 or 1970 on all the big three..Like the full tires though..Don't use those lower profile tires on it..They wouldn't suit it..Nice job so far, keep it going..
  21. 1950 Oldsmobile - Class of '50 - Graduate # 3

    Some guys,builders just GOT IT looks real sweet..Nice job..
  22. 1969 Dodge Charger

    Absolutely No bad things about your build of the 69 Charger..Very well done and super clean..One thing though and its NOT just your model, lots of others too..Why do they make the w/wipers separate on the sprue..They all look toy like and too big..I liked it better when they were molded onto the body..Made for easier and cleaner builds..I guess just to say it has more parts..Your car is striking..
  23. Gaz 13 Repainted and modified promo model , hachette 1:24

    EXCELLENT very well done..Super clean and did I say VERY WELL DONE
  24. First refresh of an old build about complete

    Nice job..That Super bee kit is probably the best one of that series of kits..Looks proportioned well and most everything fit well..
  25. Steve Bagwell '65 Plymouth Super Stock WIP COMPLETE

    What kind and brand of color did you use? I've used Duplicolor Acrylic Enamel(large black label can) and no problems...I've used it over bombs made by paint stores (acrylic enamels)..Sorry for your troubles as you put so much effort into your work..Still looks pretty convincing though..