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  1. I think those are cool little cars, wish they had sold them here in the states.
  2. Beautiful work.
  3. Your builds are amazing! The detail you put in is incredible.
  4. Not much of an update but I did get the engine block painted and the door handles drilled out.
  5. Interesting conversion, definitely going to follow this one.
  6. Tha is an awesomely me build. I’ve seen these kits but didn’t rwalize they are full detail. Make wish I had bought a few when they were out.
  7. That is some really good detailing for your first time.
  8. I could use one of those 50 Olds sets and a 57 Ford if you have it. How do I make payment?
  9. Nice work. One day I’ll get the courage to try and do a vinyl top.
  10. Drilled engine for wiring, started on the chassis. Not sure what I want to do for the interior. I came with a modified bucket, not the best. Still has some of the XL trim showing on the door panels. Trying o determine whether I go all out and try and correct the door panel or let it ride.
  11. I always wanted to build that kit but never got one when I was a kid.
  12. Just a 4dr family car on this one. I have another in my stash along with 3 2dr post cars. I probably build one of those next.
  13. Looks great. Love the color. I’ve 2 of those kits to build and I also have a spray booth and air brush that I need to learn how to use.
  14. Hot the chassis done,now waiting to paint. Interior is painted and now time to detail. Trying to get the courage up for the black and silver paint job.
  15. So I am waiting to paint my 83 Olds, trying to get courage to paint something black. Not my favorite. So I decided to start another project. I am going to build a 65 Ford Custom 4dr Sedan. The body is a Time Machine Resin conversion body. I will be using the AMT 65 Galaxie 500 for the conversion. Hope you guys enjoy, this is my first resin body I have used even though I have many in my stash. Trying to step outside my box.
  16. Looks great! I need to pull the one I started a couple years ago. Just purchased the 4x4 kits today. Just waiting to be delivered.
  17. Very cool Build, I just got my hands on 32 5 window kit.
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