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  1. This looks like a tremendously fun project! You have a great start on it so far, I'll be eagerly awaiting more. David G.
  2. Sweet panel truck/hot rod. I love the custom paintwork and engine detail. It was following the whole build in your WIP thread. The end result is great. David G.
  3. Great color choice, clean solid looking build, excellent work! Welcome back to the hobby too. David G.
  4. Holy Moly! That's fabulous! There is so much going on there and it's all amazing. Even the over stuffed trash cans.... 😮 David G.
  5. I love these old rescue/refurbish projects. The engine, chassis and interior all look fabulous! David G.
  6. Hello Everybody! The interior is nearly completed with just a few more finishing touches that need done. Though not perfect, I'm pleased with the way the embossing powder carpet came out. The subtle pre-shading I did on the seats was maybe a little too subtle but it's there. Mostly, I'm satisfied with how it all came out. During my test fit of the rear glass I discovered that it appears to be just a little too tall compared to the top portion of the interior. This may cause some interference during final assembly. I'll check the fit against the body and make any needed adjustments. Also, I'm thinking that the area behind the glass (outside the cockpit) should probably be white as it looks to be more of a part of the body than the interior. I'll do some more research to try to find out. All finished! The top of the rear window did indeed interfere with the roof so I filed it down. Before I glued the rear window in place, I also added some black trim around it with a Sharpie pen. I couldn't find any clear photos of the area behind the rear window and the kit directions called for it to be painted tan. So I decided to leave it tan instead of painting it white. That's all for now. As always, thanks for looking and please feel free to comment. David G.
  7. Thank you Carl. Thank you Jim. It seems like the three main options for that era were tan, red or white. Though I did seriously consider each color, tan just appealed most to me. David G.
  8. I had one of these kits back in the Seventies but I never really finished it. Its nice to see one completed and done so well too. Superior work all around! David G.
  9. Hello Maxx. I'm not sure about what you want the end effect to be. It looks like you might want it to look like one piece of sheet metal overlapping another, is that correct? My first suggestion is to fill it all in and scribe panel lines where you want them. But if you want an overlapping look you may have luck using some thicker aluminum foil as the overlapping piece. Burnish and glue the foil over top of the lower piece to create the overlapping piece. You should be able to find some foil that's close to the scale thickness of the metal you want to replicate. I've done similar things before with mostly satisfactory results. I hope that's helpful. David G.
  10. Everything you have so far looks great. It's well done and nicely arranged. It all has a very real feel to it. David G.
  11. Beautiful work on the chassis and undercarriage! Excellent finishes on the metal bits. With all the detail work adding the wires and fluid lines, it's hard to tell it's not a real car. David G.
  12. Sweet! I love the skull graphic on the side. I assume you masked and painted it, great job! It really suits the color and style of the vehicle. The engine is killer too. David G.
  13. It looks great to me. David G.
  14. Hello Everybody! I really enjoy working with this kit, it's well engineered and builds rather quickly. I'm also impressed with the quality of the castings. I'm finding very little flash or any of the other problems often associated with an older kit. The seats and carpet are painted. It looks like a little touch-up may be needed around the carpet edges and another few dabs on the carpet. Embossing powder seems to act a little weird with brush paint. Here is the nearly completed dashboard with the acetate cover in place. It's one of those little details that may not be directly noticed but will contribute to the overall impression of detail and completion. That's all I have for now. As always, please like, comment and subscribe... Oops, wrong channel! But you get the idea. Thanks, David G.
  15. The way I see it, all builds are a compromise between three things: 1) What we want to do. The dream or vision we have in mind as we build. 2) What we are capable of doing. What our skills and available materials and equipment allow for. 3) What the kit allows us to do. One can only do so much with a kit. I think you hit an excellent compromise! The build is rich with detail, well constructed, and seems to be an accurate representation of the car which inspired it. I'd be proud to put it in my display case. David G.
  16. Great looking bikes and figures, excellent shop clutter! David G.
  17. Gorgeous paint, nice detail work. Nicely Done! David G.
  18. Neat idea with the twin tonneaus, I could see a pair of vintage style roll bars added to that. David G.
  19. Beautiful color! It looks like the paint went on nicely too. David G.
  20. Fabulous Work! Clean, tight and pretty, it looks great from every angle. The interior is especially nice. David G.
  21. Nice work fabricating the brackets! I never did like floating engine accessories. David G.
  22. Hello Everybody! The body prep is mostly done. There wasn't much to do which is surprising considering the age of this kit. So now, on to the interior. Here are the basic interior colors, Tamiya TS-46 Light Sand and Tamiya XF-52 Flat Earth for the carpet. The seats are currently in primer with some basic shading applied. They'll eventually be painted Light Sand. I got some embossing powder on the floor to add some texture for the carpet. I'll give it a day to dry then spray some Dull Coat and follow up with Tamiya XF-52 Flat Earth. That's all for now Folks! As always, thanks for looking and all comments are appreciated. David G.
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