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    Excellent work, the pictures are much better on instagram. Hope you don't mind if I borrow the colour scheme for the i8 that's been sitting in my stash for a couple of years!
  2. Cheers Dennis, I used Tamiya PS49 Sky Blue Anodised Aluminium.
  3. Same output as last year, this time 25 kits from 9 different manufacturers. Gunze Sangyo Karmann Ghia, lowrider style AMT1951 Chevy Revell AG Mercedes SLR, winner of 1955 Mille Miglia driven by Stirling Moss 1928 Model A Roadster with Tamiya Jag engine and parts from many other kits Revell 1964 Chevy lowrider Revell Ford Pop, lowered stance Revell RMS Camaro Trumpeter 1964 Falcon Speedster Lindberg Custom Van converted to a sedan Revell AG McLaren 570 Revell Corvette C7.R Revell Foose FD100 Aoshima Pagani Huayra Revell 1962 Corvette Gasser, lowered stance Revell AG Mercedes SLS Revell/AMT Escort XR3i, replica of my daily driver in years gone by Another Foose Fujimi Ferrari 458 Custom AMT 1960 Starliner AMT Wagonrod with added windows Revell 1965 Chevy Fujimi Mercedes SLS GT3 with Studio 27 decals MPC Dodge A100 Revell 1940 Ford Coupe AMT 1962 Pontiac Catalina , lowrider style
  4. Terrific work Brian and a fitting tribute to Ed.
  5. Here's my take on the custom version supplied in the 2 in 1 issue. Built OOB with the exception of Pegasus wheels/tyres and plug wires. The body was painted Tamiya Gloss Alumnium, followed by clear pink and then two shades of metallic blue. A couple of light coats of their PS53 Lame Flake followed by TS13 Gloss finish it off. Thanks for looking.
  6. Excellent work Guy! Looks great!
  7. Having been a victim of Photobucket, I simply upload directly from my laptop by clicking on the 'choose files' option when creating a post. No need to use a hosting service now that the board has unlimited storage.
  8. I've been using TS26 for many years and never noticed any yellowing. Some kits were painted over seven years ago. It dries with a beautiful shine so that a clearcoat isn't necessary, reducing the risk of yellowing. Hope this helps
  9. Thanks guys. No real issues, main problem was fitting the windshield. I've built the coupe previously and also the convertible without any dramas.
  10. This is the Goodguys version, built OOB apart from plug wiring. Paint is Tamiya Pearl Yellow with Testor's Flame Red interior. Thanks for looking.
  11. Excellent work for a first build! May I suggest a dull coat to reduce the shine on the seats?
  12. Looking great so far Jonathan, thanks for the heads up about the issues. Will try to remember them when my kit is finally available from HLJ. You'll probably have yours finished by then...
  13. This is a quick build to practice a paint sceme - an expensive equivalent of the plastic spoon test! Built curbside with plastic tube axles and Fujimi wire wheels. The body was painted Tamiya Pearl White, then masked. Tamiya Silver and Light Gunmetal were then applied randomly, followed by Duplicolour Metalcast clear green and blue, also applied haphazardly, before unmasking and clearcoating with Tamiya Pearl Clear. Thanks for looking.
  14. maltsr

    911 GT1

    Looking great Ian, can't wait to see it at the weekend!
  15. Nice clean build, Jim, great looking flames.
  16. Great work, very realistic finishes.
  17. It was discussed here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/125378-scam-bay-listings/
  18. He was a regular contributor to the other mag and an amazing replica stock builder. My favourite build of his is this 'Cuda concept from the late 90's - if only this had been built by Chrysler alongside the new Challenger.
  19. This is the Fujimi kit from a few years ago, built OOB using the supplied photoetch and Studio 27 decals. Paint is Tamiya Pure White and Gloss Black. Had to build this before the new GT3 is issued by Tamiya.
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