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  1. these are very good ,but icheck out dr cranky on youtube tons of video tutorials plus hes a very funny guy
  2. this is a really cool project,,i like the fencing alot,it looks very realistic and to scale ,,keep up the great work your doing
  3. BJ Hunnicuts bike, from M.A.S.H. ,from a 1/35 scale military kit
  4. got a couple 37 fords in the works plus a mini bike and a vespa,and wolfman jack is watching closely
  5. just finished a trade with oldcarfan27 ,and the kit came quicker than lightning,would trade again with him for sure ,,thanks patrick
  6. i have a large collection of model kits ,mostly cars ,,but some military,some superhero kits,,i do plan on building everything but most likely wont lol,,i collect superman figures ,and books ,,i am a superman nerd for sure ,also new england sports collectibles and figures ,,and my biggest collection are dvds ,in the thousands ,my sons ( i have 3 ) and i love movies ,,so we have been going to and collecting for years ,,there is nothing better than building a model while watching a good movie or sporting event..one of the newest online collectibles started on youtube with shop cards ,people have been making there own for thier channels and trading them ...here's one of mine...
  7. man i wish they would reissue that one ,id love to have one of the harleys i have 2 of the triumps a chrome one and an unchromed one...,great job on it
  8. fantastic,i love the color,,and correct me if im wrong but is that a parts pack harley?
  9. i have the 66 ss kit ( the black one,its open but complete ,ive had it for a long time,,im willing to trade ,im doing a large carhop drive in diorama ,,and i need 1/25 scale people ,rockers ,babes ,ect ,if interested let me know what you got
  10. just did a trade with crazyjim,and he was a great person to trade with
  11. i want the joker figure ,ill take 2 more gotham city cop cars
  12. awesome ,that things a beast ,,great job
  13. great job,,i love the fade
  14. i love this so much,,,
  15. toys r us has 1/25 scale diecast campers several types ,,ill grab some photos next time im in there if anyones interested
  16. im a big fan of the merc woody,i really like what your doing ,,good luck with the rest of the build
  17. awesome job ,,,but it makes me want some of those chocolate chip cookies
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