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  1. Great looking dozer! It's nice to see something different. David G.
  2. Amazing work on the modifications, all of it done exceedingly well. David G.
  3. It looks like you have your work cut out for you on this one! 😮 May your decals lay smoothly. David G.
  4. Thanks Chaz, they were a bit tricky but not too bad. Thank you Carl, except for a few small wrinkles, I'm happy with how well they went on. David G.
  5. Nice color, it's all coming along quite well. Love the diorama too. David G.
  6. A tremendously cool concept. It was fun watching you piece it all together. David G.
  7. Hello Everybody! Day Nine of Seven: Finishing up the fiddly bits. The side mirrors have chrome inserts to simulate the glass mirror part- nice! I completed the rear tail light and trim piece and added a couple of coats of clear acrylic to the "Torino" badge on the gas filler door. The turn signal details on the grille are finished and the badge decal has been added. This may not look like a lot of work but I have almost all of my entire two hour build session invested in placing these massive decals. Revell made them pretty easy to work with, but work it was, nonetheless. As always, thanks for taking the time to look and comments are appreciated. David G.
  8. Thank you Carl. For me, getting a decent paint job is still as much about luck as it is about skill or patience. Thank you Bob, I appreciate that. David G.
  9. The engine looks great so far. David G.
  10. Wow! 😮 You have a lot of amazing work going on with this one. All of it looks fantastic. David G.
  11. That trailer looks great! Everything else is coming along nicely too. David G.
  12. Hello Everybody! Day Eight: Today was the day of the ancillaries. I got the side mirrors finished and ready to install. Did a black wash on the headlights to add some depth. Got the rear trim panel painted and decalled. Started adding the parking light/turn signal detail to the grille. Painted the reversing lights onto the tail lights. Painted the rear license plate frame and mounted the decal. The corner fillers are painted and installed. I also placed some of the script decals. I know that the paint is a bit orange peeled but it should still look good on the shelf. That's all for today, I do feel like I'm in the home stretch with this one. As always, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to comment. David G.
  13. Thanks Tom, I appreciate the compliment and the encouragement. Thank you Greg. Fortunately the color on this one was preordained so that was the easy part this time. That's a neat bit of trivia, thanks for sharing it Daniel. Regards, David G.
  14. Nice paintwork! Great color choice. David G.
  15. I don't really understand all that but it looks great, excellent progress. David G.
  16. Good progress on this! Nice interior details. David G.
  17. Beautiful Mustang! Paint, fit, finish and detail all look great. David G.
  18. Interesting combination. I think paint and trim will go a long way toward tying the design elements together. David G.
  19. Looks Fantastic! That color suits the car very well. David G.
  20. Hello Everybody! Here it is, Day Seven and though I've accomplished much, I'm obviously not done. The headlights and bumpers are done and ready for permanent installation. The engine bay is completed and detailed. The side mirrors and some trim pieces need to be completed and attached and of course, the decals. In addition to the iconic Targa stripe there are decals for most of the badges and scripts. A good bit of work yet to be done. Good news though! I received the replacement parts from Revell. They came much more quickly than I expected, I was still checking my email every day for a response from them but then the package showed up via USPS. Satisfaction Well, I missed my deadline but I've still made good progress and I'll continue on with it. It's also been good to be away from the Ecto-1 build, I'm beginning to look forward to returning to it. That's all for now. David G.
  21. Thank you Tom, I'm glad you like it. I do wish that model manufacturers would provide interior decals more often. I thought about doing a 24 hour push but my brain can only take a few hours of bench tine at a go. Thanks Dan, I thought about putting this out there as a community challenge but I didn't have the energy to coordinate and supervise the participants. Of course, folks are free to do their own Seven Day Challenge. Thanks for the compliment too. David G.
  22. That came out great! Excellent engineering work getting that V-8 installed and finding a way to get the power to the ground. David G.
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