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  1. Looks like a typical Tamiya kit then!
  2. Lucky man - mine's at least a month away . At least I'll be building it vicariously by following this!
  3. Revell kit, built mainly OOB with slight lowering and plugwires added. Paint is Tamiya rattlecan, a military grey with a light gloss coat and Testor's Red interior with a black wash.
  4. maltsr

    Wagon rod

    Nice work - looks like you opened the doors too!
  5. Nice looking conversion Jim.
  6. Superb model - well done!
  7. Built from the recent re-issue, I cut out the rear panels and replaced with 'glass', otherwise box stock. Paint is Tamiya spraycan TS95 Rich Metallic Red with Citadel Skeleton Bone interior.
  8. Wonderful build Peter, incredibly realistic.
  9. Thanks guys - I used Games Workshop (Warhammer) Skull White, applied with a brush. Took about 4 coats.
  10. This is the custom version issued back in 2002. I removed the chrome trim and left off the doorhandles. The suspension has been lowered slightly, and the kit wheels/tyres were used with handpainted whitewalls. Body colour is Tamiya TS64 Dark Mica Blue and the red is Testor's.
  11. I like the AEC conversion, we had AEC buses in Halifax.
  12. Me too. This is a great teaser, more shots would be much appreciated.
  13. Hope the test results are good Mark. I had a polyp removed three years ago, so I know what you are going through. Hang in there!
  14. Fujimi Ferrari 458 Italia, Tamiya Bright Red spraycan paintjob with Games Workshop Skeleton Bone primer on the interior.
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