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  1. Beautiful work on this one! Paint, detail, assembly, it all looks great! David G.
  2. Looks like a good job on the wood grain effect. I usually use three colors when I do mine, two shades of tan and one using a very small amount of black applied lightly for depth. David G.
  3. Fabulous masking and paintwork on this! 😮 David G.
  4. Beautiful mods, updates and corrections on this one. All very well done! David G.
  5. Excellent progress on this one. Nice, subtle two-tone paint job. David G.
  6. Lots of cool things going on with this one, it's great to see it back on the bench. David G.
  7. The chrome paint looks great! I hope it holds up well for you during assembly. David G.
  8. Nice progress, can't wait to see more. David G.
  9. Lots of great things going on here! It's going to be awesome when it all starts to come together. David G.
  10. Nice work on the suspension, the engine looks good too. David G.
  11. Bummer about the axle, but at least it's a common enough part that securing a replacement shouldn't be too difficult. It'll also give you a chance to address the position issue. David G.
  12. Nice backfilling on the hood scoop. Just curious, IRL would that tilt front end have a raw fiberglass texture inside? Nice catch on the interior tub. David G.
  13. Sweet color combination, excellent paintwork! Nice recovery on the paint issues, cooler heads usually prevail. David G.
  14. Great paint, detailing and assembly, everything looks spot-on! David G.
  15. The paint on the chassis looks perfect! David G.
  16. Everything looks great so far! David G.
  17. The primer looks good Bob, how's the windshield frame? David G.
  18. A good, solid build. Nice work on the engine swap, what kit is that from? David G,
  19. Well Done! Very convincing rust and weathering. David G.
  20. Great color, clean, solid looking build, Excellent work! David G.
  21. Wow! This could be the first Star Destroyer in an Aztec paint scheme! 😮 David G.
  22. Good looking work on the interior. David G.
  23. The paint, decals and weathering are very well done and quite convincing. Overall, a great looking, solid build. David G.
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